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Live-in girlfriend kills chief with machete

A CHIPINGE chief's live-in girlfriend last week reportedly fatally struck him with a machete, accusing him of infidelity. Chief Mpungu of Chisumbanje was buried last Wednesday after succumbing to injuries sustained in the attack by Sarah…

Cheating Ruwa woman has Chinese baby

RUWA- A cheating married black woman in Damafalls, Ruwa remains the talk of the neighbourhood after she gave birth to an Asian baby. While some neighbours suspect that Anywhere Gezi, 20, who is married to a kombi driver Bright Kachanga, 24,…

Harare man claims to be God

HARARE- A former member of Johanne Marange sect yesterday caused a stir in the Central Business District when he moved around claiming to be God. He was accompanied by two men who claimed to be his disciples.

Sharia law as mob gouges out robber’s eye

CHITUNGWIZA- A 20-year-old Chitungwiza car-jacker was recently subjected to the Sharia law when a mob gouged out his right eye as punishment for robbing a taxi driver in Zengeza. The mob is reported to have accused the police and the courts…