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Spiritual awakening of Zimbabweans in UK


It is commonplace in Zimbabwe to see men and women dressed in white robes praying in hills, mountains or secluded places, but for the folks in Luton in the United Kingdom who regularly hike up the Sharpenhoe-Clappers to walk their dogs and those who like to take a stroll to enjoy the fresh air and soak up the idyllic views the sight of men and women in white robes is not an everyday occurrence.

Last Sunday was not like any other day for the dog walkers and hill hikers, as the usually silent Sharpenhoe Clappers hill reverberated with angelic hymns sung by members of the African Apostolic Church who had gathered for a SOWE.

Wellingtone Kusema the bishop of the African Apostolic Church explained;

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“Sowe is a secluded place in the bush where the faithful meet to pray and commune with God away from the hustle and bustle of the city or town. Biblically, you may liken it to Gethsemane, if you like, where the Lord Jesus went to pray with the twelve disciples shortly before His betrayal by Judas Iscariot”.

The men and women from the African Apostolic Church who congregated in Luton for the special prayer had come from across the UK. It was a national meeting at which, members of the church asked for God’s blessings to open up the nations of the United Kingdom of Great Britain to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Asked what he meant by opening up the UK to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ bishop Kusema said…… ‘By opening up the UK we mean reaching out to those places hitherto previously unreached with this glorious Gospel of the Blessed Christ as revealed to His servant Paul Mwazha of Africa in these end times. The UK is one such place that had not been reached until now.’

‘We come to these shores en-armoured with a divine commission which when it touches the soul of the hearer, their lives are instantly transformed. This Gospel that we preach in The African Apostolic Church has the power to re-create, make anew, it is a blessed Gospel indeed.’

The church which has its headquarters in Zimbabwe is one of the fastest growing churches in Africa with thousands joining the church in Southern and Central African countries every week. The church has reached the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Angola and is rapidly spreading to the north of the African continent as well as here.

Archbishop of the African Apostolic Church Paul Mwazha

In November this year the Archbishop of the African Apostolic Church Paul Mwazha will visit the UK to teach the divine gospel as it was revealed to him by God. With a great number of Zimbabweans now in the Diaspora as a result of the political conditions that have seen a great number of Zimbabweans flee to foreign lands and as such the way of worship practiced by the members of the Apostolic Church is now spreading internationally.

Bishop kusema put it that the spread of the church internationally is not just down to the political situation in Zimbabwe but the growth of the African Apostolic Church internationally is a fulfillment of divine prophecy. It is not a by-product of the so-called political turmoil in Zimbabwe.

If anything, Zimbabwe has become the center for the re-birth of the Christian Faith in these end times because God has commissioned His servant Paul Mwazha of Africa with a universal end time Divine Commission biblically promised since the foundations of the earth were laid down.  In 1934 when he was 16 years of age, the Lord Jesus revealed Himself twice to His servant Paul Mwazha and Commissioned him to go and preach His blessed Gospel to all mankind.

1940, whilst at Teacher Training College at Howard (Mazowe) the lord revealed to Paul Mwazha the vision of the re-creation of a new Africa and a new world through the Gospel and this vision was recorded in the Bantu Mirror and The Readers’ Digest of that same year.  In 1951, the voice of the Living God said to Paul, “Whom shall we send, who will go for us?”

And in 1957 as a group of the faithful were in a lorry, returning from an Easter convention held at Murambinda, the voice of the Living God thundered from above and said, “The African Apostolic Church, Vapostori ve Africa!” Once again in April 1965, the Lord Jesus spoke to Paul Mwazha with this charge, “My blessed Gospel to the Nations”

‘Thus our arrival here in the West equipped with the true Gospel of the Living God is a fulfillment of prophecy and reflects the fullness of time. It comes at the behest of the Christ Himself who is the Author and Finisher of end time apostolic dispensation. A few weeks ago a white lady came to the house of one of our female believers with her son. She seemed entranced as she asked the female worshipper;’

“Where did you get that picture of the prophet Malachi?” She was referring to the picture of the Archbishop Paul Mwazha which she had seen on the wall in the female believer’s house. She went on to relate that she had had a series of visions and dreams concerning the man in the picture. In those dreams she had been told that he is the prophet Malachi sent in these end times. This Divine Commission is the reason why the church is growing internationally. It is a product of divine engineering.

Asked about the significance of the visit of the Arch bishop of the African Apostolic Church Paul Mwazha to the UK in November bishop Kusema said

‘It is an honour for these islands this side of the hemisphere, to host he who the Lord Jesus has sent in these end times. It is significant as it fulfills the Lord Jesus command in Mark 16:15 in which He commanded us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all mankind. Once again, in 1953, Archbishop Paul Mwazha was shown a vision in which he foresaw himself in England.’

‘In that trip in the vision, he was accompanied by the Lord Jesus Himself. They travelled all over England then went up all the way to Scotland with the Lord Jesus leading him all the way. Fifty seven years later in 2010, that vision is being fulfilled  It marks the beginning of the final penetration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as preached in The African Apostolic Church amongst our brother nations here in the West before the soon-to-be realized Second Coming of our blessed Lord, Jesus the Christ.’

The church has 8 branches in the UK and is growing. They currently are in Croydon, Birmingham, Oxford, Sheffield Leicester, Luton, Nottingham, and Southampton. They hold their meetings every Saturday in the respective branches Bishop Kusema can be contacted on 07534083906.