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Moyo planted MDC corruption story

HARARE – The front page story alleging the MDC investigating its Ministers published by The Zimbabwe Independent was planted by Tsholotsho North MP Professor Jonathan Moyo as part of his petulant retribution over a story The Zimbabwe Mail broke about Tsholotsho Part II, a source at the publication revealed.

The MDC has rubbished the front page story in last Friday’s issue of The Zimbabwe Independent newspaper that alleges three MDC ministers are being probed for corruption.

Energy and Power Development Minister Elias Mudzuri, co-Home Affairs Minister Giles Mutsekwa, and Mines Deputy Minister Murisi Zwizwai were named by the weekly as the three ministers under a corruption probe by a 14-member MDC committee for corruption.

But, a source working for the business weekly, told a Zimbabwe Mail reporter in Harare that Mr Moyo e-mailed the article with the fiction to the editor of The Zimbabwe Independent, Nevanji Madanhire last week for publication.

Moyo is a close friend of Trevor Ncube, the owner of the weekly Publication and he was best man at his wedding and hence he wields enough sporading power suffice to unsettle editors.

A few years ago, the pair, Moyo and Ncube were linked to the failed political movement “The Third Force” which was set to become the third political party, outside Zanu PF and the MDC. The project was engineered by former South African President Thabo Mbeki before he made a break through in splitting the MDC.

When Moyo was Robert Mugabe’s Information and Publicity Minister, he kept the Zimbabwe Independent intact as he went on a frenzy, closing down and bombing newspapers percieved to be reporting in favour of the opposition.

Sources said, during Zimbabwe’s economic turmoil, the the Zimbabwe Independent owed its survival to its links to Zanu PF who provided support through the basic commodity supply side intervention (BACCOSI) scheme which was one of several looting ventures undertaken by the rogue Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono. Gono’s deputy at the Central Bank, Nicholas Ncube is a close ally of Trevor Ncube and Professor Jonathan Moyo.

In his statement to the newzimbabwe.com website, Jonathan Moyo issued a number of threats against the Zimbabwe Mail, The Zimbabwean, its reporters, and its founder Mr Wilf Mbanga.

Moyo said: “Maybe they do not know this but the MDC T idiots and the British counter intelligence agents behind Wilf Mbanga’s desperately false Christmas story are playing a dangerous disinformation game which can be played in far better ways by revolutionary comrades to the devastation of corrupt and incompetent MDC T ministers, councillors and politicians including Wilf Mbanga and some Zimbabwean website operators whose cupboards are full of shocking skeletons.

“With its British and Rhodie roots so naked, the MDC T is a sitting duck for counter intelligence games that others can also play and even better. If they doubt this, they should continue their dirty tricks and see what will happen to them as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow!”

The embattled former Information and Publicity Minister Tsholotsho North MP Professor Jonathan Moyo is struggling shake off claims that he organised a secret meeting in Gweru now dubbed Tsholotsho Part II to map out strategies for a Zanu PF break away political party to be led by the Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa angrily dismissed the story penned by the newspaper’s political editor, Faith Zaba, at a press briefing held at Harvest House, the party’s headquarters in Harare soon after the paper hit the streets on Friday.

Chamisa rubbished the claims and described the alleged probe as a figment of Zaba’s imagination.

“We would like to state and place it on record that there are reports that are disturbing, reports that are malicious and mendacious that have been carried in The Independent that the party is carrying out a probe on certain ministers belonging to the MDC,” Chamisa said.

“What I wish to state as a matter of fact is that no such committee has been put in place by the party to probe ministers. And there is no such probe that is targeting ministers, and that our ministers do not have any allegations levelled against them.”

Chamisa said what was correct, however, was that the party through its leadership in the National Executive and the National Council, had indeed set up a committee headed by deputy secretary general Tapiwa Mashakada, who attended the press briefing, together with other members of the National Executive, to target illicit and corrupt activities in all local authorities.

“Because this is where we have received certain reports on the violation of what we call the citizen charter as the MDC, which is the contract between the councillor and the citizen and the residents,’ the MDC spokesman said. “We are supposed to have professionalism, accountability, transparency in the way in which council business is transacted.

We have had problems in Chitungwiza, Bindura, and those challenges have all been put under the spotlight through this committee and there has to be no confusion between this committee which is dealing with the local authorities and the so-called committee which has been formed in the Independent which is probing ministers.”

Zaba’s story was based on information supplied by unnamed sources, purportedly sitting in the National Council and National Executive.

Chamisa said the MDC respected the independence of the media, but urged journalists to write the truth.

“Yes, we have zero tolerance on corruption, we also want zero tolerance on falsehoods,” Chamisa said. “We would appreciate it if those facts are anchored on substance. As we are moving forward we are clear that our party has done more than any other political party to target people who are corrupt. In fact, more than any political party in this country, we have managed to deal with corruption with finality and conclusion.”

Chamisa, who is also a minister himself in the inclusive government, said there were no sacred cows in the National Executive, National Council, in Parliament, government or in the local authorities, “but it’s not correct to say that certain ministers have been probed”.

Meanwhile police and Robert Mugabe’s secret agents on Friday last week, attacked and ransacked the home of our news reporter in Harare in search of the 200-page document believed be authored by Professor Moyo. The document carries detailed plans for a Zanu PF break away movement to be led by Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The reporter has since gone into hiding but the “colourful” and professionally done 200-page document is now in safe hands and it will be published at the most appropriate time as the political events in Zimbabwe unfolds in the coming days, weeks and months. Zimbabwe Mail