First Lady Grace Mugabe’s growing involvement in the goings-on in the ruling Zanu PF belie both her higher leadership ambitions despite her protestations to the contrary, as well as her anxiety about a future without President Mugabe.


People have been asked to eat snakes and drink fuel, prophets have stepped on women’s bodies, some have killed and then resurrected the ‘dead’, they have even anointed pens and now condoms!


Local Fly Africa shareholders Nu Aero Pvt Limited, have accused their foreign partners, FlyAfrica.com of externalising money from the business, in a sensational twist...


Harare Mambos founder Greenford Jangano has died. Jangano, who was 80, succumbed to heart failure in Harare on Saturday.


By Robson Sharuko Critics of the domestic Premiership, who claim that the top-flight league has lost the glitter of its golden past, will certainly get...


A GRADE Five pupil in Binga left villagers shell-shocked on Tuesday after he threw a stone which killed a fellow pupil during break time.


SOUTH AFRICA - Nearly 200,000 Zimbabweans are now living legally in South Africa thanks to a special permit programme for Zimbabweans.


British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has insisted he alone will decide whether his MPs will get a free vote on British airstrikes in Syria.