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SA diplomat assaults Zimbabwe embassy staffer

There was drama at the South African embassy in Harare when a crazed South African diplomat allegedly assaulted a female embassy staffer. Mlulami Singapi the political counsellor and second in charge in the embassy, is reported to have assaulted the head of corporate services at the embassy, Lyn de Jong, on May 7, spokesman Saul Molobi said. 

Molobi told the South African Press Association (Sapa) that “We are following internal human resources proceedings to deal with the matter. We don’t want to comment publicly on the details of the incident. We are handling the matter with due consideration.” 

Molobi declined to say whether Singapi was suspended and whether he was still in Zimbabwe. Manie de Clercq who is the Public Service Association deputy general manager confirmed on Monday that De Jong laid a charge of assault against Singapi at the Avondale police station, in Harare, on May 8. 

She is also said to have attached a medical report to the statement and plans to submit the exact same statement to the police in South Africa. On Monday afternoon De Jong was apparently on her way to the Brooklyn police station, in Pretoria, to lay charges. 

De Jong was allegedly assaulted for several minutes by Singapi in her office at the embassy. Four of Ms De Jong’s colleagues, responding to her screams, managed to pull Singapi away from her, where she was lying on the floor,” De Clercq said on Friday. Once in the passage, he continued to threaten her by shouting: ‘I am not done with you, I am going to finish you off.” 

Its thought the attack was triggered by a “whistle-blowing” incident.