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Kubatana.net wins Breaking Borders Award

Yesterday in Santiago, Chile, Google and the group Global Voices recognized three groups from around the world who are fighting for free expression online from Africa to Asia with the first “Breaking Borders” awards. These awards, supported by Thomson Reuters, are meant to honor those who are using the Internet to give voice to those who are silenced, make the activities of governments more transparent, and standing up for the rights of dissidents.

An international jury of experts reviewed nominations from around the world and chose the awardees in three categories: advocacy, technology and policy.

Kubatana was selected as the winner in the Advocacy category, whilst the Ugandan organisation BOSCO won in Technology. In the Policy category, The Philippines Center for Investigative Journalism took first place.

Brenda Burrell, the technical manager for Kubatana is in Chile to receive the award and give a presentation on the work of Kubatana.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our varied supporters in Zimbabwe and from around the world who have helped make Kubatana what it is today.

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