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Zhuwao scoffs at claims he and Jonathan Moyo were behind Mujuru stoning

Former president Robert Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao has scoffed at incredulous claims that he colluded with former minister Jonathan Moyo in a plot that saw the stoning of opposition leader Joice Mujuru and her supporters in Glen Norah by suspected Zanu PF youths on Thursday.

Leo Mugabe (right) seen here with Patrick Zhuwao
Leo Mugabe (right) seen here with Patrick Zhuwao

According to Mujuru’s spokesman and party secretary general Gift Nyandoro, the former Vice President “survived a barrage of stones being thrown at her by hired Zanu-PF youths at Chitubu shops,” during a campaign stop in the suburb ahead of elections some five months away. 

“The doctor has recommended that she has an X-ray for any internal injuries. It is very sad that some people still believe in the culture of political violence,” her son Wellence Mujuru said in a tweet.

Chats on a prominent Zanu PF Whatsapp group however have one activist claiming; “Mujuru attack is a clear testimony that its G40 trying to derail ED. ED is preaching peace and Zhuwao na Jonso promised to cause hell for ED, the game is on.”

Speaking to Nehanda Radio on Thursday evening, Zhuwao however said “Seriously these guys are just too dull. We are much more strategic and smarter than that. We don’t operate at the level of Neanderthals that roll out tanks and automatic machine guns when outsmarted.” Nehanda Radio