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MDC-T divided over Secretary General post

HARARE - Deep divisions that could further cripple the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC and weaken it as an opposition movement have emerged after a camp of bootlickers crafted contentious recommendations aimed at dismantling the influential…

Morgen Komichi found ‘guilty’

HARARE - MDC-T deputy national chairman Morgen Komichi has been sentenced to 350 hours of community service after being found 'guilty' of fraud and contravening the country’s electoral laws in a highly politicised case.

Komichi loses fifth bail attempt

HARARE - MDC chief elections officer, Morgen Komichi, has lost his fifth bail attempt after a High Court judge ruled that he was facing a serious offence, which might tempt him to abscond if freed.

Komichi latest bail bid dismissed

HARARE - Detained MDC-T polling agent Morgan Komichi’s latest bid for freedom was on Monday turned down by Harare Magistrate Tendai Mahwe. Komichi’s lawyers had launched a fresh bail application last Friday, citing ‘changed circumstances’.