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Vanessa in Miss Talent top 20

Vanessa Sibanda, who is representing Zimbabwe in the Miss World contest, seems unstoppable as she keeps the fire burning after making it to the top 20 of the Miss Talent on Sunday.

Vanessa promised not to leave anything to chance as she was more than prepared for the three pageants — Miss Talent, Miss Beauty with a Purpose and Miss Top Model — that are held in the build-up to the Miss World contest.

An elated Vanessa posted a message on her Facebook saying she was thrilled to have made it in the Miss Talent.

“Wow! I made it in the top 20 Miss Talent today (Sunday),” she said.

She said she was hoping to at least finish in the finals of the pageant. Only last week, Vanessa sailed through to the top 12 of Miss World Beach Party.

At least 120 models from around the world are in camp for the Miss World contest scheduled for December 12 at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

So far, Vanessa has had a good run and the future looks promising for the 21-year-old stunner who is also a talented dancer and singer.

The Harare-based model released her debut single titled “Zimbabwe: Land of a Million Dancers” as part of her marketing strategy to promote the country’s tourism resorts.

Copies of the CD will be given to other contestants for posterity.

She has also been busy with charity work as she helped support several orphanages and the needy.

This year’s Miss World contest marks its 59th anniversary.

Vanessa Sibanda (centre)
Vanessa Sibanda (centre)