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Why men fear intelligent women

Zola Ndlovu - "If men’s interactions with you reveal that you are smarter than them, then they are less likely to be romantically interested in you. For men, this is an issue of status."

Why Tongai Moyo’s widow has moved out

Peter “Dhewa” Moyo has opened up on the reasons Miniehle Mukweli, his father’s widow, moved out of their rented home in Msasa, Kwekwe claiming she failed to stay true to the traditional custom of staying single for a year

She left, so can you: Tendo Shares

Women and children are often in grave danger in the one place where they should feel the safest: within the home. This danger is posed largely by family members such as husbands/partners, parents and relatives writes Rutendo Tapiwa Chigudu.

10 surprising signs someone fancies you

When someone fancies you, they don’t always show it in the way you’d expect. Miss the signals, and your chance has gone. Next time, look out for these surprising signs – and don’t let ‘em get away.  1. They don’t talk to you They’re so…