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Boss Pastor Kasi changes Ivy’s work timetable

Chapter 3

In this continuing saga Nehanda Radio exposes how prominent Zimbabwean gospel singer Ivy Kombo and her supposed foster father  Pastor Admire Kasi betrayed both their marriage partners by having a long running secret affair that later culminated in a humiliating admission and a shameful marriage in exile.

Reverend Edmore Moyo, the ex-husband of the disgraced singer spoke exclusively to Nehanda Radio about how his marriage was destroyed by Pastor Kasi, the man who as foster father looked after the orphaned Ivy and her twin sister Anne Kombo since they were eight years old (although some say 13 years).

Kasi was an enterprising businessman using his money and fame to his advantage. Not only was he able to lavish Ivy with whatever she wanted but he employed both Ivy and her brother McDonald in his business ventures. It was at one of these businesses that Kasi managed to make time for himself to be with his secret lover.

Diplomas in Adultery? Graduates from the Upperview Ministries Bible School in the UK led by Pastor Kasi and snatched wife Ivy Kombo.

Soon after Moyo married Ivy he says relations began to strain owing to pressure from Kasi. Ivy worked for a real estate company owned by Kasi. ADSA Real Estate agents ironically named after both Kasi and his wife’s names Admore and Sarah. The company based at NCR House later moved to Coal House in Harare. This however became Kasi’s convenient hideout and probable love nest.

Although the general rule in the Moyo household was that no work was done on Sunday being a time set for prayer Ivy from nowhere said she had to go to work on Sunday. Heated exchanges via letters came about as Kasi argued the company was faced with a lot of business and extra shifts were needed.

Ivy Kombo would now come home late at night sometimes at midnight under the pretext there was a lot of work at the company. The pattern of late nights at work became consistent and every time Moyo challenged Ivy heated arguments broke out.

Moyo completed his training at the Anglican College and was ordained in January 2002. He and Ivy both agreed to leave their respective churches and join Tom Deuschle’s Hear the Word Ministries (now Celebration Ministries). After being ordained Moyo resigned from the Anglican Church, but Ivy made a u-turn and refused to leave her church Upperview Ministries. This was the same church where Kasi was now heavily involved in.

In the next installment we will tell you how Kasi engineered Moyo’s trip to the UK and how he had to deal with his own wife Sarah, who at this stage also suspected something was happening.