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Tapa not part of ZimDiaspora.com

‘Ephraim Tapa has nothing to do with Zimdiaspora.com website’ so says Peter Nyoni the former logistics person for the MDC UK.

Nyoni contacted Nehanda Radio seeking to distance the website from the beleaguered former MDC UK chair Tapa. He sought to get us to retract an article which we published in 2007 linking Tapa, Julius Mutyambizi-Dewa and Nyoni to the website.

Explaining why the website registration details had contacts that linked Tapa, Nyoni and Dewa, Nyoni blamed it on a mistake made by one Simba Chikanga of Zimeye.com whom he said registered the website on behalf of the group.

“Chikanga mixed up addresses and put my address and that of Mutyambizi. I funded the project myself.  I paid for it myself and never got money from the MDC.”

Asked what the purpose of ZimDiaspora.com was, Nyoni said, “we did this to help publicize the good work that the MDC UK was doing most of which was never covered and so we came up with this project,. This project was supposed to be owned by the members of the MDC. It is meant to be a platform for news and is supposed to report news without fear or favour.Tapa happened to be the chairperson of the MDC UK ,he had nothing to do with the website.’

However Nehanda Radio still maintains that when ZimDiaspora.com was initially set up it ran pro-Tapa stories while launching acrimonious personal attacks against Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC in Zimbabwe. Tapa was given space to spew his vetriol at Tsvangirai as we stated back in 2007.