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Rugeje threatens a repeat of 2008

Newly appointed ZANU PF national political commissar, Rt Lt General Engelbert Rugeje has sent shivers down people’s spines after he warned supporters gathered at Mawungwa Business Centre in Gutu to be mindful of the violence unleashed onto the country after his party lost the 2008 general elections to MDC T.

He said people should always remember 2008 as the country hurtles towards the 2018 general elections expected within the next seven months.

Hundreds of people were maimed in torture camps in Masvingo, women raped and scores of people killed in the worst election violence ever experienced in the province.

Ironically just 200 metres from where Rugeje addressed last week’s meeting was a torture base where civil servants including teachers were subjected to all forms of punishment and humiliation and the wounds are still fresh.

Rugeje who declared that Zanu PF will rule Zimbabwe “kusvika madhongi amera nyanga” (until forever) also reminded supporters of the way former President Mugabe was removed from power last November.

People at the rally also attended by The Mirror said although Rugeje called for unity and peace, his warnings on 2008 had a chilling effect as some lost family members at the time.

Rugeje was speaking at an event to celebrate the return of Pupurai Togarepi, the national youth secretary deposed at the height of Lacoste and G40 fights within Zanu PF.

The event was attended by Zanu PF chief whip Lovemore Matuke, Masvingo provincial chairman Ezra Chadzamira, Harare youth chairman Godfrey Gomwe and other high ranking party officials.

Togarepi comes from Gutu South and is believed to be eyeing former Minister of State for Masvingo, Paul Chimedza’s Parliamentary seat.

Rugeje said he came to Masvingo in 2008 when things were bad and he corrected the situation.

Rugeje who was a serving member of the Zimbabwe National Army at the time said he again led the party’s campaigns in the 2013 general elections and Zanu PF made a clean sweep of the 26 seats on the table.

“We are getting towards important elections this year. I came here in 2008 when things were bad. I don’t know where Masvingo had got this spirit and I came and sorted things out. I came back again in 2013 and led the campaign team and I moved around the province addressing rallies and the results were impressive and this saw the current Party president giving Masvingo the post of political commissar. I expect you to give Zanu PF all seats in Masvingo now that I am full time in politics,” said Rugeje.

Political commentator Dr Fidelis Duri, described Rugeje`s speech as tragic as it did not augur well for the country’s new political dispensation that seeks to restore international confidence and attract investment to the country’s ailing economy.

He said the speech gives credence to views held by sceptics that Zimbabwe is indeed under military rule and there will be no free and fair elections in the country this year.

“Rugeje’s threats are unfortunate, in terms of foreign policy and President Mnangagwa’s appeal to local and foreign investors for investments. Reengagement requires guarantees of a safe and secure economic and political environment,” said Dr Duri.

MDC Alliance spokesperson Professor Welshman Ncube said the group has carried out two coups in a space of 10 years and they don’t change.

“You must understand that Rugeje was the one assigned to commit murder and torture in Masvingo min 2008 and these are the same people who carried out a coup against Tsvangirai in 2008. It only shows the nature of Zanu PF where a leopard never changes its spots,” said Ncube.

NPP spokesperson Jeffreyson Chitando said Rugeje should not behave in such a manner as his own relatives can also be caught in between the violence. Masvingo Mirror

  • Anewaya… zvinodzokororwa nemunhu mupenyu zviye? Indava kutaura semakasika vanhu nhai imi?

  • This man can do anything to prove his point i know him well

  • it’s not new to us. zanu pf will always be

  • Ende kwaGutu makakuderera haikona ,manje munodyiwa zvakadaro .

  • not this time

  • It is such pple who make us think what does the future hold for zim?

  • If this is is how EDM is planning to revive the economy and attract investors. It only shows that zanu pf has overstayed its welcome and will be resisted. Another chiwenga will appear to get rid of these new criminals until power is returned to the people.

  • Shame mentality ,that’s why they militarized the nation .
    It doesn’t surprise me ,even when they addressed their nature of staged military coup ,it was ZANU pf agenda .simply to save it from collapse.
    The whole ploy is to intimidate public so that they sink in their slumber in fear of yesterday trauma.
    Let alone innocent citizen and youth who are paid to sell their future by politicians dangling carrot ( money) in liquid form ,which they have been longing for ,despite them waiting in meandering lines and failing to get even kobo ( cent) for daily or weekly allocation.
    Time will tell ,since they assume their political sphere and having saying a lot than done .
    Vision is totally lost and substituted with atrocities ,abduction ,murder ,deleting those opposed to their dictatorial organ ,which is run by a full board of we don’t leave office even when defeated, so far the clueless head to tail forgot their ultimatum way forward plan

    • Mr masvimbo you honestly Believe he would go to a rally and say that . At times lets be mindful of Nehanda media whatever they call themselves.

    • are you living abroad sir if you are am not surprised

    • Living abroad is just a say ,what changes are in place in Zimbabwe as we speak now .nothing has changed ,let alone economically no sign .
      We still give you guys chance to prove your ultimate

  • Ndikoko

  • Cde ED is this real .Do you suport this haluscination.Its pipo like Rugeje we dont need in Garwes leadership.Garwe is not for violence from the way he potrays himself.So whose disciple are you.President Garwe can you pliz get reed of this bad aple pliz..Rugeje are you happy about what happened in 2008.You suck.Why cant you learn from uncle bob kuti nomatter you myt opress pipo .Its dog has its day .Kudenga uko kuna Mwari varume .Itai hutsinye hose hwamungada kuitira vanhu asi kune zuva rimwe chete musiki paanoti zvaringana.Matanker aripo nedzimwe pfuti dzese dziripo but when the almighty God says its enough and blows his whistle you wont have anywhere to hide.History is there to teach you all this .We had pipo like Hitler where are they.??????

  • The state has been militarised, Zimbabwean problems are still very far from over

  • Ummmm media why u also negative how is that possible

  • Zvimwe tingataura . Kana panezvakadai zvataurwa inini ndichazviramba .

  • still in dark Zimbabwean problems Will be same state is militarily captured

  • Ndo free and fair inorehwa na ED iyyo

  • Hapana pakanyorwa kudaro dont lie, there’s not even a quote irikutaura kudaro, instead he spoke of unity and peace ahead of elections NOT A REPEAT, of 2008.

    • What do u mean ndepapipakanyorwa when the article is clearly quoting what he said , if u read u will see all the threats of violence

    • kukaura chete

    • Collin kuda kuramba zvinhu zviri pachena

  • U better start unleashing violence to the economy then come to us povo.Why do u preach democracy when u force people to vote you.U can beat us ,rig the election ,do whatever you dream of doing ,but you will never win the hearts of the mass.Rig and intimidate the economy first the we start talking from there

  • avatar

    He z now on full tym killing spree, and he z even saying it openly. Zim is doomed

  • Mmmmmmmmm

  • Muchati Bhuu

    The arrogance is mind boggling, hatifambiri mberi at this rate.

  • Give us the video not such stories, I don’t think it’s true.

    • Even a video can be cooked,journalists can go to any length to make money,

    • If you think ZANU PF has reformed, then you mighty be a fool.

    • That’s a cooked story period .

    • Nxaaa Philip Toyiwa who needs your opinion on Zanu Pf it’s the authenticity of the news in question here, I have a democratic right to exercise my choice.

    • Kkkkk pane asingazivi mabasa ezanu here anonzi budisai mavideo.lmi hamuzivi kuti 2008 makaitasei here?Wy are yu in denial over your abnormal outdated behavior

    • Wy au saying so?,

  • no democracy no development

  • Characteristics of a ‘shithole’. Trump is right for once.

  • Let’s not be ill advised. He is a loner. Change is there for peace. Peace and success is what Zimbabwe needs. We have to move from the gutters into the millennium like the world around us. In this world there is opposition and noone is victimised. Zimbabwe should follow suit. One love, one nation

  • Matororo shuwa

  • Ndave kutya

  • Rugeje is mad. He still leaves in the Era of forced submission. Frankly, he doesn’t deserve the position of a political commissary.

    • Forced submission is temporary and ED will not use that. You are right

  • Rugeje is mad. He still leaves in the Era of forced submission. Frankly, he doesn’t deserve the position of a political commissary.

  • New level of intimidation

  • New level of intimidation

  • unleash violence to skyrocketing prices first

  • unleash violence to skyrocketing prices first

  • Azvichapera hanzi nadonald tirichii

  • Azvichapera hanzi nadonald tirichii

  • Nxaah shear madness

  • Vanhu vaishungurudza vanhu ndovarimumaziso evanhu mazano ezanu kubvuturana masimba zvenhema MDC icharova vanhu vagorambira nhamo irambe yakafunya chisero,

  • Ma papers just report objectively, lies do not build Zimbabwe

  • A military government will never hold credible elections. These guys, as said by this soldier, will make sure they win the election. ED is not popular because he is at state house through the assistance of army.

    • Just tell me one government in the world that does not hold dear it’s former military personnel and favour them with positions of responsibility…deservingly!

    • Kkkk. You sound like a bootlicker. Sorry if my comment offended you.

    • Military governments don’t stay long before being toppled

  • Where and when did he ever say that? Play the video and we will judge for ourselves.Why do you want to cause alarm and despondency?Practise responsible journalism or keep quiet.

  • Indaneshinawu ro

  • Reporter yu r an asshole …. a shithole … cz i ddnt utter dos words y spreading hate nxaaaaah

  • Masvingo yese aishumgurudza munhu uyu, even paChikarudzo akasiya aita vanhu kafiramberi

  • Msunukanyoko Rugeje panyopako

  • The story mayb biased and pple may say that E.D is non violent and so on.actually we are facing the worst election ever.remember this same president then minister of defence in 2008 conived with the army and police to terrorise Zimbabwean citizens in the presidential election runoff to any extent that a even teachers,nurses and literate citizens to vote with a zanu pf aid for fear of accused of voting for mdc.some youths were given army regalia and lived in torture camps where they will go out and target opposition activists,houses were torched, men and women of the cloth were forced to wear party regalia and a car without a zanu pf flag was not allowed to pass thru at roads where youths mounted disguised as police and soldiers ,remember the short sleeves and our sister were left with babies from the base .IGNORE RUGEJE’S WORDS AT YO OWN PERIL.

  • This will only lead to another gnu.the international community won’t recognise the results and this time,the UN will intervene

  • This tym it is going to be worse coz mauto ava panyanga

  • Hey Joe

    I told people that the ouster of the biltong skin was just rearrangement of deck chairs on the Titanic. The Guky party will not reform itself out of power as eloquently said by Msorobhangu. Violence and the use of a partisan police force served Dzasukwa for decades. With the new administration, the ZDF, who have complete disregard of the constitution will be unleashed to secure victory.

  • There is Nothing Good about ZANU PF

  • We are fed up with this article. How many times has it been posted on this page with different pictures? Kunyepa ndokuneyi be objective please

  • If by any chance , bring Va Rugeje on this forum and speak for himself. Iam sure he is on fb .Anyone anenge asangana navo please invite him vatsanangure izvi .Operation Restore Legacy in progress 😎🤔🇿🇼

  • Kkkk kucharohwa vanhu gore rino.

  • Diwani Wadazo

    Admission to what tsvangson always aluded to

  • Presley

    So this is the killing machine that killed the people in 2008 in Masvingo and is promising another field of death….for supporting Morgan Tsvangirai…a free political choice? It means he is a murderer who belongs to Chikurubi Maximum Prison…he can’t even boast about dead victims and think he will be free forever…ngaagare anwa piritsi re cyanide ozomedza kana nguva yake yematare yakwana…it was not Mugabe then…its these new cabals in our political discourse. God curse these killers now.

  • Hey Joe

    Remember the boo boy, Charumbira. Remember the several Guky party PCs who died under very mysterious circumstances. Be warned. EDiot or the Guky party will not be there forever.

  • The political commisar is an honourable revolutionary whose mandate is to restore the legacy tarnished by the misguided predecessor. No amount of lies and vilification will stop him from doing his strategic work. Aluta Continua.

  • Mazviona kwazvirikuenda. What changed ndi driver but company imwechete

  • Trump is right. Its a shithole continent period.

  • Doti zabantu

  • We wl never be intimidated

  • Politics dzepaface book hadzina vote mashef the Jonathan Moyos & the confusion masters this is no tym to brainwash voters,to make pipo believe in yo lies.G40 & their leader Mugabe used to play that music of lying to pipo & nw u the opposition parties inherited such!!!

  • Moti moda mainvestors muchityisidzira vanhu.Honestly with Zanu pf in power ihapana hapana coz pfungwa yekuhondo yeviolence ichakazara mavari

  • Eeezve makashungurudza vanhu so is this your promise again. If so do as you like but Mwari havadhakwe. Zvichakuwanao hama. Chero mugabe aisazvifungira but now is a goner

  • matanga kunyepa

  • When the commander in chief is saying no violence among citizens, please give us credible news

  • This tym hakuna zvakadaro toripombera patada isu

  • This tym hakuna zvakadaro toripombera patada isu

  • This tym hakuna zvakadaro toripombera patada isu

  • Kunyepera munhu uku. FAKEST news ever reported on this earth

  • Some medias may be overtaken by JMoyo….is this true?

  • Some medias may be overtaken by JMoyo….is this true?

  • Msoja anongofunga kurovana chete always nxaaaa

  • Vatanga vanhu vaya

  • Ah Cry Zimbabwe….

  • Ah Cry Zimbabwe….

  • This tym topedzerana ..panotsva demo kuchisara mupinyi.Nguva yekutyisa vanhu yakapfuura.Harahwa inonzi Rugeje inoda kufa nguva yayo isati yakwana

  • It’s not true. Stupid headline kana mashaya nyaya nyararayi kuti pedzera airtime

  • Nxaaaa

  • Uhu

  • Everfaithful

    ..and what more can we say to prove that we are under a ruthless military regime,with no feelings whatsoever for human life .Only fools can have their hopes pinned on such a totalitarian regime.The army generals are power hungry morons who will defend their illegitimate government at all costs.Without murder,torture, beatings, rape ,this regime will never never win an election fairly hence the need to remind the villagers of 2008 violence after ZANU lost the elections .Rugeje is not even ashamed of his previous murders in Gutu.May God kindly show him compassion and value of human life even of people who sees things differently from him.We don’t want to witness a repetition of 2008 please ,please.Not again .

  • Mukanya

    Shiri ine muriro wayo hairegedze!!!