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Jacob Mafume

Mnangagwa a hallucinating clown

Jacob Mafume - The people of Zimbabwe are now fed up of the Deputy President’s misfiring, his lies and misconceptions around Command Agriculture, his attempt to violate the constitution in the appointment of the Chief Justice among other…

Mugabe is also a crisis

Jacob Mafume - Any person who shares the same view as the one presented by Mugabe at the WEF would be morally, ethically and cognitively sick. Such thinking needs medical or even surgical correction.

Mugabe’s ‘chair’ gift draws scorn

By Gift Phiri Zimbabwe’s 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe received a special chair as a belated 93rd birthday gift from his Cabinet, a present which the main opposition quickly used to question whether Africa’s oldest leader was still…

2013 promises haunt Zanu PF

By Tendai Kamhungira and Blessings Mashaya As the watershed 2018 national polls beckon, President Robert Mugabe’s warring ruling Zanu PF is in a big quandary about what to say on account of its dismal failure to deliver on any of its 2013…