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Zacc extends arrests to municipalities

By Farayi Machamire

Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) yesterday arrested Harare City Council director of housing and social development Edmore Nhekairo, Mutare town clerk Joshua Maligwa and Rusape Town Council Housing director Lawrence Mushayabasa over allegations of corruption.

Harare City Council

Nhekairo is alleged to have defrauded Marondera Town Council of cash, residential and commercial stands amounting to thousands of dollars.

He is also accused of fraudulently selling gumtrees in the Hunyani Farm and converting all proceeds to his personal use.

Nhekairo duly appeared before Harare magistrates Rumbidzai Mugwagwa yesterday and was granted $300 bail along with stringent bail conditions.

As for Maligwa, he was arrested for alleged fraud committed in 2015 when he was Rusape Town Council secretary.

He is alleged to have committed the offence in connivance with Mushayabasa.

Zacc spokesperson Phyllis Chikundura confirmed the arrests to the Daily News yesterday.

She said more individuals and companies that are under investigation will be hauled before the courts in due course.

“Maligwa and Mashayabasa are currently in Rusape and will appear in a court in Rusape tomorrow (today). They are accused of acting in connivance and subdividing three industrial stands one measuring 10 000 square metres, another 3 500 and 4 500 square metres belonging to Opleves Company.

They sold the land to unsuspecting members of the public and they also allocated themselves space,” Chikundura said.

Zacc has been widening its dragnet to include the private sector and local authorities where the anti-graft body is investigating tender scams which might have prejudiced government of tens of millions of dollars. DailyNews

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  • We need offenders to be convicted, dear,Zacc

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    2. Give them bail
    3. Return to 1

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  • Muhard

    Part of what fueled this is, The central govt poorly paid employees and in turn they helped themselves to state property to survive and thrive, before they knew it, the whole thing had become a way and a part of life, they just looked at the deed and justified it by saying the other guy is also doing it.

    • Cde

      Sure everyone was doing it…all govt depts parastatals.were doing it..

  • Ko Obert Mupofu varikumusiirey

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  • Now go to schools. A lot of things are happening there.

  • Wasting time looking for small finish in sea , we want big fish , you will not hoodwink us , we know this corrupt ZAAC is a useless toothless dog which bucks when it’s told to

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    what about Bulawayo City Council if it seems it is only investigating certain municipalities it should investigate ALL municipalities seems this organisation does not have its act cut out

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      Ko zimra board …Pasi was named in the audit that he looted 20 mill ..but nothing happpened we want justice ..he had ghost workers also how much was looted…mai Chiri where a you…Be serious …

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  • Meanwhile in Malawi a former minister Chaponda is walking free and still provided with state security after looting millions of dollars!!! We need the crocodile in Malawi too! We need a brave army led by someone like Chiwenga!

  • They must fire everyone who is in charge of the dirty water , coming out of Harare tapes !

  • They must fire everyone who is in charge of the dirty water , coming out of Harare tapes !