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Date set for prayer to end Zimbabwe famine

Global Church and Zimbabwean Christians join hands in prayer and action to break cycle of famine

With only four weeks to go until the International Prayer Day for Zimbabwe launches on 26 September, millions of Christians are uniting to pray in support of acoalition movement, LoveZim,to help improve the lives of Zimbabwean farmers.

The new campaign initiative is being backed by the Evangelical Alliance and a coalition of global partners raising money to provide urgently needed agricultural training for 90 thousand farmers to feed up to 5 million people over three years.

According to the United Nations, Zimbabwe still needs emergency food aid for 1.7 million people this year alone, despite better harvests in 2010.

In response to this urgent need, thousands of Zimbabweans will be congregating in urban and rural churches to pray for the nation to break the cycle of dependency and food shortages. Christians in the UK and around the world along with some of the four million exiled Zimbabweans will be joining the prayer in their local churches.

“This is a call for all Christians in the UK, in Africa and in the world to participate in prayer action that can change Zimbabwe forever by ending the cycle of famine and poverty,” said Rev Levy Moyo of the Council of Zimbabwe Christian leaders UK.

Steve Clifford, General Director of The Evangelical Alliance said,”We believe that heartfelt prayer supporting action on the ground is a powerful and effective tool to help solve the problem of poverty in Zimbabwe.

Christians in the UK hope to see Zimbabwe’s agricultural situation completely transformed for the benefit of Zimbabwe and the rest of the continent.” To organise or join a prayer meeting, see the LoveZim website: www.lovezim.org