Mbanje peddler jailed one year

By Fungai Lupande Senior

A 49-year-old Epworth man was yesterday sentenced to one year in jail after being found with two kilogrammes of dagga worth about $200. Sixpence Rozariro appeared before Harare magistrate Josephine Sande and pleaded guilty to possession of dagga.

File picture of a Mbanje grower in court
File picture of a Mbanje grower in court

He was sentenced to a year-and-a half in prison before Ms Sande suspended six months on condition of good behaviour. Rozariro told the court in mitigation that he committed the offence in an effort to provide for his family.

“I sell dagga to provide food for my family. I send my children to school with the money from dagga. May the court be lenient in its sentence because I am the breadwinner,” said Rozariro.

The prosecutor, Ms Francisca Mukumbiri, proved that on January 14 at around 5pm, detectives from Braeside were tipped that Rozariro was in possession of dagga at his residence. The detectives went to Rozariro’s residence and advised him that they wanted to search for dagga in his house.

Searches were conducted in every room in Rozariro’s house, but nothing was recovered and detectives went onto the roof and discovered a white sack containing loose dagga.

Rozariro was immediately arrested and the recovered dagga was weighed at Harare Main Post Office and recorded a total weight of 2,32 kilograms. The dagga had a street value of $232. The Herald

  • Not Fair at all

  • What a useless thing to arrest people for.Alcohol causes more social problems than that .

  • what is funny is that the english law that they adopted has now made room for that same dagga they still arrest people for. Heavier and more endangering issues are being commited and ppo walk scot free.

  • not fair my guy ..

  • Maiwe mumunda mapindwa🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Mbanje yacho was taken by the police officers and sold it!!

  • Thats stupid of Zanu government. No jobs so what should people do??? Arrest notorious chatungas 1st. Zanu must be flashed down

  • Aggrrr 2 yrs is too much for mbanje… this guy must be released

  • Not fair, at least 3 months maximum.

  • siyai vanochida vabheme chamba

  • He pleaded guilty they should have give him community service & suspend sentence lol but 12 months damn

  • here in sa u can arrest the whole community u stupid Mugabe zrp u leave real criminals going after useless things and the magestr also sis zim full of morons

  • Other countries are legalising it, why can’t we

  • Maku sunga jazzman futi!

  • ko mbanje haisi herb herr nhai imi saka sungai zve vanowanikwa vachitengesa mishonga yehurwere.

  • Kunosungwa vembanje vanoba ma minerals havasungwe.Zim is full of surprises.

  • they like pablo why you know every single bitch that i know Tanaka Leroy Samukange

  • Mosiya vana Chombo vakaba maMillions vachingosasana mava kuvharira munhu ari kutsvaga hake kurarama nezvinhu zvaarima ega zve $200 chaiyo aaa heyiii

  • Leave the plant alone.

  • but akaba $15 billion arikusiyiwa vachitomuziva havo.

  • Nxaaaaaaaa!!!


  • Some people stole <$15 billion…I mean fifteen billion US dollars and they are walking freely outside there because they are "BIG and UNTOUCHABLE"…. someone is trying to make a living by selling manje worth $200 he got locked for six months????…. Until when we are going to cheer this barbaric actions???

  • Never give up rastafarii . Remwizuva zvoita satye .

  • legalize it….

  • yea Trump he was right..its true..Africa is a shithole

  • … And suspended Chitungwiza mayor got 280 hours community service hahahaha

  • 1 year for $200 filling prisons with poor people. Just give 2 canes and let him go and live his life he’s obviously not a threat to society coz mbanje has always been there on the streets

    • 2 canes for what? They should review these useless laws they adopted from Babylonian gods

  • Pakaipa shuwa. VOTE MDC.

  • Am sure its a mistrial. It takes more than $200 to arrest & get him thru the processes up to the appearance in court. Further that crop is green & currently worth nothing. How did they get to $200 worthy? Well if you don’t have a counsel that’s how it goes

  • At 49 uchiita zvembanje something not ryt

    • Ko worarama nei kana ari jezzman mari yake inobva pakutengesa fodya iyoyo. In fact our government should just legalised it like Jamaica Uruguay, Paraguay and USA.

    • yaaa something not rite fo sho…. ECONOMY

    • It’s a medicinal natural plant 🌱 created by God

    • Somethin is not ryt with u coz u think mbanje is not ryt

    • If iriryt Tinashe deno yaitengwa mu shop

    • So fodya iri ryt??? Asi inowanikw mushop

    • Fodya is more harmful than mbanje….

    • How many products do we use that contains mbanje… A lot

  • Rubbish

  • Legalise mbanje please ….ko chombo akanzi makore mangani mujeri zviya


  • Legalise it..giv people freedom hakuna mabasa..

  • Two weeks bettr

  • How different are the effects of mbanje from the effects of gin,brandy,vodka,cigarettes etc? You can also be arrested for brewing kachasu! Funny!

  • its not fair.legalise medical dagga.govt can benefit a lot

  • but why????? mbavha matopedza hant. Im very disappointed in our judicial system

  • Not fair at all…

  • Worth 200$ ? How do they know the price of an illegal thing?

  • there are no jobs in zimbabwe

  • New farmer

  • Nxaaa this is zimbabwe for u jailing someone who is strugling to feed his family for dagger of $200 yet anawicknero walking free nemari yezesa 500 million its a shame

  • Prison is a place where big criminals keep small criminals

  • Absolute injustice- utter rubbish

  • Musamutyira. Masoja tiriko bhora mberi anenge achidya achinwa pamberi pevavengu

  • Kusunga vanhu vasina kana basa. Leaving those who are a danger to the populace. Ppl who r bringing down the economy of the country. Who’s more dangerous arikutengesa cash neanemudzanga wembanje. Police inosiya vanemasaga ecash mustreet vachikwanisa kuona anestub yembanhe muhomwe. Silly!!

  • If he was fined I would gladly pay he’s fine for now will follow him up there in Babylon and give him a visit and perhaps bring him goodies 🤛

  • How and why do you value the price of illegal drugs. Which market gives it value since its illegal. The Roman-Dutch law is madness.

  • Just legalize it and I will advertise it

  • Ko matanga futy kusunga varimi tinga budirire sei. ….This crop can bring us foreign currency through exporting to countries like Jamaica ……I understand why Trump was calling our continent Shithole****

  • The curing herb why why!!

  • Pashoma pashoma $15 000 000 000-00 yakashaikwa inokwana kkkkkkk

  • apa manyanya plant here akomana

  • Ndozvavanogona chete izvozvo

  • Legalize mary jane da only cure for coma, asthma

  • KO VE 15billion mozovatii

  • Police ye Zim haina kukwana ngabate kasukuwere uyo

  • Ko vamusungirei handiti ndiyo indiginisation here kkkkkkk

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