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‘Dad sodomises own son’

By Codelia Mondela

A man from Bulawayo has appeared in court for allegedly sodomising his 10-year-old son on several occasions. A court heard that the man allegedly ordered his son to do the same to him.

Bulawayo magistrate Ms Sharon Rosemani did not ask the man to plead when he appeared before her facing charges of aggravated indecent assault on Friday.

Ms Rosemani remanded him out of custody on $100 bail to January 18.

Prosecuting, Mr Nkathazo Dlodlo alleged that the man sodomised his son in 2016.

“On several occasions on unknown dates he would allegedly hold his son’s buttocks. He would insert his penis into the minor’s bottom and mouth,” he said.

In a statement, the minor said his father came home drunk and slept on their bedroom floor. He said his father waited till his 12-year-old brother fell asleep and allegedly sodomised him.

“He would tell me to insert my organ into his anus and his mouth,” the minor said.

The minor said he kept the matter a secret and revealed it on December 30 last year when his mother asked if he had been abused by anyone.

Last month, a security guard who was accused of sodomising a seven-year-old pupil inside Mckeurtan Primary School’s boys’ toilets was found not guilty and acquitted.

Mr Peter Shumba (69) had been accused of grabbing the minor by the neck when he was on his way home from school.

It was alleged that he had taken him back to the school’s boys’ toilets and sodomised him.

Bulawayo regional magistrate Mr Crispen Mberewere discharged him after the State failed to prove a prima facie case against him. The Chronicle

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