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When being the ugliest person gets you banned

By Bongani Ndlovu

It is probably only in Zimbabwe where being very ugly gets you banned from a pageant that seeks to find the most hideous looking man in the land.

William Masvinu

This is the story of William Masvinu, a perennial Mr Ugly contestant winner who was last year banned from entering the ugly pageant ever again in order to give others a chance after he won the 2017 edition for the third time since the inception of the pageant in 2009.

Masvinu scored 98 points, four ahead of Fanuel Musekiwa who came second while the man who pipped him in 2015, Mison Sere, could only land third place after scoring 91 points.

After winning Masvinu was reported to have said he lost to Sere in 2015 because of complacency and in 2017 he came prepared.

How prepared can one be to win such a pageant? Is there a secret boot camp that teaches one to be ugly?

It is interesting to note that Sere came third last year while Masvinu came first meaning that Masvinu had become uglier than Sere. This is the stuff of legends.

That story made international news with many people bewildered that there was such a contest in the world that searches for the ugliest man in the country.

It is only in Zimbabwe where such a weird contest was held and that it generated laughs and condemnation in the same vein during its inception.

Obviously those who laughed at the pageant were amused that a group of men would put their hands up and want to be adjudged to be the ugliest person in Zimbabwe while others said the contest brought ridicule to the country.

It’s only in Zimbabwe that someone is proud to go around with the tag that they are the ugliest looking person in the land.

So for Masvinu who has won the title for the umpteenth time, it came as a surprise when he was banned from contesting.

In football terms it’s like Barcelona star player Lionel Messi being banned from winning the Ballon d’Or because he has won it for a record five times.

With that analogy Masvinu is the Messi of ugliness in Zimbabwe and no one can match that but he has been banned.

Imagine Miss Zimbabwe or Miss Tourism saying a contestant isn’t allowed to enter the competition because she is too beautiful.

The mistake made by organisers of Mr Ugly is that they did not have a clause in the contract that if one enters the competition and wins a given number of times then the person is banned from contesting. The Chronicle

  • Tauya kuyipa

  • Unokundwa na Tshiga uyu hapana hapana

  • Pamwe vakudawo wemakepekepe nekuti ndewedu madembare kkkkk

  • Too ugly to contest hahaha

  • I didn’t open up to read the story but judging with the picture i know the story already.

  • rubbish, why would they ban him, its like banning messi and ronaldo for scooping so many awards, if there isn’t any to match or surpass him, go regional and invite others from outside, but I doubt if they hv the capacity to do tht considering their meager winning price money in the form of a beast!

  • Ipawo mukana kune vamwe Mr Masvinu

  • Aaaale chii ichi

  • This man is not ugly,I think he only use juju to beat other contestants.Bring on Tshinga Dube and Baba Tencen

  • Newton Muchatuta honawo 😂

  • Rubbish Masvinu go look for a job . Give others a chance. You were banned coz you wanted to beat the organizers. The one who wrote this article it’s better you go to journalism school it’s not worthy.

  • 😂😂

  • He is not that ugly.

  • He got very good symmetrical balance, only the waves on his face,otherwise he could be handsome

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  • What do yu mean banned?? Lol! This man is a perfect participant for the competition among him& Ntshinga Dube.

  • Haana kushata uyu,,kumeso kwake kwakashinga

  • Uyu munhu anodyiwa hands down naBaba Tencen or even Tsvangirayi not to mension Tsvina Dube.

  • Instead ban the senseless competition itself,what kind of a competition is that, where competitors don’t put any effort to win?? I mean what practices or preparations does one do to win a Mr Ugly??

    • Zvine basa reyi zvepractice. Its all about agliness. Shld u practice to be agly

    • Out of topic, read again & again!! Do you even understand the word ‘compete’?? In any competiton competitors put effort to win, that’s where you derive the pride in winning the prize, in your strange Mr Ugly competition, only held in Zimbabwe, the ilogical competition won by almost the same people, is becoming a bore, even the competitors themselves, not to mention the few spectators

  • Pure Breed!

  • Paya panoitwa miss world zim or miss tourism vanhu vakaita gore rapera vanotenderwa kupindazve here gore rino? Nemhakayei vanhu muchingotsvaga zvakashata mumabasa evamwe. Hatina patakambonzwa kuti miss zim vegore rapera gore rino vaita number two, kureva kuti munhu is given a chance and thats it. Vamwe vapindevo. Its all for fun

  • Do you this👆dude is more ugly than Tshinga Dube. Hayiwawo!

  • If you ban him then make him the judge.

  • They never contested

  • Not ugly. Just wringles

  • Not ugly. Just wringles

  • Not ugly. Just wringles

  • He is not the ugliest arinani uyu

  • He is not the ugliest arinani uyu

  • Is this what we call ugly?kkk is the ugliest we have come on we have the ugliest people around zim next time search well kkk

  • To me the man looks not ugly

  • kkkkk haaa regai vamubhane face kuita kunge magaro kudaro haiwa murume wakashata uyu.

  • Save vanokwanakwana apa…..

  • Kkkkkk haaa akarema munhu uyu,asi zvavakaita zvoratidza kuti hapana zvavarikuita,vanoda vanhu vakashata asi vomubvisira kushata kwake futi

  • Kkkkkk haaa akarema munhu uyu,asi zvavakaita zvoratidza kuti hapana zvavarikuita,vanoda vanhu vakashata asi vomubvisira kushata kwake futi

  • Tshiga unopinda kkkkkkk pakashatiwa paye,kungoti hapana mari inobuda yakawanda

  • Tshiga unopinda kkkkkkk pakashatiwa paye,kungoti hapana mari inobuda yakawanda

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  • Clifford Bhekinkosie Nkomonomics