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A Chinese businessman reportedly fired shots before setting vicious dogs on three employees that had approached him demanding payment. Xu Lei, 36, appeared before Harare magistrate Milton Serima charged with contravening the Firearms Act and assault charges.

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Harare City Council ‘delays’ probe of executives http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/harare-city-council-delays-probe-of-executives/ http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/harare-city-council-delays-probe-of-executives/#respond Mon, 13 Aug 2018 15:46:01 +0000 http://nehandaradio.com/?p=186919 Harare City Centre

Harare City Council (HCC) has been accused of delaying the completion of a probe into the conduct of its four executives who are currently on suspension over a raft of allegations. This comes as a tribunal appointed to probe the executives is yet to complete its investigations which it said have been delayed by the city fathers.

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Caretaker commission for City of Harare http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/caretaker-commission-for-city-of-harare/ http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/caretaker-commission-for-city-of-harare/#respond Mon, 13 Aug 2018 15:13:36 +0000 http://nehandaradio.com/?p=186915 Harare Town House

Government has appointed a three-member commission to preside over the affairs of Harare City Council before the swearing in of a new council. The caretaker commission was appointed in terms of section 80 of the Urban Councils Act

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Miner dies after tunnel collapse http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/miner-dies-after-tunnel-collapse/ http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/miner-dies-after-tunnel-collapse/#comments Mon, 13 Aug 2018 13:22:38 +0000 http://nehandaradio.com/?p=186898

A miner in Fort Rixon, Matabeleland South died after a mining tunnel at a river bank collapsed on him. Ndumiso Nkala (24) of Plot 10, Mayfair area died in Insiza River near Lancaster Bridge.

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Thousands left ‘homeless’ after church eviction http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/thousands-left-homeless-after-church-eviction/ http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/thousands-left-homeless-after-church-eviction/#respond Mon, 13 Aug 2018 13:08:34 +0000 http://nehandaradio.com/?p=186880 The Apostolic Faith Mission Church premises in Bulawayo where thousands of congregants were evicted by the Deputy Sheriff yesterday

Thousands of congregants from the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) of Portland Oregon in Southern Africa have been left “homeless” after they were, together with their leader Reverend Richard Sibanda, evicted from the church premises in Bulawayo’s Pelandaba suburb.

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Woman accused of stealing electricity http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/woman-accused-of-stealing-electricity/ http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/woman-accused-of-stealing-electricity/#comments Mon, 13 Aug 2018 12:38:51 +0000 http://nehandaradio.com/?p=186877 ZESA Megawatt HQ in Harare

A Rusape woman has been arrested for allegedly illegally using electricity for more than three years without paying.

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Beitbridge nurse in tribal storm http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/beitbridge-nurse-in-tribal-storm/ http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/beitbridge-nurse-in-tribal-storm/#respond Mon, 13 Aug 2018 12:32:55 +0000 http://nehandaradio.com/?p=186875

A sister-in-charge at Beitbridge District Hospital has been suspended after an audio in which she describes Venda people as one of the dumbest and uncultured tribe for voting for Zanu-PF in their numbers leaked.

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Man assaults workmate with axe handle http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/man-assaults-workmate-with-axe-handle/ http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/man-assaults-workmate-with-axe-handle/#respond Mon, 13 Aug 2018 12:20:10 +0000 http://nehandaradio.com/?p=186873

A Beatrice man has appeared in court for attacking his workmate with an axe handle at the height of a misunderstanding. Farai Masango (29) appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Mrs Rumbidzai Sande on Tuesday facing assault charges.

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Falling in love in wartime Zim http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/falling-in-love-in-wartime-zim/ http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/falling-in-love-in-wartime-zim/#comments Mon, 13 Aug 2018 12:06:43 +0000 http://nehandaradio.com/?p=186867 Kenneth Chihumba, whose Chimurenga name was Cde Joseph Maposa and Sibukani Hove

It was love at first sight the moment a Zimbabwe National Army Colonel Kenneth Chihumba, whose Chimurenga name was Cde Joseph Maposa laid his eyes on Sibukani Hove while she was bringing food to the base where freedom fighters were camping.

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Zaka schools inspector dies http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/zaka-schools-inspector-dies/ http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/zaka-schools-inspector-dies/#comments Mon, 13 Aug 2018 11:59:06 +0000 http://nehandaradio.com/?p=186864 Mrs Shambambeva

A prominent school inspector in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education here, Mrs Beaulah Shambambeva, has died. She was 58. She collapsed and died last week at Musiso Hospital in Zaka.

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Zera crushes 10 000 wasteful lights,but danger still lurks http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/zera-crushes-10-000-wasteful-lightsbut-danger-still-lurks/ http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/zera-crushes-10-000-wasteful-lightsbut-danger-still-lurks/#respond Mon, 13 Aug 2018 11:21:19 +0000 http://nehandaradio.com/?p=186861

Energy regulator Zera, last Thursday oversaw the destruction of 10 000 smuggled incandescent light bulbs in Harare – but bigger problems are still lurking. About 70 000 more bulbs of the contraband will be destroyed this week, officials say.

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Crash claims one, injures nine others http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/crash-claims-one-injures-nine-others/ http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/13/crash-claims-one-injures-nine-others/#comments Mon, 13 Aug 2018 11:13:35 +0000 http://nehandaradio.com/?p=186858

One person died while nine others escaped the clutches of death by a whisker on Thursday last week when a Toyota Wish they were travelling in failed to negotiate a curve, veered off the road and hit a tree in Gweru.

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Inside Wimbo’s mausoleum http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/12/inside-wimbos-mausoleum/ http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/12/inside-wimbos-mausoleum/#comments Sun, 12 Aug 2018 16:25:28 +0000 http://nehandaradio.com/?p=186814

Although one’s immediate vision of a graveyard might be a dull and lifeless place, the late Mudzidzi Wimbo’s mausoleum is, on the contrary, a burst of colour and fine interior designing.

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Poll fury wipes out blood bank http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/12/186791/ http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/12/186791/#respond Sun, 12 Aug 2018 15:32:22 +0000 http://nehandaradio.com/?p=186791 A man is rushed for medical treatment after being shot by the Zimbabwean army during violent clashes in the city centre today

The country’s blood supplier, National Blood Service Zimbabwe  (NBSZ), has made an urgent appeal for blood donations after its stocks dwindled perilously following the recent ugly clashes in Harare between opposition supporters and security agents, which left at least six people dead and dozens seriously injured.

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Wimbo’s estate distributed peacefully http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/12/wimbos-estate-distributed-peacefully/ http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/12/wimbos-estate-distributed-peacefully/#comments Sun, 12 Aug 2018 09:46:26 +0000 http://nehandaradio.com/?p=186708

Thousands of people, some coming in from as far afield as South Africa and the United Kingdom, last week converged at Goora near Mount Darwin for the memorial service and the distribution of the estate of the late Mudzidzi Wimbo.

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