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Wilbert Mukori: Did Mnangagwa and Tsvangirai discuss matters of national interest?

By Wilbert Mukori

Politicians are like cats they growl when they fight and they growl even louder when they are making love. So, what was the purpose behind President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s visit to MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s home and who initiated the visit?

Elizabeth and Morgan Tsvangirai seen here with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga
Elizabeth and Morgan Tsvangirai seen here with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga

“The Daily News reports that the meeting was at the MDC leader’s request,” to answer the question.

“Tsvangirai had been eager to meet with Mnangagwa to discuss the way forward on elections and the worsening economic plight.”

Tsvangirai left his SA hospital bed in a huff last year in November following the coup that forced Mugabe to resign. He did not condemn the coup because he wanted to be friends with Mnangagwa, Chiwenga and the rest of coup plotters.

He wanted them to agree to the formation of a government of national unity in which, he would be given a prominent role, possibly his Prime Minister position of the last GNU. 

The big carrot to Mnangagwa and his coup cabal in Tsvangirai’s proposal was that MDC will support the postponement of the elections by two or three years on the ground the unity government needed time to prepare for free, fair and credible elections. The argument was that Mugabe had done nothing to prepare the nation for free and fair elections.

What Tsvangirai was conveniently ignoring was that the coup was an internal power struggle within Zanu PF; the Mnangagwa faction, which had emerged victorious, was as much a Zanu PF government as the Mugabe’s administration. It will be nonsensical for President Mnangagwa to argue that ZEC was not ready to produce a verified voters’ roll, for example, when as VP and Minister of Justice in Mugabe’s government it was his responsibility to supervise ZEC.

Mnangagwa and the coup plotters had insisted before the coup that they represented the real Zanu PF and the coup was to take power away from the “criminal elements surrounding the President Mugabe”. The fact that the plotters wanted Mugabe himself to resign too is a finer point they hoped no one would notice.

President Mnangagwa’s administration was a Zanu PF government there to service the remaining term of Mugabe’s five-year term. Of course, the incoming President Mnangagwa was free to invite anyone he wished to join him in his new government but what he could not do is extend his stay in office. Zimbabwe was due to hold fresh elections by the end of July 2018, at the latest, and it would be a serious breach of the constitution to postpone the elections under some fanciful pretext.

It is nonsensical to hope that the unity government Tsvangirai was proposing would implement any meaningful democratic reforms this time when it is the same Zanu PF and MDC leaders who failed to implement even one reform in the five years of the 2008 to 2013 GNU.

Tsvangirai’s “way forward” last November was nothing more than a desperate pitch for him and a few other MDC leaders to get back on the gravy train for another two or three years. He wanted President Mnangagwa to unconstitutionally postpone the elections, something that not even the tyrant Mugabe had never done; short changing the Zimbabwe electorate for no gain. One can only imagine what way forward Tsvangirai was proposing now!

“Highly-placed sources familiar with the visit said the meeting was conducted in a friendly atmosphere so much that one would have confused it for an engagement among brothers,” continued the report.

“They said Tsvangirai’s visitors pledged to materially support the frail opposition leader in his battle with cancer, which has drained the family’s savings.”

Just as I had feared; Tsvangirai had initiated the meeting supposedly to discuss “way forward on elections and the worsening economic plight”, matters of national interest; in reality all he wanted to talk about is what President Mnangagwa would do for him in return for MDC’s continued cooperation with Zanu PF. No doubt, Tsvangirai had a similar meeting with Mugabe to discuss the “cooperation” between the two leaders and parties during GNU.

As we know, Robert Mugabe granted Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends all the trappings of offices; the ministerial limos, generous salaries, a $4 million mansion for Tsvangirai himself, etc., etc.

MDC leaders showed their appreciation by kicking the democratic reforms into the prickly pear thicket. Not even the repeated nagging by the SADC leaders, who were the guarantor of the GPA, would get Tsvangirai to implement even one reform and upset Mugabe.

Tsvangirai would insist to this day, indeed will swear on his dying bed, that he has always put the interests of the Zimbabwe people above his own personal interests. Of course, MDC sold-out during the GNU. MDC leaders had readily overlooked the coup was treasonous act, hoping they will have a share of the spoils. Tsvangirai is not interested in making sure the country holds free, fair and credible elections, the pre-requisite to meaningful economic recovery; all he cares about is what would President Mnangagwa pay him for playing ball!

President Mnangagwa and his cabal are smarting from the coup, they know it was a treasonous act; they all know the regime is illegal. The last thing they want is to compound their situation by failing to hold free, fair and credible elections. President Mnangagwa has promised free and fair elections and yet has done nothing to implement even one meaningful democratic reforms to make that possible.

The key coup plotters have all been rewarded with promotions in the Army and in government with more rewards lined up for the future. For example, President Mnangagwa is to serve as president for one or two terms and then hand over to VP Chiwenga. Of course, none these Zanu PF thugs would not risk their position and future prospect by holding free and fair elections is a luxury all Zanu PF leaders know the party cannot afford because they will lose the elections.

So, President Mnangagwa and his cabal are caught between a rock and the deep blue sea in that the need to hold free and fair elections to earn their legitimacy but risk losing their new found political power is the hold such elections. The way out is to bribe the opposition participate in the flawed and illegal elections to give the process the modicum of credibility – just as Mugabe has done for the July 2013 elections.

“Mnangagwa also undertook to look into the MDC leader’s long-standing grievances about his outstanding pension, accrued when he was prime minister in the inclusive government between 2009 and 2013,” continued the report.

“It will not be the first time that Tsvangirai has been assisted by his rivals in Zanu PF.

“Under Mugabe’s regime, Tsvangirai received about $70 000 to pay for his medical expenses.

“Sources said Mnangagwa repeated his commitment during his meeting with Tsvangirai that the forthcoming polls would be free and fair, and even pledged to work closely with the opposition in the event that he is re-elected.”

Even if ZEC failed to produce something as basic as a verified voters’ roll for the coming elections, that will not stop Tsvangirai and his MDC friends contesting this year’s elections regardless how flawed and illegal the process happens to be. I will leave the reader to make his or her own conclusion whether Mnangagwa and Tsvangirai discussed matters of national interest or of mutual interest, whether the cats were fighting or making love!

Of course, Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends have lost all political credibility, they stopped representing the public interest when they first took the bribes to forget implementing the democratic reforms. This year’s elections are about implementing the democratic reforms and holding free, fair and credible elections. Zanu PF must not be allowed to get away with yet another sham election just because Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends have sold-out once again!

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  • Mnangagwa didn’t go there representing the country, he went on his personal capacity. Anyway, state and government business is discussed at government offices and srate house

    • If it were in his personal capacity why then the whole press and cameras?

    • The press stalked him. Did you want them to kick them away. As long as you are the president, you are always stalked

  • Nxaa hauna nyaya iwe. Majaira politics dza Robert. Unovhunza purpose ye visit when its clear kuti vanga vanoona munhu arikurwara.

    • It will take time for some people to appreciate such a humane gesture because people are used to rotten Bob’s politics of division and hatred

    • It will take time for some people to appreciate such a humane gesture because people are used to rotten Bob’s politics of division and hatred

    • Taura hako bro. People are used to Bob’s reign of terror.

    • Taura hako bro. People are used to Bob’s reign of terror.

  • It was just a social visit.

  • Iwe benzi iwe kuona murwere nezvenyika zvapindirana papi .

  • It was just a social visit

  • I dont care about the motive behind it all i care about is they are unique nd they are showing good signs of leadship…..what we need is a better zimbabwe the motive behind what and what…..i like what they did….#betterthanmugabe

  • You stupid idiot admin,you are just like a fart.You know the kind of fart I am talking about loud,but not smelly enough to to offend.

  • Vnongogwauta hmushaikwe

  • ko maZanu ese arikusungwa zvaarikumiririrwa nemaMDC lawyer, unobva wazvishsaya APA ndovaipenga vachiti hsvasungwe then vosungwa vondovamiririra kuramba mhosva kkkkk

  • NONSENSE !!!! Do u not visit yr sick relatives ? Usada kumwaya tsito mumukaka . Chakanaka chakanaka mukaka haurungwi munyu

  • Do you want us the readers to answer you? We do not care because your news has of late been full of foolish stuff

  • critical issues first the man needs medical attention more than zvematongerwe enyika izvi

  • Pple must nt say all those insults instead read the story carefully

  • Stupidest question I have ever heard!!! Tht man is sick and do u, out of right sense, ask such? What joy do you have when people hate each other

  • This was to show the country how frail and ill MT is!! God go punish u

  • U were so accustomed to Gushungo s politics of hate zvekuti u nw being annoyed ne an act of kindness. Ana nehanda u are very shallow. Brotherly love is what we missed for 37 years

  • U were so accustomed to Gushungo s politics of hate zvekuti u nw being annoyed ne an act of kindness. Ana nehanda u are very shallow. Brotherly love is what we missed for 37 years

  • Nhai Wilbert kwenyu hamuoni varwere ?

  • Nhai Wilbert kwenyu hamuoni varwere ?

  • Politics is just a money making act, at the end of the day eating on the same table.They are together


  • ncxaaa stop it

  • They are Human when a Brother is not feeling visit him and encourage him this will make him fee l better.

  • A very stupid question indeed…media irikuita kunonzi kutsvaga uta nemugate

  • There was no motive hapana asiri kuziva kuti Morgan is sick…humanity over politics

  • Wilbert, I have known you to be a better thinker than this academic obssession with slanging Tsvangirai when you know that Mbeki sold him down river.

  • You saw them ask them why consulting fb mates

  • You saw them ask them why consulting fb mates

  • Is it that if u r going to see sick people u go wth cameras rubbish move

  • Is it that if u r going to see sick people u go wth cameras rubbish move

  • Gud question indeed,diz 2 are playing politics game smarter ther wnt 2 win our hearts and our votes ther pretend as if ther care,Zanu pf is behind Tsvangirai’s illness ther treated him so badly diz past 2 decades.

  • It’s nice sometimes ppl to visit one another not politic politic

  • Pedro Gorosviba

    Well written! I also wondered why Morgen left his hospital bed in Nov, like he had solutions, only to show up endorsing a coup, kkkkkkkk. Now he looks worse than he was in Nov because he disrupted his meedication, the therapy process, and has to start anew. I really don’t get it. Like TB, some of these processes should not be disrupted

    • Nomusa Garikai

      We need free, fair and credible elections and as long as there are opposition parties who are prepared to contest flawed and illegal elections then Zanu PF will have the excuse to resist implementing the reforms.

  • Do you need binoculars to see Mr Tsvangirai is not well, if they don’t visit vaneutsinye and when they do you become suspicious munodei? Lol

  • Nomusa Garikai

    Apparently some hardliner Zanu PF members wanted Tsvangirai booted out of the $4 million Highlands mansion and President Mnangagwa has just accused him he will not be booted out.

    “To avoid losing the property, Tsvangirai had consistently referred intrusive Zanu PF hawks to Mugabe, who made sure the MDC leader continued to enjoy his full rights to the property. Following the change of guard at Munhumutapa Building, it was feared that Tsvangirai could lose the property as part of the so-called Operation Restore Legacy spearheaded by the military and whose biggest casualty has been Mugabe, who was forced to resign last November,” said one report.

    “The new administration has, however, come to the defence of the MDC leader, saying he was not going anywhere.”

    For the record, Tsvangirai got the mansion as reward for doing nothing about implementing the democratic reforms during the GNU. Not even the SADC leaders managed to get MDC to implement the reforms although they did put the pressure.

    No wonder SADC leaders complained of “MDC leaders enjoying themselves and forgetting why they were in the GNU for”, in sheer frustration!

    The failure by many Zimbabweans to see Tsvangirai and his MDC friends for the corrupt, incompetent and sell-out they are is one of the reasons why the country is still in this mess. Tsvangirai & co. not only wasted the golden opportunity to effect meaningful democratic change by failing to implement the reforms during the GNU but is doing so now by contesting in flawed elections.

    • Guranyanga


    • Emmanuel Moyo

      Imba yakakurwadzai iyi. So after being prime minister for 5 years, he was supposed to go away empty handed when ministers whom he was supervising are given ministerial cars? Maybe you do not have an appreciation of how lofty the office of prime minister is and to expose our ignorance we go on to comment about issues we do not know. How many know what the agreement was when Tsvangirai was given the house?

      • Nomusa Garikai

        What makes you think Tsvangirai did not keep his PM limo?

        Tsvangirai and his MDC friends got the limos, mansions, farms, etc. as a bribe so they will forget implementing the reforms. These guys sold-out. Judas Iscariot gave back the 30 pieces of silver and hanged himself for betraying Jesus. These MDC guys betrayed the nation and instead of asking them to give the bribes to the poor and hang themselves you want them to not only keep their bribes but also want the victims to give the traitors bonuses. How idiotic is that!

        • Emmanuel Moyo

          farms? what they git is what every minister in Zim is entitled to. As for farms that’s far-fetched and cheap propaganda. Name one farm you know that was given to MDC leaders

  • Kuno one murwere

  • I suggest you call ED,or Tsvangirai wonatso bvunza kuti vaimbonastso taura nezvei ,coz non of us here were there,next

  • Wilbert,when u visit ur sick friend in hospital do u discuss business ,politics etc or u encourage the sick to get outa death bed?

  • being an opposition member doesnt mean that whenever u are sick only opposition supporters are allowed to see the sick no no everyone has a right of freedom of association. ED doesnt go there without permission from Tsvangirai thats not the case and do u read who welcomed them so what the fuss about. Even Job Sikhala told pple that no one is allowed to see him unless u get permission from him Tsvangirai

  • That visit was one of the greatest move for the past years. A sign of Love and Care, brotherhood you name it. A lot happened on that day, some of which you can’t be told. A lot of things are happening some you will never come to know. Those Elders are a Great Pair. Weldone Shumba, weldone VP. You have set a tone for the shallow minded.

    • People of zim got united on the day of the solidarity march so hw can our leaders ignore someone who responded to their call?

  • Ask Chamisa he can give u the correct answer

  • To have diffirent opinion does not mean yu are enemies Weldone ED for showing love to your fellow countryman

  • I think vaida kuratidza vanhu kuti vaone kuti Tswangirai arikuenderera mberi achingo rwarwa nd vanhu vozoregera kumuvotera .

  • A better Zimbabwe
    political parties are simply different point of views or angles which one is seeing

  • After their visit, Tsvangira flew to
    South africa for medical treatment.
    It was a visit of those on the throne wishing well one aspiring the throne.

  • It was done so that you analysts can have another day as analysts rekuvukura.

  • Messi watch Ronaldo is other matches to see Wat kind of opposition he have. They were there to see how fast their threat in 2018 election is deteriorating on his health .so that they can plan whether to have a violent election or not. But after the visit I see ngwena smiling and saying .all is well my comrades

  • S-O-C-I-A-L. V-I-S-I-T

  • They went there to bewitch him!!kkkkk. Shallow politics, above all else they are Zimbabweans and brothers.

  • They were tired of rumours,they wanted to see him live

  • You cnt knw my man but its their own secret

  • Fox

    Each time this Wilbert Mukori guy writes he screams about MDC’s failure to implement democratic reforms during the GNU, on the while sipping whiskey in foreign lands. I don’t know why he is so mad about those reforms. Maybe he was promised something, a wife or something.His obsession with so called reforms is just surprising. He must understand the political environment in which the MDCT was operating relative to ZANU PF and Mugabe’s belligerence. But alas, he is blind to all that. He doesn’t realize that the new constitution is a product of the GNU, together with many other seemingly less important but consequential reforms implemented during the GNU.

    • wilbert

      Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends were elected on the ticket to deliver democratic changes including the changes to ensure free, fair and credible elections. In all their 18 years in politics MDC have failed to implement even one democratic reform this is why Zanu PF was able to blatantly rig Zimbabwe’s 2013 elections.

      Mugabe bribed Tsvangirai and company with the trappings of high office; the limos, generous salary, a $4 million mansion for Tsvangirai, etc. They took the bribes and kicked the reforms into the prickly pear thicket. They sold-out and all you talk of Zimbabwe’s “political environment in which the MDCT was operating relative to ZANU PF and Mugabe’s belligerence” is nonsense.

      I have left Zimbabwe, and frankly count myself among the lucky ones who did because I will be counting myself, if I was still luck to be still alive, among the unemployed and living on US$1.00 or less a day. My heart bleeds for all the millions of innocent Zimbabweans whose lives is hell-on-earth because of the decades of gross mismanagement, rampant corruption and murderous oppression by the few to gratify their insatiable greed for power and wealth.

      The tragic human suffering in Zimbabwe is a man-made tragedy and therefore it is within the powers of ordinary mortals like you and me to find the solution. I subscribe to the notion that it is the duty of every Zimbabwean be they in Zimbabwe or outside to do their best in helping find a solution and steer the nation out of this nightmare.

      You are right, I am “mad” about MDC’s failure to implement the democratic reforms because I KNOW that was the nation’s golden opportunity to end the Zanu PF dictatorship. I KNOW without implementing the reforms this year’s elections will be rigged and the nation dragged deeper and deeper into this hell-on-earth Zanu PF landed us into.

      I also KNOW that there are fools like you, Fox, who have no clue what is going on, you do not know what the reforms are about, you has failed to get your head round the mountain of evidence on the subject. You are brain dead. Alas, like all mentally challenged people, you think yourself wise than King Solomon himself and, worse still, you have the vote. Of course, it is naive and gullible idiots like you who have made it possible for corrupt, incompetent and murderous tyrants like Mugabe to thrive. Even a village idiot like Tsvangirai has bamboozled you with easy!

      The solution to Zimbabwe’s tragic man-made problems is getting an electorate smart enough to see and admit the present political system has failed with so many nincompoops like you Fox around that is proving a bridge too far. Zimbabwe is cursed to have corrupt and incompetent leaders but that is nothing compared to the millions of very articulate idiots like you fox fuming at all Zimbabweans “sipping whiskey in foreign lands” who care about the suffering of follow Zimbabweans back home! Your foolishness knows no bounds!

      • Emmanuel Moyo

        “Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends were elected on the ticket to
        deliver democratic changes including the changes to ensure free, fair
        and credible elections. In all their 18 years in politics MDC have
        failed to implement even one democratic reform this is why Zanu PF was
        able to blatantly rig Zimbabwe’s 2013 elections”. REALLY??? I voted for them and the reason why I voted was not what you listed above. I voted for them to take over from zanu pf not to implement reforms. You seem not to realize that opposition does not implement policy. When zanu pf was in opposition to Ian Smith’s government, did they deliver any reforms? Kwanaiwo kwete kungowawata!

      • Fox

        Of course you are sipping whiskey in foreign lands. Is that a lie? And of course you claim high intellectual ground based on facts you read in online news portals. That’s where your participation in politics end. Surprisingly it’s from that position of knowledge deficiency about the going ons at home that you want to lecture to the MDC about what they were supposed to do. In your warped mind MDC was supposed to force ZANU PF to implement reforms. Well your idiocy is preventing you from realizing that MDC tried all that but ZANU PF was not for it. So tell us Mr ‘Know it All’ what MDC was supposed to do under the circumstances. MDC was in shared power with ZANU PF, meaning if the other party was reluctant then there was absolutely nothing that MDC could do. You cannot see or understand all that because it is clear your political comprehension is very limited, narrow and shallow.

  • Vakatadzei kunoona murwere zvirikusvota ani Tsvangirai akambovanza hurwere hwake here. Thanks President ED and the VP siyai vanongo vukura vachingovukura.

  • Emmanuel Moyo

    So Wilbert Tsvangirai sold out, what did other politicians like you do? Will Zimbabwe be free through articles criticizing another opposition leader from foreign lands? If there is something better you can do, please come to Zimbabwe and do it or stop wasting your time writing articles. We have too many political analysts in Zimbabwe and very few pragmatic politicians willing to take the bull by the horns and you are one of them.