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Sikhala: Mutambara A Danger To Himself

By Job Sikhala

When I pronounced to the world in mid-2009 about our seizure of control of the party (MDC) we founded, from Authur Mutambaras control, many people thought that it was the rumblings of a rubble-rouser. There were a number of issues we raised as I led the fatal rebellion against forces of darkness:

1) That the party has been molded into an extension of Zanu(pf) through dangerous policies and misguided pronouncements by Arthur Mutambara

2) That there was a deceitful marriage done during the night between the Zanu(pf) leader Robert Mugabe and Authur Mutambara to pull the country towards one ideological thrust embedded in Zanu(pf)s imperial beliefs

3) That Authur Mutambara is a slow political learner as he took the leadership of the party which he did not manage to understand its values,principles,founding ideals and direction

4) That his professional arrogance of dont tell me what to do I am a professor syndrome has driven him into a societal laughing stock

5) That his unqualified admiration and love of Robert Mugabe must have found him in a wrong political organization which he should have either quit or those who founded it should have seized it from him

6) That his endless thankfulness of Robert Mugabe for rewarding him with the DPM post for his ideological ineptitude is the last nail in his political career if at all he had one

7) That his overzealous entrance into a quarrel he belatedly entered exposes him as a stupid clown whose reading of politics depicts a kindergarten kid

8) That his dependence and slavery of advise from Robert Mugabes Central Intelligence Organization(CIO) operatives allocated to him by the regime, has made him Mugabes yoyo and decoy

9) That his personal failure to create his constituency to become his own man, has left him clinching to Mugabes tailcoat for legitimacy

10) That his interpretation of the worldwide political views has become as corrosive, outdated and century old narrative

Jetting from Davos, where the world-wide economic leaders had a retreat to digest the economic challenges, the world is currently facing, he dared lectured us about the wisdom and vision Robert Mugabe imparted on the people of Zimbabwe by firstly telling us that the future of the world lies in the Look East.

He challenged all of us to march to the East. In a democracy there is nothing wrong with Mutambaras views because that is what he believes. However, Aurthur Mutambara should be reminded that when we were forming the MDC, when he was doing his robotics in America, we agreed that the MDC, for the purpose of economic growth shall look at all poles of the planet as we are part and parcel of the global village.

Further reminding him, the Look East Policy was coined by the embattled dictator after we had defeated him in the year 2000 in both the Constitutional Referendum and the subsequent general elections which he shamelessly rigged. He can ask those who where working for the regime such as Dr.Ibbo Mandaza on how Zanu (PF) stole the peoples vote.

Look East Policy is a fallacy propounded by failed politicians. Mutambara should point to me one African or a third world country whose economy improved through Chinese active participation. China to the best of many astute leaders is only interested in finding soft and poor nations to exploit its natural resources, so as to oil its expanding industrial base.

Arthur Mutambara

It finds its cheap target as a dumping zone of its low quality products. That is the reason they support Sudans Omar Hassan al-Bashir a genocidal relic who has no respect for black Africans.

The sanctions story which Mutambara has adopted as his anthem every moment he want to court favor with Mugabe came as a result of a vicious and savagery attack against the defenseless civilian population of Zimbabwe. Many were killed, tortured, maimed and burnt alive.

The civilized community of the world could not have stood, when Mugabe was exerting unmitigated assault against the citizenry. The ball is in Mugabes court to stop all the nonsense and allow the people of Zimbabwe to exercise their democratic to elect a government of their choice.

Mutambara has asked many a people on the wrong he has committed against Job Sikhala.For the record, I dont hate him. He could not have been where he is if it had not been of some of us, who propelled him to where he is now. We are ideologically worlds apart. I strongly believe in the founding ideals of the MDC. Mugabe has been and is still the peoples number one enemy.

Mutambaras statements of recent past has confirmed my beliefs that I must ask God to forgive me for having been in such company of an errant idiot and a tarado.How in his true senses will he genuinely believe that some 500 years from now, Mugabe will be remembered as a visionary and founding father of the nation.

Even in heaven or hell one day, I shall confront him for an explanation why he tortured me and my family. I shall plead with God to punish him for the murder of my friends, Learnmore Jongwe and Tichaona Chiminya. Even the best of my friends, Tafadzwa Musekiwa is slavering in foreign land because of Mugabe.

I will never forgive Mugabe. Mutambara; you have to be exorcised of your demon, together with your visionary. One day Mutambara will answer for siding with the devil. Surely Mutambara has become a danger to himself.

The people shall overcome

Job Sikhala is a former student leader who was at one time responsible for security in the MDC. When the party split he joined the faction led by Arthur Mutambara.