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Remembering Ignatious Mushangwe

By Adrian Smale

It’s a sad fact that people in Zimbabwe are judged by their political views, or racial background rather than as Martin Luther dreamed “by the content of their character” and this in Africa in 2009.

So many, many precious men, women and even children, have had their lives destroyed in Zimbabwe because they got in the way or dared to challenge the greed of the few.

So lets honour and remember just one such man who was a true Zimbabwean and clearly believed in fairness & justice. A member of ZEC he blow the whistle on gross irregularities in the elections process in June 08.

It’s so easy to look the other way, keep your head down, or just keep quiet.. but Ignatious Mushangwe spoke up and a year ago paid the ultimate price.

He had to be silenced because leaders in Mugabe’s Zanu-PF fear truth &
transparency more than anything because their deeds are evil (John 3:19-20)

As reported then “Mushangwe had announced publicly that ZEC had printed
600,000 postal ballot forms, when less than 10,000 were actually required.
He also revealed that some 9 million normal ballot papers had been printed,
for only 5.9 million registered voters”

Kidnapped from his home on June 17, his body was discovered a year ago on 18th October in Norton. A post mortem revealed that Mushangwe had “been first strangled, then doused in petrol and set alight.”

A year on and his killers have not been brought to account. But one day
justice will come. Until that day let’s remember   and continue to remember such men of courage like Ignatious who one day will be rightly honoured by Zimbabwe.