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Bev visits Chipinge sangoma

Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda reportedly met a popular Chipinge sangoma along with manager Harpers Mapimhidze during their tour of Manicaland and Mozambique last weekend.

Things get Messi for lookalike

Iranian student Reza Parastesh looks so much like his sporting hero Lionel Messi that it almost landed him in jail for disrupting public order last week. So many people came out to take selfies with Parastesh in the western city of Hamedan…

Jilted soldier makes wife eat his faeces

A jilted Zimbabwean soldier who made his wife eat his faeces after she had asked for a divorce was dragged before the Mutare Magistrate's Court facing abuse charges, it was reported. Machisi Jani, 30, pleaded guilty to the charges and will…