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Zanu PF MP threatens to kill MDC activist

Andrew Langa

The deputy minister of Public Service and Insiza North MP, Andrew Langa, led a group of Zanu PF supporters in threatening with death an MDC activist, Sitshengisiwe Ndlovu in Insiza district in Matabeleland South.

Ndlovu had enquired from the Copac team if people would be safe after making their contributions during the public consultations. Langa, village headman Magaba and Ward 17 Zanu PF youth activist only identified as Ernest, visited Ndlovu at her homestead and threatened her with death on the night of Wednesday 27 July.  Fearing for her life, she has since relocated to Filabusi.

In another incident in Insiza North, a Copac meeting was held a few meters from a Zanu PF militia base at Ntanawani village and the turn out was low as people were scared to attend.

In Midlands South, soldiers operating under the Maguta operation and war veterans, forced residents and closed down shops to attend a Zanu PF meeting at Mutasa growth point in Mberengwa. The Zanu PF meeting was meant to articulate the Zanu PF position.  Those who refused to attend the meeting were threatened with death.

In Chimanimani West, Manicaland province, a Copac meeting was disrupted on Wednesday at Mutambara Mission School after Zanu PF youths turned rowdy demanding that teachers and students from the school should not attended the meeting.

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