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Ammara eyes international market

By Leonard Ncube

Rising star Ammara Brown has said she will be partnering with a number of foreign artistes, including Mampi of Zambia this year.

Ammara and Tytan
Ammara Brown seen here with and Tytan

Riding on the wave of her popular hit song Akiliz whose video is showing on DStv’s Trace Africa channel and also trending in many African countries, Ammara said her goal is to make a brand internationally.Ammara and fellow RnB singer Mampi of the Walilowelela fame, shared the stage at last year’s iFlix Victoria Falls Carnival where both fell for each other.

Both singers challenged female artistes to find their niche and break the gender barrier.

“There are a lot of things I want to do. I want to own a line on the international market. Right now I own one in Zimbabwe and am building in Africa and the next step will be breaking internationally in five years time.

“Mampi contacted me and also many Zambian and South African artistes want to work with me. Guys like DJ Stavo and Natty O have shown interest,” she said.

The diminutive dance floor queen however said she is careful and her “policy is paperwork before doing anything.”With her music making waves on the continent and playing for the first time at the carnival, Ammara said she felt she had finally broken out of her shell.

“I’ve worked hard pushed by some people who were saying I wouldn’t make it. What I learnt is that you’ve to strike a balance between the Zimbabwean market that loves township music and the international market of Afro pop. All we need is more support.

“The carnival was an icing on the cake. I’ve been working hard and slowly coming out to the surface and winning people’s hearts. Now look with Akiliz video everyone is crazy, be it in Cameroon, Ecuador, Kenya, everywhere I have fans contacting me about the video,” she said.

Ammara challenged local fans to emulate those in other countries who are passionate about their artistes.

She defended her video saying there is nothing raunchy about it.

“In Zimbabwe we have strange standards. We want international standards but we don’t want to pay our artistes so that they get to that level. I believe in investing heavily no matter how much it takes and a lot of amazing stuff is coming in 2018.

“Akiliz gave everyone technical headaches but it’s worth it. It has liberated many women and the female powerhouse in an economy where people just take advantage of women. I am therefore not apologetic about it. If you listen to the lyrics, there is nothing PG about it and we delivered what we needed to deliver,” she said.

In a separate interview, Mampi, who has collaborated with Rocqui, called for a paradigm shift in relation to perception of women in music.

“I feel African women are in a shell which they need to come out of. They have to gather courage and know what they want. I’m looking at doing a collabo with Jah Prayzah and Ammara Brown and already I see 2018 bringing more blessings and wisdom as I will be releasing a new album in April,” she said. The Chronicle