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Exposing copycats at Zim Net Radio

Perhaps the philosophy in operation is ‘if you can’t beat them copy them’ . Imagine our shock to wake up one morning and seeing our colleagues at Zim Net Radio having copied the entire Nehanda Radio website design.

Although they say immitation is the best form of flattery it is bemusing for a reputable site like Zim Net Radio to simply steal another website’s design, worse still even duplicating our catergories word for word.

We know exiled former ENG capital director Gilbert Muponda now runs the 3MG media empire which includes, Zim Daily, Zimbabwe Telegraph, Zimbabwe Tribune, Harare Tribune and Zim Net Radio.

We know Muponda to have been a young pioneer in his field of managing investments, but sadly he is not taking that approach to the media world. Simply stealing a design that others have built up through 6 solid months of hard work and misleading their audience that it is theirs is disgusting.

We ask our readers to look at the so-called new Zim Net Radio design which they are calling ‘work in progress’ and see for themselves this daylight robbery.

We are confident the site owner Gilbert Muponda will ask his editor Munamato Maiswa to do the right thing and respect other people’s hard work.