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Patrick Chinamasa

Mugabe is also a crisis

Jacob Mafume - Any person who shares the same view as the one presented by Mugabe at the WEF would be morally, ethically and cognitively sick. Such thinking needs medical or even surgical correction.

Government admits ‘printing’ money

By Phillimon Mhlanga President Robert Mugabe’s embattled administration has for the first time admitted printing money in the form of a virtual currency through the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), acknowledging this cannot be backed by…

Govt confirms CAPS debt assumption

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa says government has assumed pharmaceutical manufacturer, CAPS Holdings (CAPS)’s, legacy debt. Despite growing calls for government to stop warehousing State enterprises’ debt, Chinamasa said Treasury was…

All love lost in ZANU-PF

By Andrew Kunambura and Tendai Makaripe All love is lost, so carry the cross; Cause there’s no human in us left; We are music made for the deaf They play a game that they know they’ll never win; Sick and tired of the world they’re living…