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Swift action needed to bail ZESA

John Sigauke - If there is anything that the people of Zimbabwe would like to quickly forget, worse still to experience once more, is the dark period in the recent past that saw load-shedding stretching for 18 hours a day.

Dealing with corruption in Zimbabwe

Eddie Cross - Our traditional cultures put a great deal of pressure on all individuals who are working in the modern sector. They are expected to look after the extended family, to accept them when they visit and to respond positively to…

Worry over visa applications in Zim

Batsirai Tikunde - Prof, I do not know if you are aware, but when one applies for a South African visa in Zimbabwe, their passport is taken away on submission of the application. What this effectively means is that for the duration that…

Mnangagwa a hallucinating clown

Jacob Mafume - The people of Zimbabwe are now fed up of the Deputy President’s misfiring, his lies and misconceptions around Command Agriculture, his attempt to violate the constitution in the appointment of the Chief Justice among other…