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Moyo's futile attempt to kill 3 birds

By Gidza

It did not need Zimbabweans to be rocket scientists in order to see how desperate Zanu PF were particularly in the information and propaganda section ever since they were humiliated in March/08.

The geriatric Nathan Shamayarira is just but gone, Ephraim Masawi could not inspire even goats at his grabbed farm and known criminal Charles Ndlovu (now Webster Shamu) who was a liberation news presenter for the Voce of Zimbabwe in Maputo sooner than later discovered that spinning the dictator’s wrath is untenable in a country yawning for freedom.

Zanu PF diehards opposed to the Global Political Agreement (GPA) and Inclusive Government (IG) tried their political commissar Nathaniel Manheru (George Charamba) to double as propaganda chief without desired success.

They later on experimented with Caesar Zvayi, a Herald Editor to fill in the role of Manheru but the results were either uninspiring or disasterous.

As for Tafataona Mahoso, he did everything to sing for his support, recycling old fashioned Marxism – Leninism, but his writings are not that eye catching. Fortunately for him he got his job back somehow.

When I wrote a previous article justifying my opinion on the reality that Professor Jonathan Moyo has in fact gone back to his roots Zanu PF well before his announced “return of the marc”, I did not know that he had by then submitted a letter requesting re-admission.

This time Professor Moyo is trying the impossible. He is trying to kill 3 birds with one stone. Firstly he wants to destroy the MDC by soiling its political image by claiming the party is a dishonest, unpatriotic and immature organization which can not be trusted by Zimbabweans to take charge of the country’s destiny.

Secondly he wants to pacify Zanu PF’s warring factions who are engaged in a very divisive and self destructive succession battle, something that has worked in favour of the MDC in March/08.

By raising the tempo through his unfounded allegations of an imminent regime change by the MDC, Moyo has managed to win back the soul and heart of President Mugabe and his hardline backers, underlining the reason why he was “re-admitted” into Zanu PF without hassle.

This strategy is meant to divert the immediate concern of the Zanu PF warring factions ahead of the December Congress so that President Mugabe can be unanimously endorsed without the fist fights that have become a daily novella during elective conferences, thereby tying well with his new found love for President Mugabe to die in office just like his 3 vice presidents.

Thirdly, Moyo, who often mistakes his wayward self inflicting convictions for real world social – economic and political dynamics, is doing everything to hoodwink the politically unintelligent military commanders and tired Zanu PF geriatrics in the politburo in order to make them believe that their party can be redeemed at the next election.

We all know that Moyo’s job to win back the admiration and support of failed Zanu PF politicians is being made easier by the fact that lot of them, are known political, economic and social criminals in every respect and therefore, their fear for possible democratic regime change is so strong.

Ironically Professor Moyo was the leading sponsor of this divisive succession struggle in the past with his Tsholotsho Succession Strategy or Declaration.

Furthermore Moyo fails to understand that it is not Zanu PF succession struggles that would determine whether President Mugabe dies in office or not, but off course a free and fair election.

Professor Moyo fully knows that he has no place in the heart and soul of Zimbabweans. He knows that his sterile and recycled propaganda has no takers any more. He knows the best option for him for now.

Thus his spin has to be one that crystallizes and converges, the desires, wishes, sentiments and fears of the unknown of the Zanu PF diehards. Whether Moyo will be successful in cowing and rallying Zanu PF diehards towards a united front ahead of general elections in 2011 or not time will tell.

Moyo’s articles on the so called Prime Minister’s parallel government, top up salaries for non civil servants in the PM’s office and his ferocious accusations about regime change plot are not basically popular issues which will make Zanu PF a favoured political party.

They are simply meant to pant up emotions in the hearts and minds of Zanu PF hardliners with the ultimate goal of winning a free rein again once he is back in the fold.

Thus if you are an army deserter and you are captured again you have to prove beyond any shadow of doubt that you have really switched loyalty.

Professor Moyo’s intention by repeating stale propaganda about regime change is to harden the sentiments of his fellow diehards in Zanu PF against the MDC and IG and is “cleverly” trying to divert the attention of feuding factions from the succession debate.

For a political party tottering on the brink of self destruction, people like Moyo who are good at springing up political tricks which tired and gullible Zanu PF geriatrics are quick to consider as innovative and redeeming, must be credited for such initiatives though futile and too late into the night.

Meanwhile, the “re – admission” of Moyo by Zanu PF is tied to other concrete strategies already being implemented by Zanu PF, among them the re-hiring of media hangman Mahoso and other retired military men, ahead of coming elections.

This article was originally published in the Zimguardian.com