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Driver crashes stolen car, jailed

By Nothabo Nyathi

A Khanondo Safaris employee in Victoria Falls has been jailed for eight months after he was involved in an accident driving a stolen company car. Thubelihle Ntini (29) of number 4917 Chinotimba, who is employed as a driver, stole the company’s Mercedes Benz and was involved in an accident along Mkhosana Main Street.

Ntini appeared before Victoria Falls magistrate Ms Rangarirai Gakanje charged with use of a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent and driving without due care and attention. He pleaded guilty only to the first charge saying he lost control of the car by mistake.

“I admit I took the car without permission but I was driving with care when my hand slipped into the steering causing me to lose control of the vehicle. It was a mistake, I didn’t intend to cause the accident,” said Ntini

He showed the court his injured arm which he said was hurt by the steering causing him to lose control of the car.

The magistrate convicted and sentenced Ntini to nine months in prison for both charges.

“Five months is suspended on condition you do not commit similar offences in five years. The remaining four months are suspended on condition the accused performs to 140 hours of community service at the Victoria Falls Magistrate Court,” she said.

The court heard that on December 24, Ntini who was at the Victoria Falls International Airport, took and drove the Mercedes Benz to Victoria Falls town without the owner’s consent and was involved in an accident.

Prosecuting Mr Listen Nare said Ntini is a holder of a valid driver’s licence and was not injured in the accident. The vehicle sustained frontal damages.

Ntini was suspended from his job at Khanondo Safaris. The Chronicle

  • Tashinga Karl Masiiwa

    Itype zemafongo,ukufuna ukubukwa ngento ezingasozakho…..kube ufile ke? Uyabe utshontshe ukufa kwakho bra

  • This is just morally not fair. Khanondo Safaris is owned by Obert Mpofu. This is not the way he should treat the community that he serves. The guy worked for him driving these same vehicles that are used as car rentals. These same guys make use of the fleet when they go home and work. They make use of vehicles that are not booked for rental. Just because it’s a Mercedes Benz and it was involved in an accident while being driven by a fleet driver, things have to be complicated because he was doing something personal without an assignment by supervisor. I guarantee, this was not his first time to drive it doing something like this and he was not the first one. Because of an accident, they have to claim it as stollen. What will they get? He is gonna serve in prison and lost his job at the same time. This is just an act of an angry boss otherwise the jail time squares up the damages while the company repairs it through their insurance. If they were smart enough, they could had just let him work while they deduct a certain amount to make him pay deductable for the insurance. In this context, they lose both in vehicle repairs and employee.

    • thus why ED blocked ZACC from arresting Obert Mpofu coz of corruption.bt God is for us all its only a matter of time

    • True bro Elvis Kandawasvika