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Zanu PF MP Psychology Maziwisa, former ZBC anchor Oscar Pambuka arrested

By Farirai Machivenyika and Lovemore Meya

Zanu PF MP for Highfield, Psychology Maziwisa and former ZBC News anchor Oscar Pambuka were yesterday arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) for fraud and are expected to appear in court today.

Highfield West Zanu PF MP Psychology Maziwisa seen here with President Robert Mugabe
Highfield West Zanu PF MP Psychology Maziwisa seen here with then President Robert Mugabe

ZACC principal public relations officer Ms Phyllis Chikundura confirmed the pair’s arrest.

“Maziwisa and Pambuka have been arrested today (yesterday) and are being detained at Avondale Police Station. They are expected to appear in Court 6 tomorrow (today),” said Ms Chikundura.

The two are facing charges of fraud involving $12 500 actual prejudice paid to them and $36 000 potential prejudice. This was after they wanted to offer public relations consultancy services to Zimbabwe Power Company through former Energy and Power Development Minister Undenge (Dr Samuel).

“They were given a contract to offer the services to Zesa yet it had a fully-fledged PR department. The pair was paid $12 500 and never returned it. They were also supposed to get a further $36 000, which was not given to them following an outcry.”

The pair’s lawyer Mr Jonathan Samukange said: “I can confirm their arrest. Actually, I accompanied them to ZACC where they were requested to come for interviews. They were arrested and were detained. They will appear in court tomorrow (today) for remand purposes.

“On the charges they are facing, I cannot comment. Just wait (for) when they appear in court.” ZACC commissioner in charge of investigations Mr Goodson Nguni also confirmed the arrests, but could not provide details. I can confirm that they have been arrested, but talk to their lawyer for further information,” he said.

Maziwisa and Mr Pambuka are directors of public relations firm, Fruitful Communications, that was hand-picked last year by Zesa Holdings to do public relations work for the power utility at the behest of former Energy and Power Development Minister Dr Samuel Undenge.

The two were hired despite the fact that Zesa Holdings has a fully fledged public relations department whose personnel are still on its payroll. The arrangement resulted in the power utility losing thousands of dollars as Zesa had to pay Fruitful Communications consultations fees at the same time paying its employees’ salaries. The Herald

  • Charges ?

  • How times quickly change!

  • Has the anti-corruption body been co-opted into Zanu PF factional battles. This is beyond worrying it’s patronising and disgusting

    • ALL bodies were alwasy influenced by Zanu PF one way or another the only difference here is … now some real thieves are seeing the harshness of the law and the system they created… #Ndikoko

  • Go deeper

  • Zanu Pf still in factional battles. Thats no anti corruption

    • even if its factional battles bt e allegatns ar very true & every1 even tom and dick knows that

    • Dai mafactions akaramba achiitika vanyatsobvarurana chaizvo this time they must destroy each other and disappear vese

  • Undenge has a lot to answer then

  • Everyone in zanu pf has stolen from Zimbabwe, Mugabe destroyed the rule of law and gave his cronies the greenlight to loot, what Zimbabweans should do is to concentrate on voting out of power this cancer called zanu pf which has destroyed our prestigious country, Zimbabwe

    • Uyazi cz if this cancer wins it will spread in our bodies then we suffer again for another 100 years

    • Well said. The new junta is effectively legitimizing corruption by turning the anti-corruption body into an accessory to settle Zanu PF faction fights. While it is ok to have Maziwisa locked up, it should nevertheless, not be used to blind side us from the mother of all corruption that saw $15bn vanish into thin air at Marange where Mnangagwa and Chiwenga were in charge. I do not think Zanu PF can reform or end corruption while it is still in power/ruling party

    • True, all this corruption weeding exercise is a futile one, the chief corrupt guys who are responsible for the disappearance of 15 billion are now in power, Zimbabweans are being taken for granted by these coup guys, they are a joke, they think they are gods since they have access to ammunition

  • Yeeees

  • High firidzi yanga yakatorerwa mdc nhai

  • vana Maziwisa politics hadzidi dzungu, u were too vocal kunge Grace aidada nemurume ane 94 yrs

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  • Yes mbavha dzirikusungwa but havasi kuenda kujeri why? Chatakuona ndechekuti if ZANU wins the forthcoming elections we not hear of these arrests anymore

  • Criminals around him

  • Rudairo Chitseko

  • Pambuka has been trying good journalism but I don’t know what went wrong with him.

  • Wen I had to listen to powertalk program on powefm by oscar I thought h was tt gd I never knew th other side of hm. H was a gd presenter and very analytic bt hey corruption corruption

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  • Aiwawo! Vachatibhowa nekutitambisa bhora risina mweya. Vari kungosungwa zvoperera ipapo pasina kuenda kujeri…..Nxa

  • Arrest that gay..

  • Ever since Mnangagwa took over, only lawyers has benefited from the new (old) government

  • Zvakahi kumagumo ndokunenyaya ,maiti kutamba kanhi..

  • ED must be arrested 1st

  • Sibonile Maposa dzimufesi dzasungwa ne2million jobs dzedu

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  • Imagine guys they are arresting small thieves and leaving overt mpofu chinamasa nana khaya moyo big sharks in stealing why

  • I am not a lawyer

  • KKKKKKK Pambuka used to give the blame to police while he was also involved in corruption. Let him feel the heat.

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  • about time

  • ….they were given a contract by ZPC for PR…they dont have a case to answer because its not a faud.some1 from ZPC must answer instead

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  • #WicknellChivayo boasts irreproachableness

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  • Nobody has been locked in jail since these ZACC news,Arrested, Arrested but tomorrow it will be bail.You are playing with our ears nxaa

    • You go to court for trial first if found guilty the go to jail. You can apply for bail or appeal to prolong the time of freedom

    • True, they take people for granted, i dont know whether this corruption weeding is a fundraising programme for courts to get money thru bails or what, someone help me understand please

    • That’s the law

  • Operation restore legacy

  • Mhmmmm corruption had gotten to a certain level that is unimaginable….and again on ZESA haaaaa Undenge must rot in jail…

  • Are there any convictions yet??? Tired of just the arrests that give me hope. It’s payback time. I do… https://t.co/HVIf5V6zyi

  • Pane someone akati jona is still trying to destroy the party from within l think he is prospering coz ZANU yaparar guys

  • Victims of Zanu pf factional lines

  • # operation restore regacy.kkkk kangito kaye kakuchino pedzerwa mujeri

  • # operation restore regacy.kkkk kangito kaye kakuchino pedzerwa mujeri

  • Mugabe allowed this corruption to be done by everyone and he was the head of corruption in all ministries. He was the Command Thief and his wife and relatives

    • Ndinemubvunzo , ungaziva here humbavha hunenge Huri mumusoro memhunhu
      even ED can face the same challenge , we then turn around toti ndiye . Mbavha imbavha kusvika yatobatwa . Another ministry should be adopted in Zim
      Commission of enquiry . This will clear any President

  • Psychology??I have heard of funny names but this one takes the cake lol!

  • Muchisiya Obert Mpofu who owns half of bwyo hazviite. Vharirai vose

  • There is nothing transparent about these arrests…

  • Augustine Chihuri was the greatest idiot who sat on his hands for over 20yrs

  • Uphambuke ngaliphi uPambuka bakithi..heyi abantu bayaphambuka mpela..

  • So are you trying to say Lacoste ministers are not corrupt ED vakadhakwa kare

  • The question is did they offer any service to zesa. If they did how is it fraud

  • to think Maziwisa was once Mugabe’s fiercest critic,until he sold his soul for a plot, i hope he gets to taste the unsanitary corridors of chikurubhi, …

  • ivo vachasungwawo neMDC manje manje yakutonga. lacotse vs g40

  • Mxxxxxxxxxxxxxm that fucken Mugabe was a nonsense coz all of pple who worked under him were up to corruption not development which means he was a president of protecting corruption he deserved to be hanged fuckoff

  • Ths is a none stop operation

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