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Honesty needed to attract investment

By Courage Shumba

Dear Editor
I am writing to advise business leaders in Zimbabwe to embrace the stewardship of honesty and fair play when dealing with investors in the diaspora in the same way they are expected to when dealing with locals.

Being sleezy and elusive will only make Zimbabwe an unsafe and treacherous investment country with the result that our country will lose out on job creation and wealth creation as foreign based Zimbabwean investors hold on to their money.
I currently experiencing a straining difficulty with a company that ought to be leading and forthright in its business and i challenge them to offer their version of events and facts contrary to mine.
In the spirit of venturing into the property industry i started buying houses for lease as well as building some from scratch.In 2003 i bought a stand from Kingdom Asset Management .The stand is in Chiremba Park .
Since 2003 Kingdom Asset Management gave me excuse after another why their developer (Damofalls)had not completed the servicing.To this date the stand is not serviced.Recently i asked them for a refund which they agreed to and required me to get a proffesional valuer which i did and submitted the valuation.Since that day any attempts to get hold of the person i was dealing with have been fruitless and emails are not acknowledged.
For a company like Kingdom Asset Management to freeze in silence and not even acknowledge my emails is buffling.I expected high standards of service,promptness and quality but to imagine that even such a big corporation like Kingdom can survive on lying to its customers is shocking.

If i cant trust a company like Kingdom to deliver on its word what sort of security will i and indeed many diasporans have in local business and their corporate cultures.I am beyond appalled by this spectre of mediocrity and shameful trading.
What will the smaller companies do and who will trust them ?.I do not know if my contact person is simply avoiding me or gone on holiday leaving behind no continuity on the files he is dealing with.

But i must point out that there are thousands of people willing to invest in Zimbabwe but if the treatment Kingdom Asset Management is standard then Zimbabwe has a long way to go before its own born and bred can trust it with the money they earn abroad.
If anyone knows Andrew Mhere or Gilbert Mangwere please ask the to give me back the refund they promised so i can deal with more honest straightforward people and continue the business of building homes for my country.
I hope those who are still waiting on Kingdom Asset Management on Chiremba Park project can come together and salvage their money.In a way i have so much respect for the likes of Phillip Chiyangwa because no matter how i disagree with his political views he has the decency to meet his obligations and if he cant to give you back your money.

I am urging Zimbabweans abroad to not give up investing in Zimbabwe because of a few rotten eggs but if this experience is something commonplace people in the diaspora may really need a intrerest body standing to prtect them scams,rip offs and bare lies.
I am calling on all those who bought stands from Kingdom Asset Management to come together and take some action because if the experience i am going through is standard there has to be collective action to recover our monies or lose them forever.
Courage Shumba, UK.