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  • Ngobeli Chris

    stop abuse zimbwabwe people like dog please setup down than your brother and sister will come back home and we south africa people will get job

  • Nehanda Citizen Reporter

    A young man, Castern Chimbaranga, from Gatsi village, near Chakoma schoool , under chief Dotito in Mt.Darwin was recently killed and his body, was conceiled by submerging it in water in a pool in the nearby Karoi river. It took about 8 dayz for concerned locals to find the body. He was buried on 19.07.13 at Gatsi village. Doctors at mt.Darwin and Bindura hospitals refused to to make a postmoterm. …….His crime was he ws an mdc sympathiser who was caught pants down with Pedzi Mugweje, the wife of zanupf youth popularly known as Tulani of Chakoma village F. Despite overwhelming evidence that Castern was murdered, the police at Dotito and mt. Darwin never attended the scene. How could they invesigate the death of an evil person an mdc. A mr Muza Munyangadzi, a police contabularly in the area has all the evidence that Tulani killed poor Castern, but angadiiwo nhai? Pliz help poor Castern .

  • Tecla

    This is an open letter to complain about the
    principal tutor (midwifery),operations director and the clinical director as
    well as the principal nursing officer’s conducts they are intimidating
    subordinates threatening to fire them may i remind them that no one is above
    the law and may they stop abusing powers they are equally workers.

  • Anon

    headmaster Mr Mugaradziko at Nyamatikiti High School in Rushinga has
    destroyed . We were at the school on saturday 29 JUNE 2013 for a consultation
    day. Allas we were told he bought a coaster kombi at forty five thousand
    ($45000-00). This is day light robbery. This kombi in most car sales is going
    at $12000-00 maximum. He is making us fools. Can the police and anti corruption
    investigate this high profile fraud case? Worried Parent, Chikwama
    Annon,23 Rushinga, MT Darwin.

  • Worried Parent

    Dear Editor

    I will be happy if you publish my article in your widely read newspaper.The Acting Head Mr Chimucheka at Sohwe Secondary School and the SDA Chairman Mr Johanis Zvipindu have convined to withdrawn more than six thousand dollars from school account and converted it to their own use.This case has been kept under the carpet without being brought to book due to the Education Officers by the name Ncube who is saying its not worth reporting. Is this the way things are done these days? These are public funds and whoever is in authority should be accountable. We demand action to be done on this issue.

    Worried Parent, Chikwama Annon, Sohwe Secondary School, Po box 10 , Mt darwin

  • Tigers Nevamwe Vake

    Fast-Tracking to Civil Disobedience
    As Zimbabweans we are taking decisive decision to free this country from Zanu PF. We are preparing ourselves to fight for our own democracy and all freedoms. No one else will do this for us. At this conjure I call upon our brothers and sisters who are in the armed forces to be able to cross path when asked to do so. I call upon the civil society to be on the alert as well. We are our own liberators. This is strong warning to Zanu PF and its leadership. Instead of
    retiring peacefully, the courts would be for you, for the human violations you have carried out against the people of Zimbabwe. Fast-Tracking election in violation of the GNU is Fast-Tracking to Civil Disobedience, time period.

  • Anonymous

    Can u please make the Zimbabwean people be aware that there
    are young men and women who have been tortured and denied employment in the
    Army,Airforce and Police just for having the same surnames as some known
    members of the opposition especially the MDC T.They are subjected to inhuman
    treatment and summarily discharged and threatened with silence.I am surprised
    the MDC T has been silent on the issue though some MP,s have been told of
    this.This has to be serialised as these young men/women need to be compansated
    in a future dispensation.The perpetrators must also be serialised so that one
    day justice is done

  • Asijik

    I have just realized that most Zimbos in the diaspora especially here in the UK who are supporting Zimbabweans Are Now Under Poverty Forever ( ZANU PF) are here illegally,on expiring visa’s or they were neglecting their siblings back home and they now think if MDC wins the flood gates will be opened.Vamwe kana chidhinha or jecha zvaro hapana anonopinda muzhan’ga mani 15 years uri diaspora ASIJIKI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emmetlee

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