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Only a ‘minority’ disliked Grace Mugabe says Jonathan Moyo on BBC Hardtalk

Only a minority of Zimbabweans disliked Grace Mugabe and the military intervention that saw her expelled from the ruling party has reduced Zimbabwe to a “banana republic”, a former cabinet minister has said.

Grace Mugabe and Jonathan Moyo
Grace Mugabe and Jonathan Moyo

Jonathan Moyo said it was “unprofessional” for the army led by Constantino Chiwenga to intervene in November just because they didn’t like the former first lady.

“The fact that some people, who may in fact be a minority, may have issues with Doctor Grace Mugabe does not mean it is a crime to support her,” Moyo said in a BBC HARDtalk interview on Thursday.

“You do not prevent an election through a military coup simply arguing that you do not like Grace Mugabe. It’s unprofessional for an army to do that,” he added.

Moyo was a key member of the G40 faction that, until November 15, had the upper hand within the ruling Zanu-PF party. Grace Mugabe looked certain to become one of the country’s two vice presidents following the sacking on November 6 of Emmerson Mnangagwa, who led a rival faction.

‘A banana republic’

But the military takeover saw the expulsion from Zanu-PF of Grace Mugabe, Moyo and others linked to her. Mnangagwa replaced Mugabe as president.

Moyo said the army intervention had reduced Zimbabwe to a “banana republic”.

“Zimbabwe’s army under Chiwenga has joined the ranks of banana republics where military individuals intervene because they don’t like this individual, or they like that individual,” he said.

Chiwenga retired as defence forces commander last month, but was swiftly promoted to vice president. He is also the minister of defence. News24.com

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  • A small minority really?? Where was he when the whole country was celebrating the end of the Mugabes in November?Even Zanu pf was sick of them too lol!

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  • If all Zimbabweans are minorities, then Jonathan is telling the truth bcz we only tolerated her bcz of her powerful husband

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  • Talk of a man scorned that’s Jonathan Moyo. Zimbabwe will be a great nation again

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  • It’s so sad that G40 cabal have always seen and taken it like 1% of the population is the majority ignoring the 99% as minority. Shame kwazvo 😡

    • Not G40 only all ZANU PF

    • True that Philip Toyiwa.

    • You can say that again

    • Absolutely true

    • Is mnangagwa a saint all of a sudden?

    • very true

    • Certainly not Tandolwnkosi Gumbo, but the fact that he recognised us as “citizens ” for a fraction of a moment when Zimbabweans were languishing & yearning to be heard or recognised as a people. Me for one, it warmed my heart at that chilling, cold, freezing moment & I’ll live to embrace that moment for as long as I shall live ufunge. I am not an ED fun or a zanoid by the way, am just an ordinary citizen who was dying to be recognised as a person by those who are supposed to protect me. It may sound cliche or petty but hey, it’s those little things that makes the world go round for some of us ufunge.

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  • Speak for yourself. Which would accept a self seeking Dr cables to become president. Those were delusions of grandeur.

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  • jono ,CME again a wat ,didn’t u see the multi million march of anti Grace protester across Zimbabwe to celebrate her goings ,wakuzotibhihwa

  • The majority that liked her, liked her coz they knew she was creating an environment that was going to see her hubby resign.

  • Well run your mouth until the cock crows ,who cares.Just a reminder you were the brains behind the thsolotso decralation because you had seen the potential in the current kutonga kwaro , president.For the love of money you jumbed to the sinking ship called g40 and of course you failed, now you pondering your next move in exile.zviroto zviroto jonhso wake up and smell the coffee.

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  • He thinks,so don’ t blame him for his backwards thinking,but the truth is only those who were benefiting were behind her ,the rest not but choice

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  • Uyo wemusoro dende needs a mental health check up.Its the opposite of what he is saying.No one wanted to see that greedy bitch in power.If what he believes in is true then show up and defende yourself in court.

  • this is a completely delusional professor suffering from a severe case of hallucinations

  • I’m not a supporter of Grace but your headline is far from being the truth, if one did listen to what Jona was saying, it’s fair to say it was all truth about what happened and where we are now as a nation.

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  • Svorai

    This is hogwash.

    • Saxton

      Is Jonathan really sane or is he possessed by Joseph Gobbels spirit? This man is a total disgrace to humanity at large. So he wanted to force his idea of Grace taking over as a better option.

      • He is the one sane

        I think he is saying she was the best of the worst lot.
        Manje makairasa.
        Jonso is smart Had GM taken over it was going to be dead easy for the opposition to do her , even without an election.
        Zvakafanana nekudzi sarudzai team yamurikuda kutamba nayo bhora , ine midfield isingagoni kukava , kana kuti ine midfield mhitsa dzinepfuti..ukaswedera mudhuze unopfurwa.
        It has proven something ….ma ZIMBO akapesana pfungwa. No Tsvangirai ? , there is EM and the military in there for a good ten years in power.

        • Rwendo

          Sane, you have hit the nail on the head. People celebrated this coup without looking at the total picture, just as they celebrated the GNU of 2008. And as with the GNU, there will be an economic improvement… as Zanu PF retrenches.

          • Kadzaha

            I disagree with u. Who was going to remove Mugabe because G40 wanted him to rule even from the grave. What we only need is someone who can move the country forward. If ED delivers then nothing wrong. Do you think Giresi would have been a better option arresting people for laughing at Mugabe or criticising him. Mugabe never cared about POVHO. 10 years without clean water the whole country is a joke. He never walked on streets to see how pple were living basa kungo driver around ne motorcade achirapisa mhuri ku Singapore iwe neni tichimama. Mugabe’s removal was long overdue. The man was tired. Kungoshandisiswa nana Jonathan Moyo. Kuzvarwa uchingoziva 1 president dzamara unofa. I think both ways G40 or Locaste we were still being roasted.

  • I don’t blame him.they lived in their own virtual Zimbabwe where the minority was the majority.hence their current predicament

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  • We re not a cursive nation but big head Jonso s statements make us the more mad….imagine how Grace was despised even by the clergy….now this theory laden desolate excuse of a professor goes on a tirade ushering such lies.you are not a kingmaker here in Zim …..come back and face the music you do the vocals whilst Grace does the music ….loser!

  • You think? Then you are indeed crazy

  • Very simple. I don’t think there is nothing which precludes them from forming a new political party. The ‘majority’ they are talking about will bring them back to power.

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    • No one can empower anyone people should empower themselves and prove to the government that they don’t need them. Kuwukura is not the way forward even if a new government comes in it will still be the same like Tsvangirai who had to fence a post for his relative.

    • Shame to Jona,

  • Form your own party zimbabwe is a democratic county

  • We thank the minority military and the minority who marched country wide

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  • If gire has the majority then why not forming your own party so you come back into power soonest since you have the majority jonso must be smoking some weed from mars

  • As long as we take sides ,zimbabwe we never develop becoz if they were targeting criminals surrounding the president mugabe ,why does chiwenga ws made the vp of this country ,it a clear coup guys ,yes we do need mugabe to resign due to his age bt the constitution must be respected ,let us all remove this zanu pf government n start a new zimbabwe

    • Not forgetting obert??

    • True that becoz he ws minister of mines so ndiwe munhu wacho kt kutsvaga mbavha dzisina mari

    • Did Mugabe respect thr constitution?

    • No that why he ws removed bt this new government must pave way for a new democratic election ,do u think if this guys lost election they will accept defeat ?

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    • The coup was done in favour of zanu pf

    • vincent playmaker you are correct this chiwenga is very cruel is the same guy who helped mugabe to remain in power when MDC won the elections because he knew that he wanted to be a leader pasinaye nevatsigiri vake

    • vincent playmaker you are correct this chiwenga is very cruel is the same guy who helped mugabe to remain in power when MDC won the elections because he knew that he wanted to be a leader pasinaye nevatsigiri vake

  • I watched that whole clip, Jonathan Moyo made a lot of sense on that interview. Simple question is- who’s more evil between Jonathan Moyo and Emerson Mnangagwa?

    • Its Jonathan Moyo


    • Then you wonder why we are the poorest economy in the world

    • Its Jonathan Moyo

    • Sense is subjective! He made sense to you, which is pretty good.

    • Johnso is more than devil himself

    • BBC mentioned that they have not heard or seen Mugabe since the coup? Any of you guys who’ve seen him?

    • Ask security personal who guard him they will tell you Bobo is okay and fine.

    • I would like to disagree with you in a chilled mature way .. no insults…. JONSO was part of a Zanu pf gvt that rigged elections so he too was practically not elected and their gvt was not really an elected one …. they also performed atrocities and now that system he used to get his dirty work done is cleaning house and he feels hard done by… the fact that he can say the minority didnt like Grace mugabe meant that he is very arrogant and stupid at the same time with a touch of insanity… Jono is jus sad that he isnt the one in control but what happened to him is exactly what happened to many people when Gono started targetting people in the banking sector when these guys had power they made so many people flee and threatened their lives… his daughter had a chance to OD on drugs while other peoples kids cant afford to pay fees because of the economic climate they created while looting … he was asked what Mugabes legacy was and he couldnt answet that you cnt talk of challenges in 37years of power… the fact is infrastructure is largely Rhodesian the zimbabwean gvt under bob jus took stuff and made their lives better so there is no way in hell Jono should come out and act like a victim…. hw many times did they beat up tsvangirai n mdc personnel and peddle false news zbc used to report a whole lot of nonsense cause they censored the press mainly under his tenure and they called him the spin doctor cause of stuff like tht…. this guy is no victim he is a corrupt official that was disgraced and jilted and wanted to remain in power to enjoy the privilege of being a top Zanu pf official so he can abuse office and not have to face imprisonment for his transgressions

    • The question is who is more “POSA” Jonso or ED and the answer issssssssss JO………

    • Jonso is the devil he is the architecture of all our problems, from the days of Hondo ye minda when he made sure Draconian laws that he promulgated were made law eg Aippa, Posa he also had a hand, 2008, he was the hand behind everything

    • God knows otherwise there is none if they all repented

  • Frog marching homeless,jobless people to rallies,giving them coarse salt and dried salted fish hampers then you say its majority😂😂,that’s insanity on your part Prof Msoro Bhangu.Mwana semari yeZupco,yamakauraya

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  • Jonso, u can waffle all u want but the truth is haulume futi. why do u make noise as if u were the former President? Now we see how criminal u had angled on this state. Kwira pamsoro pegomo nothing will change plz!

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  • Like all mad people Jonathan lives in his own mad fantasy world far from reality no wonder his surprising utterances

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  • A minority of the ones around him.

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  • Ijaha leNkabazwe

    Uyabheda Jonathan Moyo .If Grace is loved by the majority ask her to walk along first street in Harare without guards and see what happens. That woman was/is a mere Gold Digger maybe you were even……with her

    • Yedwa

      No do not waste your time on him, he is seeking martyrdom, if you kill him he will then falsely vindicated. Let him wallow in the mud eventually people will get tired of his carnival barking and walk off. If you listened to his bbc interview he actually trapped himself by saying he is proud to have served under Bob. Meaning he is only in it for himself. He ended up arguing with the host and he trip over his message a few times especially when he was asked what does he want to see done in Zimbabwe . He is really desperate. Leave him be.

  • Tsvagayi munhu varume

  • That is trash ,

  • My advise to JM is that no fugitive is more clever than the majority. You claim to be sophisticated but you are the opposite. To blame ED and fail to blame RGM for the so called atrocities in Matabeleland is the highest level of confusion and hypocrisy. In your interview, you were less convincing, jittery, and emotionally unstable. The flow, coherence, depth and skilfulness befitting a Prof was amiss. G-40 exaggerates your acumenship that is why you are in trouble. Attempting to mislead the audiences by misinterpreting the President and VP’s visit of MT’s residence shows that you have lost mental bearings. I think G-40 failed becoz of depending on such a pseudo-strategist. You ain’t see anything yet.

  • Jonathan Moyo is talking rubbish.. what about 2008 Tsvangirai won election

  • James Bond

    Uyu mupengo uyu

  • You’re so wrong, I wonder how you became a Professor

  • Aka kekusakweshwa nhowa mushe doesn’t want to expire from filthy politics

  • Chopenga

  • The likes of Dr Cables and Jonathan Moyo should all rally together and form a new party. I never really liked this Moyo guy but l liked the points he raised and the way he articulated himself. Mdc as an opposition party is becoming more and more irrelevant so new parties especially Zanu factions are a good thing.

  • Moyo your time is over, just shut up to be appreciated,the only thing left is to remove ZANU PF and have a fresh and new Zimbabwe

  • Kuda kupenga kwake ikokuya

  • come back home SIR


  • The interview was quite informative & eye opening. It seems there is a complex situation hmm…

  • Can smell bitterness and paranoia from the professor

  • Don’t forget kuti akuda bag rekutenga sadza so for that interview atopiwa bhijana

  • So he thinks having a big head makes him the ‘majority’?

  • Liked kupenga kwa Gire whilst she destroyed ZanuPf chete chete…and I still thank her for job well done 👏👏😂😂😂

  • Muchati Bhuu

    Just do the Kagame style and send some assasins to knock him out.The guy is garulous …he is very easy to locate.You just listen carefully to where too much noise is coming from.The fool has no ability to keep a low profile.

  • Kurwara chaiko

  • Achango wukura ago wukura Gware vachingo tonga vagotonga

  • Stupid stupid Jonathan. How dare you say that?

  • Am one of the minority prof

  • chirungu chiya chauya futi ini zvangu ini.minority zvinoreva ushoma here kana kuti uzhinji.

  • Sichupeti

  • Why does Jonathan always get things twisted all the time? The majority removed Mugabe who had been rulling by the bullet for over 30 years, lost elections through a ballot and refused to step down and the only way he could step down was though a coup.

  • Mbwayi ngaidzoke kumba varume chaivo vanachombo varikugomera varipo pamamonya ipapo

  • Sour grapes

  • LII

    This banana republic was created by the Disgraces Husband, Disgrace, their family and all those who are still bootlicking to get their way

  • A big lier Jonso.Iwe uchafira mujeri nenhema iwe Jonso

  • This mad ass Jonathan Moyo is sick delusional and confused beyond rehabilitation, who liked Grace Mugabe in Zimbabwe?

  • whatever charm this man was given by the then first family or grace in particular, the charm didn’t do him any good, it turned him into a dumb professor!

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  • Chikiti

    This is absolute insanity

  • You were ill adviced Jono.

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    Akamboti Mugabe haana kudonha ,saka maybe ndozvaari,seeing things which we do not see.

  • Minority!? Unotamba iwe

  • Always liying.

  • This gentleman is dreaming!

  • Msoro-Bhangu anopenga kkk

  • handiiti zvematongerwo enyika asi ndaiona interview paHardTalk on bbc vanovanzvunza mibvunzo vacho havazivi kubvunza senivo,,

  • Bullshit

  • Jonathan ndiwe wakaimbwa na cde chinx, Kwahi waruza iwe

  • Iwe nemukaszi wako nevana vako chete boy nevamwwwo bamaidya navo. Zimbabwe haisi garden musoro bhangu