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Bulawayo boy strikes gold in the UK

By Andile Tshuma

A 16-year-old Zimbabwean boy based in the United Kingdom has struck gold after popular artiste Will.I.Am from the group Black Eyed Peas offered him a recording contract.

Donel Mangena

The offer to Donel Mangena was made live on television following a performance that got a standing ovation on the British talent show series The Voice UK.And as a cherry on the top his grandmother, identified as Ms Nita, who raised him in Bulawayo earlier on in his life stole the show with her dance moves celebrating her grandson’s triumph.

This was after a bidding war had erupted between a panel of judges who included Will.I.Am, R&B singer Jennifer Hudson, English singer Olly Murs and Grammy Award winning artiste Sir Tom Jones.

Will.I.Am said he was calling the record company as soon as Donel chooses his team.

“You’ve got me for however long you want me in your life, forget this show. I’m calling the record company and if you are in, we are on,” said Will.I.Am much to the boy’s and his family’s amusement.

After the overtures Mangena decided to join Will.I.Am’s camp after being offered to tour the world with his crew.

“I want to tour the world, that’s my dream for now, I want to travel,” said Mangena to the team of judges after one of them asked about his wishes.Mangena gave credit to his family, particularly his father, whom he described as very supportive of his dream.

“My dad is supportive of my dream and always tells me that I can be what I want to be if I believe in myself.

He even built a studio next to his workshop at our backyard. I will always be grateful also to my grandmother who believes in me.

I had a great childhood staying with her back in Zimbabwe and she was always there for me, I have a huge, gigantic soft spot for my grand mum,” he said.

After busting some moves, Ms Nita said she was overjoyed that her grandson had succeeded at the auditions and could not hold herself.

“I’m just happy with my grandson, he is well behaved and he does so well at school despite his music passion. He balances it very well and I’m just a proud granny,” she said. The Chronicle

  • Your headline is so misleading to such extend that his family in bulawayo probably rubbing hands with… https://t.co/hMo2B3n2yV

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    pasi nezanu pf

  • Hz nt a zimbo hz British born in The UK. Saka musazvifadze

    • Zimbabwean by descent. He stated on the show that he spent a year or so in Zim coz his parents wanted him to know more about Zimbabwe. Both countries allow dual citizenship.

    • Bt we cnt brag hz a zim. Apa maybe hz evn lying kt he spent a year. Pamwe I holiday badzi

    • If Kenyans celebrated Obama why can’t we celebrate a lad who even sang in Ndebele on a British talent show. He is a Zimbabwean

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    • He will remain a Zimbabwean descendent non-theless & we will embrace him as such 👏👏👏

    • Yowee nhai, regardless of how many generations as immigration, ethnicity and nationality will never change. He will forever be a hyphenated citizen. So yeah! He’s Zimbabwean.

    • Tell them Mavusanie,,,infact the whole Africa celebrated

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  • Zimbabwe have a talent

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  • Muchati Bhuu

    Good good good.Well done boy!!

  • A good looking lad – well done!

  • HRH Perfect Pat waMADMAX

    So you see Zim diaspora is not all about bum cleaning people chase after their dreams you know .Congratulations young man .

  • worried_zimbo

    congratulations young man, you boy, something refreshing this morning, travel the world.

  • I juc wish it was me man

  • Bulawayo’s got talent 🙂

  • Tasvika Sesfikile

    The father is “Mangesto” (check you tube). A Top Music (House & Kwaito) producer and singer in his heydays. We supporting you Donel (Probably named after RnB Singer Donel Jones). MaZimba Tasvika ! Sesfikile ! This boy is gonna be our Davido or Whizkid ! Just to let fellow maZimba know kuti in UK don’t believe the hype that we are all ”Geza machembere”

  • Svirister

    Good luck .Down to earth lad who knows his roots

  • Go Go Mangena.. Bangene baba.. Well done Boy.. Xx

  • Go Go Mangena.. Bangene baba.. Well done Boy.. Xx

  • razor blade

    Well done Donel. Something refreshing away from the Zanu trash!!