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Eddie Cross behind MDC corruption story

By a correspondent

Bulawayo South MP and MDC-T national executive member Eddie Cross is facing accusations that he is the source of a Zimbabwe Independent newspaper story alleging 3 MDC ministers were being probed for corruption.

Although the party denied a subsequent story that appeared in the state owned Herald newspaper claiming Cross had been suspended for alleged indiscipline the party is still mulling what action to take over this and several other indiscretions.

Nehanda Radio can exclusively reveal that corruption allegations against Elias Mudzuri (Energy Minister), Giles Mutsekwa (Home Affairs Minister) and Murisi Zwizwai (Deputy Mines Minister) only started as a rumour in the Harare political grapevine.

An excitable Cross is then said to have told the United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe Charles Ray about the matter during a meeting with him. The Zimbabwe Independent story further claimed a campaign was underway to get the ministers put on the sanctions list.

Nehanda Radio can now reveal it was in effect Cross who started this campaign to have the ministers put on travel and financial restrictions by the West during his meeting with Ambassador Ray.

“Please don’t get me wrong. Cross is a lovable character who is dedicated to his work in his constituency and in the party. But it is wrong to malign other people without providing evidence,” a source told Nehanda Radio.

We have also been told Cross is being used as the spear of an attack by a syndicate of members from the white community in Zimbabwe who are not happy with the three ministers mentioned in the corruption story.

The syndicate is not happy with Home Affairs Minister Mutsekwa for his lukewarm response to ongoing violent farm invasions. Deputy Minister Mines Minister Zwizwai has apparently ruffled a few feathers in matters to do with mining concessions and his statement last year that they were no abuses that took place in the Marange diamond fields. It was not clear why Energy Minister Mudzuri was being targeted.

Eddie Cross

On Tuesday Cross gave an interview to London based SW Radio Africa in which he said “We mustn’t think we are angels. We have people in our midst who have not behaved themselves and I think we should sort it out. I am one of the ones who is a bit outspoken on this issue.”

“We are required by party regulations to declare our assets and I have done so to the Secretary General (Tendai Biti). But I don’t think anybody else has and I think that is something which the party is going to have to pay attention to. We’ve got people accumulating assets and I think we need to know where they are getting them from.”

We have also been told that Cross actually met the Zimbabwe Independent reporter Faith Zaba on Wednesday at the Rainbow Towers during an MP’s meeting on the constitution. The source says Zaba had been tipped off about the matter by former Information Minister Jonathan Moyo who is working closely with Defence Minister Emerson Mnangagwa on a project to discredit the MDC-T.

We were told Cross already has a close working relationship with Faith Zaba from the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper and this is why she had the confidence to approach him on the matter.

Another problem the MDC-T has with Cross is that most of his articles are mostly exaggerated and not true. Cross himself admitted the party was not happy with his writings. “Even Morgan (Tsvangirai) himself has spoken to me on occasion and said I’ve got to be more circumspect, I can’t just speak my own mind,” he said.

We were not able to get Cross to respond to the latest twist in this matter as his mobile phone went to voicemail the whole day. Nehanda Radio