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Your thoughts on Mnangagwa visiting ‘sick’ Tsvangirai: “ambulance-chasing propaganda” says Jonathan Moyo

We publish a collection of reactions to President Emmerson Mnangagwa visiting opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai at his home in Highlands, Harare. The former Prime Minister in the coalition government is battling colon cancer and has this week been flown to South Africa for more treatment.

Elizabeth and Morgan Tsvangirai seen here with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga
Elizabeth and Morgan Tsvangirai seen here with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga

Professor Jonathan Moyo: “This is no PR Coup and no history. It’s ambulance-chasing propaganda for the optics of exploiting the poor health of a terminally ill political rival. The propaganda is cynical, crude, desperate & unAfrican. It intrudes into & violates a constitutionally protected right to privacy.”

Academic Brian Kagoro: “The parading of a sickly Morgan Tsvangirai, the contrasting of the Zanu PF candidate as a saviour knight in shining armour and the excuse that the world needed to witness this public show of kindness (contrived “ubuntu”) and or humiliation baffles and saddens me.”

Themba Musvaburi: “One struggles to understand what Brian Kagoro’s worries emanate from. It has been public knowledge for sometime that MDC-T President Tsvangirai has been seeking State assistance in fighting his health condition. What you have there is the current President of the country confirming they have done and are doing something to help the MDC-T President in his fight against his sickness. The real Ubuntu is in ‘not saying’ how much money/support they have given him to fight his sickness. If you understand politics you will know and understand both parties have to gain from the endeavor.”

MDC-T Deputy Treasurer General – Chalton Hwende: “The President was not paraded let’s not create an impression that the President is incapacitated. He accepted the State President to visit him and also allowed journalists to take photographs because Tsvangirai does not hide anything to the public. He was public on his ailment and we all know that with Chemotherapy you lose weight. The President is worried more with recovering than photos.”

Journalist Mduduzi Mathuthu: “With that brief visit, and a flash of the cameras, Mnangagwa has just staged a coup in the main opposition. These images of an emaciated Tsvangirai have just perished talk of ‘Save Chete Chete in 2018’. Reality is MDC now cannot avoid confronting its succession quagmire.”

Journalist Mduduzi Mathuthu: “And let’s face it; a good gesture is a private visit by Mr and Mrs Mnangagwa to the Tsvangirais, not that hurried run on the Tsvangirai home by government wonks with a media circus well in tow.”

Broadcaster Ezra Tshisa Sibanda: “President ED has shown compassion, ubuntu and tremendous love in paying a special visit to see the sick MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai. His gesture of goodwill and agreeing to help pay Tsvangirai’s medical bills shows political maturity and tolerance on the part of ED. Thanks a lot!”

Journalist Brezhnev Malaba: “Morgan Tsvangirai is a respected political leader. He defeated Robert Mugabe in elections, the only person to achieve the feat. His place in history is assured. But in this picture taken a few minutes ago, Tsvangirai isn’t looking fit enough to withstand the rigours of Election 2018.”

Alex Gonese: “If the former PM feels so sick to not want cameras maybe he should consider retiring from politics. Give credit where it’s due ED has done a noble thing by visiting MT. Surely the President is always covered by the press.”

  • jona uriwe propaganda ukutiiko apa nxaaaaa dako rako

  • jona uriwe propaganda ukutiiko apa nxaaaaa dako rako

  • Dzako dziri tsitsi naTsvangirai here nhai Moyo.

  • Dzako dziri tsitsi naTsvangirai here nhai Moyo.

  • Ibvapo iwe

  • Ibvapo iwe

  • Im also of the same opinion

  • Im also of the same opinion

  • Who is Jonathan Moyo????

  • Who is Jonathan Moyo????

  • If I were Jonathan Moyo, I would put everything behind and move on with life. Whatever he mocked as a “Lizard” on twitter sometime ago later turned out a real “Crocodile”. Such behaviour only exposes him as a bad loser to his opponents.

  • If I were Jonathan Moyo, I would put everything behind and move on with life. Whatever he mocked as a “Lizard” on twitter sometime ago later turned out a real “Crocodile”. Such behaviour only exposes him as a bad loser to his opponents.

  • Teererai ,arikutaura zvinemusoro.zanu haibatsire munhu mahara we all know.muchanzwa pakucampaigner zvinenge zvichitaurwa ndopamuchaona henyu

  • Teererai ,arikutaura zvinemusoro.zanu haibatsire munhu mahara we all know.muchanzwa pakucampaigner zvinenge zvichitaurwa ndopamuchaona henyu

  • A voice crying in the political wilderness

  • A voice crying in the political wilderness

  • If you are in politics watch where you eat,go and even get treated. Bob regime put slow killing poison on Save. I see Malema following too. Even ED the effects of icecream will follow him soon

    • I think this is a mystery maybe lacoste later saw the idea, but quite frightening. This issue of poisoning reminds me the novel the Buchanan’s Curse : A century of a poison not observed

    • So poisonous was he that even Zvobgo, after saying ” Mugabe must go Gracefully “, later became sick and died.

    • Very true wena he is dying slowly tarisa kumeso kwavo chete ma1

    • Let there be a commission of inquiry on the food poisonings. I suspect that even pastor Chiweshe might have been killed by those evil people, nxaaa

    • This is so true they terminate opponents with different methods for unpredictability

  • Well done Mr President.To visit the sick and widows is a good christian virtue.

  • The legend of e meeting is steeped in mystery and e narrative depends on who is telling it.

  • ko anodii kuuya azotaura ari muZim macho he is just bitter.Mr President did the right thing by visiting Tsvangirai.being in different parties does’nt mean you ar enermies

  • Kachigovukura, vanotonga vakati zete zvavo

  • Jonso should just eat humble pie. I don’t think that he had or has any supporters in Zimbabwe . The fact is his sorry faction lost big time to team Lacoste. It’s high time jonso repents, apologizes to the nation and moves on.

  • When one visits the sick the main motive is to see how they are recovering not how they are slowly dying…everyone is at at risk to a certain disease…i believe The President and His Vice paid a compassionate visit driven by the biblical morals which encourages paying attention to the sick or needy people…probably there could be possibly many reasons why they paid a visit but the most and main one was probably to sympathise with the Tsvangirais during this kind of time

    • No!!! It’s just a campaign of Emerson to paint himself as a humble hearted president. Bottom line he wanted to check his opponent’s recovery. Whom he sees him as a threat to his governance.

    • You mean ED told you exactly that?? πŸ€”

    • Nonsense

    • So what were the cameras for

  • Politicaly it gains the Ruling party coz they have shown the whole country/World that the man u are bating on as ur HOPE is critically ill so better u follow and give us a chance i think by now they are already fighting in the Opposition on who is goin to take over whether they like it or not its inevitable someone has to take over and campaign coz SAVE havangazozvigone ne state of Health yavo , One more thing Ma Miracle Prophets heyo chance yenyu yekurakidza arimamuri kwete zvekufembera nekuita ma miracle ekudonhedza weight dzoserai SAVE weight tione

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Well said Baba, ngavarape ka tione masimba avo.

    • Reality check

    • well said, but the sad reality is that they are going to prophecy his death.

    • You said

    • Handisi kupikisana nemunyori asikuti zvino varanda va Mwari vomakinidza munhu kuti huyaaa uzonzwaaa Mwari kuti varikudiiii here ivo Baba Tsvangirai dai vambooendawooo kumakereke God is Able let there be light kuna Baba Tsvangirai

    • Simon usanyepere kuzungaira so u think Tsangirai hapanawo Ku Church kwaanoendawo here besides that Inga ma prominent individuals anoita zvekukokwa huya tikunamatire upore Soul Jah love is an Example kozoitawo Varwere vepfungwa vanotorwa vonamatirwa vonzi vapora whether it will be true or not Why can’t the same be done in SAVE’s case I Challenge or the so called Man of God varatidze Simba ravanoshandisa coz zviri zvashe hakuna chinotadzika

    • KKKKKKK You all zivai kuti those prophets vanobatsira anenge achidawo kubatsirwa ….iye Morgan kana achida healing ngainde ikoko hant anokuziva!!!!!

    • Kurwara kwaMorgen toisa umwe wechidiki like Nelson

  • The only problem here was to bring cameras and the whole ZBC ,who are always negative about MDC, if you help your neighbour and go around telling the whole village that you helped your neighbour , I bet with my salary for the whole year you are not a good neighbour.

    • Is that so? Even if they had not taken the cameras there taitozongoziva kuti vaenda kunomuona. Its a good gesture kungoti chete politics dzatiuraya musoro

    • They didn’t bring zbc they found it ther.journalists have a habbit of finding out the schedule of the president and if they decide to cover the event president ovadzinga ?

    • U are wright,if journals were refused they cry ofdemocracy

  • Kip on barking coward. Isu tichingotonga tigotonga. New Zimbabwe

  • To me the cost of purchasing a 2kg sugar is #1.80 and the cost of winning 2018 elections is Professor Jonathan Moyo and all the #G40 cabal including Gire. I don’t know Locaste gonna pay such a huge sum.

  • Were is #Jonathan Moyo

  • Who is this popeye called Jonathan Moyo ?

  • Pfutseke iwe!!!! graps are sower…, ur a worse off enermy of Zimbabweans than ED.. at least ED akatibvisira Mgabe …zvawakatadza. No one sympathies with you…good for nothing.

  • Jonzo mus go n hang

  • Rombe rakakundikana raishandiswa na Grace, kana ari ninja ngaadzoke akatizeyi msorobhangu

  • This is politics n Jonathan moyo is a politician ,so guys lets view political things in the political way…

  • Jonathan chiii Zviya mhuka ipi

    • its a butternut that puts on spectacles , even a tie .

  • Takuzouya kuzoku tora kuKenya ikoko ukaramba uchi taura kabiyasi

  • of essence ,the visiting to the ailing leader was not wrong.But broadcasting it the whole week as top stories ,full media house coverage is not descent at all.Even the evil angel of darkness Rob Gabriel woundnt touture his opponents to that extreme. it leaves a lot to be desired ,these are the biblical pharisees whom when praying climbs on roof tops ,when giving tieth wants every1 to feel it.

  • Respect Jonathan Moyos opinion in the sense that it should not be live broadcasted in the headlines as what happened.
    Non has ever broadcasted Mandela’s ailing health, Cde Muzenda or even Cde John Nkomo.
    I think issues regarding the secrecy of leaders should not be given public viewing.

    • Mandela what???? man u lie 2 th bone.ey were even picks of Prophet Makandiwa and Prophet Uerbert,Zuma vachiwona Mandela….GOOGLE

    • Tikwanire iwe Mandela upi waurikutaura nezvake.
      Waizomuona kupi iwe wakanga usina phone chero TV

    • When people don’t know they have the right to remain silent. When you don’t want anyone to know about your health issues you make it public. People will not bother you. Then nominate acting President in the meanwhile.

    • this man is opposition remember,it shows love between two leaders oppossing one other. Jona needs a mental doctor

    • Musangovhukura muchingovhukura nanajonso venyu ivavo chakanaka tendaiwo

    • I do concur with your opinions when it comes to visiting one another, it has been like that always, Former President Mugabe once visited former Prime Minister Tsvangirai when he got involved in an accident. Mugabe also attended a memorial service for Mrs Susan Tsvangirai,
      My point is to turn off cameras from leaders health. I don’t even think that ED could have felt well if cameras were switched on him after that Icecream poison attempt.

    • If they had turned off cameras there wd be a lot of speculation on wat transpired.The purpose of the media is t inform us-good or bad

    • That’s why Jonathan Moyo introduced Access to Information Protection of Privacy Act.
      Some information should not be divulged to the public.

    • Aaaah why not to public coz we are here to knw each every movement yaitwa nemutungamiri mugabe aiita private zvinhu zvizhinji vachiba mari mukuita privacy imomo

    • Mamusina kuzvijaira ndozvinonetsa

    • Am with yu mr man thus the way yekudaa kutengaa ma votes toizivaa zanu yakaoraa hatifii takakanganwaaa waatendekaa iyeye morgan tichaisa x ipapo

  • Came to say goodbye

  • The slow food poisoning.

  • In this case I think I agree with him

    • I do too…after all they are the guys who denied him victory in 2008..fake courtesy visit..just to expose him

  • zanu hapana boyz ..i wil vote fo tsvangirai achirwara kudaro

    • Saka maisekei Grace paaiti Mugabe achatonga arimuguva? Mangofanana naGrace no future ambitionsπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  • What is cynical is the negative interpretation all because of the several years that the nation was politicised with politics of hatred and divisiveness

  • Why do most Zimbabweans that are deplorable like using the word PHUTSEKI MHANI on any point they either disagree with or when they want to put a point.

  • The nutty professor is homesick ..I pity him kusina amai hakuendwe

  • Zimusoro bhangu iwe Jona

  • Crocodile tears. ….. Coup Mgr

  • propagandistic – tht sounds familiar

  • The guys who stole his presidency now want you to know that they ‘care’ about health

  • A political chameleon Jonso, zvarwadza because ndiMurambwi vaona Save dai vari Dr Mai nothing wrong, ita mushe iwe Jonso

  • Hanzi delegation yakaenda kunoona MT yakanzi tokupai ma ice cream here zvikanzi aiwa regai henyu tauya tadya

  • Tsvangirai agreed to meet Ed.. It’s not like Ed came from the blues.. Jonono relax and bring back the money….!

  • Jonathan sounds right becoz that visit could have been done without inviting so many cameramen,,Infact media as a whole…that’s a political gimmick yakaitwa naED and CC…

    • But azvishande coz vanhu vanongoda SAVE zvakadaro

    • Saka mukuti dai macamera asina kuenda maisazviziva here?

    • Kelvin Nyamweda Save kungovada hedu vakadaro but thats being cruel. Ngavazorore varikumba nyama dzaakudzimba. If he was my father i would tell him to rest.


    • saka chitaurai zvese zvinhu zvakanaka panyika…because it appears as if murikungoona zvakashata chete zvirikuitwa panyika..You are always on the negative perspective of analysis.

    • Well said Farai Chakanyuka

    • But Tsvangirai paakaita accident Robert akanomuona zvikabuda panews. Ipapo Jonso haana kupopota now its E.D yaamhosva

    • Even command agriculture was successful and we are buying mealie meal at low prices but JONA was criticizing the project nekuti yakaitwa Na ED so whatever the president do JONA will oppose

    • MDC spokesman commended the gesture

  • Even if the visit was private, nzeve dzevanhu dziri muvhu. nothing is no longer private or secret in this century. How fast people share information cannot be compared to anything.

  • Morgan is a public figure in a good health and in bad. People need to know what is going on with his health and he is okay with that. Is it not in the public domain that he has cancer? Jonathan is seeking our sympathy by trying to support a man that he has hated since Mugabe hired him to his hatchet work.

  • jonso we dont need you please keep shut up you are the chief architecture of all the political bondage we are facing right now you are the enemy of prosperity.

  • He wanted 2 show u guys kut this comin election hs competitor is a dad man walking….

  • Jonono repent from your self imposed anger and move on.

  • the comment is coming from a political destitute seeking relevance Jonah Zimbos wil never forgive u for colonize and abuse our air waves(rambai makachinga

  • Haaaa haa a musoro unenge budzi.wakushaya zvekutaura jonathan.

  • Saka munoti Tsvangirai was ambushed with cameras here pamba pake asingazive; handinyatsonzwisisa

  • Jonathan Moyo a megalomania

  • Ndizvo zvisina kana basa chero dai Save vange vari vatano Ngwena aivashanyira then waizotaura kuti kudii? Wakangofanana nehure harina zera kana size wese murume. Nonsense!

  • To me i dnt care nothing wl change my mind i am an mdct die hard supporter

  • Paritriky guys ofcouse Jona is number 1 Zimbabwe enemy but on this issue h

  • Asi arikurwarawoka nhai handione chakaipa apa

  • its just tht jonso found himself in the wrong basket, he miscalculated the right basket to belong to before the bond coup, but if he had chosen the lacoste one, he wouldn’t be as critical as hez today, so yeah its a question of grapes gone sour, remember he said zanu wll never reform its self to lose elections, but now hez admiring the opposition, which is not bad though, but fake!

  • He might be right coz why MRT but never do such thing to Mugabe when he was ill they never published it

  • The reports that were put across by the media are against the right to privacy and makes the agenda of the visit unAfrican. Guys cool down this is not an issue of politics but social. Yes the media used with their journalistic rights published it the way they did but it is against Ubuntu. We are a people defined by our values, lets be alert or else they were driving a political agenda yet taking it from a genuine visit by His Excellence. Our former president had health challenges but we never heard the National Broadcaster vocal and emphatic about it. Whilst people are in politics let’s respect other peoples rights especially those espoused in Ubuntu.

  • I respect and appreciate all the sober comments made on this platform. However, those with a passion to release raw sewage to pollute what is being contributed should simply know that doing so means they are not able to debate. So why not view from the terraces? Also, I believe there is another dimension we are missing – that the President and his team discussed issues affecting the country at the moment. That tells you that despite his deteriorating health, he still has something to offer to the current govt. Can’t we look at the latter angle in our deliberations?

    • You just put forward your contribution not to judge povo

  • Cameras or no cameras or jounalists the guys did a good thing” MORGAN TSWANGIRAI is the one who is sick not Mdc’ that is humanity lets give a pum pum to the gentlemen who paid a visit to the comrade unlike that lizard jonso crwaling on rocks talking senseless things ,

  • Borders on propaganda

  • Correct prof this time i agree with u

  • Ko Mugabe paakanoona Morgan aita accident pakanga pasinamacamera here nhai Jonothan

  • Istill think there is nothing wrong by visiting the SICK. Let it not be Tsvangirai only. He has the right to visit us before we get ill out of PRICES they have already introduced. Surely we cannot afford education for our kids anymore since one writing book is costing from 1us were each pupil needs 26 books out of 4 who needs them just culculate before uniforms and school fees. I as a father per month erning 150 us. After all this they nees some food before they live. I still think the Presisent Mr ED has got to also visit us before we also get the CANCER of the COLONY.

    • Hahahahahaha u should stand as a man….or look for another job which pays better

    • Do you live in Zimbabwe or in diasphora? We are not Cowards to complain while outside the country. We still have to work for the revival of our country and then complain. If you are within Zimbabwe, not bad if you can direct me were i can get the better paid job.

  • jonah Moyo is jst barking kkkkk

  • Lets not peddle confidential issues here.Nyaya yepoison iyo,kana Ed akarova ice-cream futi ngatiisiyei yakadaro coz mangwana chaiye tinodzoka paplatform pano tichibvunzana.

  • Ohh I now have a headache. I hope ED and vice President are gonna visit me too. I already policed the neighborhood to ensure no disturbance to the motorcade. I’ve also cleaned the bench that the President and his deputy are gonna sit on.


    Politicians are obviously made of stuff which is different from what the rest of us are made of. I cannot comprehend what drives a visibly very sick man to hold onto a very demanding post. Worse still I cannot understand why those around him would rather wait for the natural to happen before they relieve him of the burden to lead and the humiliation of being presented as a man responding well to medication when the writing is on the wall. Maybe those who champion the belief that Morgan is the face of opposition also want to acknowledge that opposition politics in Zimbabwe is equally sick. Politics of personalities will not take anyone anywhere. Those who advise Morgan, please ndapota hangu, do the needful. The man played his part and he now should concentrate on treatment and nothing else. Even if he recovers, it is time to pass on the baton. Surely, there are hundreds of capable leaders in opposition, you guys can choose another one to give ZANU PF legitimacy. That is the only purpose of opposition politics in Zimbabwe; giving legitimacy to ZANU PF. It’s no secret that for now, varidzi vechinhu havadi nacho ende hachitoreke zvekumhanya. Just reality!

  • If one wants to understand the purpose of the visit then one has to read and understand Tamborinyoka’s statements after the meeting.The Daily news has details on requested that who visits who so while people are free to echo their views it’s the politicians who know what they are doing remember both parties have advisors who are better qualified and before I go,kumunda kwangu kukuda kusakurwa I need offers pliz.

  • Jona is vry right the issue of cameras is very suspicious

  • If you want everyone to love you don’t be a leader, sell ice cream

  • Shut up Jonathan moyo you are nothing even when you were in the party and ministry. Stop it. Like mother like son hanty maiti amai kune munhu mudiki kwamuri shut up and stop it

  • ED waz, right but kuzomhanya nema, camera when zbc hasn’t cover any single Mdc function ,uuuum, kuzomhanya kunoona kuti hutano hwava papii ?????????

  • If one needs help or is in problem, It’s always good to visit or help no matter politics

  • Jonathan we know you advised mugabe to beat pple during before and after elections. Visiting a sick person is not only African. You have run out of ideas friend yako Tyson paraquat iripapi tinokudai mazotaura muri mono

  • Since when has it been African not to visit a sick person ? I wish they wouldn’t have brought media or cameras though

  • MT had every right kuramba zbc asi they allowed journalists. And ndiani asingazivi kuti he is ill. We all saw him painauguration kuti apera so why all the fuss now. And he is ok wth the status quo of his health since achida kuramba riri bhiza remdc. And Jonso get a life…fckoff. You miscalculated this time we thought u were that political genius who could get all things his way but this time you were on the receiving end ….#TEAMHAMUKO

  • After all Jonso is not a political demi God. Akadonhedzwa uyo such a bad LOSER. Regai ahukure uyo asi ngazive tichamubata chete.

  • E D gud move we are all human beings, nating sinister abt d media.lts ok fo the public to kno his condition, we sympathise wit him… Get well soon Tsvangirai. Whether its a political visit or nt does not matter, who among us is pure & who are we to judge. Zimbabwe needs everyone. Jonso poor you😁kam home n repent. Jonso if it ws Amai u wld b singing a different story…… Shut up, we kno who u are. Phambili ngokubambana…. Unity fo purpose is wat we nid

  • The visit was a strategic juxtaposition of healthy vs unhealthy…well vs unwell. Photo op. If there we no cameras flashing would he have gone to see him? Ngeke! Was ED not instrumental in tormenting incarcerating, excluding and isolating Morgan? Be wise bakwethu

  • for the first tym , I think Jonso is talking sense!

  • Where are u jono

  • Very professional move

  • Big head boiling brains. That Jonso for u πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

  • Good move……sorry Jonso u lost it simple

  • Maybe Jonso wanted the President to visit him and his G40 friends not Save. See nothing wrong in visiting an opposition politician during the time of need. Sour grapes chete apa porofesa

  • He is sick to his head

  • Did he force the visit on Tsvangirai? If Tsvangirai did not want cameras or the visit itself, I’m very sure he would have politely declined saka hauna nyaya Jonso. Crying more than the bereaved. Dzoka kumba, wakamirirwa

  • The media oftentimes invites themselves

  • what can he say, wawaidyanaye akuitira mashura.

  • MT himself has always been open about his condition as a public figure. I don’t see anything wrong with the publicity of the visit.i’m quite sure Tsvangirai knew about the visitors & he consented to the publicity.has Tsvangirai or MDC complained abt it??No.who is Jonathan Moyo to complain on MT’s behalf??he is just insinuate negativity

    Ngatisapembedza Jonso imharadze.if I remember well it was all praises pakabuda nyaya yevisit iyi.

  • Whats funny is that i didn’t even see the first lady among the delegation who went to see MT. She was busy giving goodies to old people. People anyone even a monkey can see this is cheap politicking. I commend Tsvangirai for handling this situation in a mature manner and he didn’t even feel ashamed about his condition . Not one person in zanu pf could want his condition to be pablisized like this.

  • What is wrong in all this toxic visit is that there is nothing wrong in visiting the sick.Jonathan Moyo should just shut up and Mnangagwa should stop making false impressions in visiting the sick in the name of propaganda.

  • Ambulance chasing 75%

  • He wanted to seee if he is fit to contest in elections zvkutibhowa kuramba muchingotaura same story

  • This pic only shows the fit and the weak, the predators and the prey

  • If Jonathan and Mugabe were still in power they were going to mock him like he always did, how many wicked ways did Jonathan Moyo implemented when he was still dining with Mugabe, let him shut his ass and taste the life of refugee status that they made thousands of our people to be, in our our human values we applaud those that see sense and visit the sick and wish them gud health, that’s humanity, whatever permutations people might have is a story of another day,

  • time to handover the baton and rest so that he can recover well without the pressure of being the leader of the main opposition. i dont see anything with the visit as long as he agreed to it.

  • New era,new dispensation…lets not go bckwards,we the electorate vote for them into office and we want to know important issues pertaining our leaders…theres nothing crude or unAfrican about it…they are our leaders and we have the right to know what is going on with them,good or bad,thats why we need the media to report accurately!!#NEWERA!!

  • Jonso nomatter what you say even if its good or bad . Your balded big head will remain in exile. False professor. A tyranical big headed gay asylum seeker you will remain. You stole educational funds to sponsor jezebelic rallies.

  • wy good at him during his sick days? the visit done by his excellence has many purposes, chief of them being a decampaigning strategy towards this year presidental elections.

  • Utter hogwash from a senile political fugitive, bent on seeking political relevance. Obviously, where a head of state goes the media follows, whether its in the US, UK, EU or Kenya. Furthermore, I am reliably informed that the handlers of the MDC leader were informed and accepted the manner in which the visit would be conducted. It is evident from Mr Chamisa’s presence that it was well coordinated and communicated. The MDC and its leader had a right of refusal. Jonso in fact insinuates that the MDC leadership isn’t capable to make decisions or calculated moves politically, this same thought is the same thought which brought you down, the same thought which brought misery and suffering to the people of Zimbabwe through your propaganda machinery, blocking international television in favour of Taneminda jingles, so naive to think people are fools and you are a better thinker than all. This is the new politics Jonso, Zimbabwe is on the rise and without you, your AIPPA and POSA, we are free. Well done to our presidium for the hand of help to a fellow leader. Similarly mudhara Bob was the first to get a hand of help, airlifted to Singapore at the expense of tax payer’s money. What did the big headed ‘evil professor’ say? Your politics is now out of touch with reality. A new dawn is upon us and may the best candidate win in the 2018 election. This is what the generals went to war for. Freedom, love, democracy, freedom of expression among other tenants of independence. Thank you.

  • Don’t n never underrate jonso he’s very Skippy n a snake in the grass

  • Intrusive PR stunt

  • Intrusive PR stunt

  • Intrusive PR stunt

  • Very African to visit a family member when ill.

  • sherpard

    What ever people may conclude from ED ‘s visit, the truth is it is very African to visit someone who is sick and wish them well, if the motive is portray ED as a kind person then let it be , because he did the right thing, those who think that this visit marks the end of MDC, need to think again instead for me it makes Tswangirayi one of the most respected politicians of all times and if the government gives funding for his treatment it is his right as a Zimbabwean to get such a privilege, a parade will be something that we just see Tswabgirayi in pictures without knowing what he is suffering from , which is not the case here, very Zimbabwean knows what Tswangirayi is suffering from, ifi had the means I could also visit him and wish him well because it is what we do as African, and its very African .

  • As long Tsvangirai is a public figure…more so a leader of the main opposition party in Zim….he is not exempted from media exposure. Ed is a head of state visiting an opposition leader…that must make headlines. I see no problem with that at all. Also for Mdct die hard supporters to see how their leader’s health is improving or deteriorating.

  • Jonnso has lost relevance in Zimbabwean politics so should not be tsken seriously. Whatever motive, journalist or no journalists what the prest did was right. Even as Jesus healed there were scribes like Dr Luke, Mathew St John who recorded all the events as they happened so nothing wrong in that being recorded and reported. Please leave our new Zimbabwe and keep your Kenya

  • so vezbc vaidei ikoo

  • Zanu pf is group of cowards

  • Vukura uriko Ku exile ikoko isu zvedu zete kutonga kuno imbonzwai kuti kuva refugee kodii manga majaira kuitisa vana vevamwe marefugee Dai vakakuvhovhonora ikoko kukenya kwauri Interpol basa iro 😁😁

  • Muchanzwa hurwere ihohu yava slogan paku campainer

  • Do you people even know that TSVANGIRAI tweeted the visit of ED before he even got there so he wanted it publicised

  • Jonathan moyo is right Chamisa is desperate to expose tsvangirai for personal gain

  • Who is Jonathan Moyo?

  • Nothing wrong with visit. Some media even say they are somehow related. ED is showing his supporters that being in opposition does not make one an enemy. This might reduce political violence.

  • good for zimbabweans

  • My 2 cents

    Men are infaillible, we cannot trust them but ED has done a noble thing. Perhaps Tsvangirai should ernestly consider retiring. He has established himself as gamba re opposition politics and he should now put in place a mechanism to have someone elected in his place in a way that does not destroy the opposition party MDC. At least something he has wanted to see happen was the removal of Mugabe which ED and Chiwenga engineered (with the help of Marujata and cabal especially the Professor. Ipai professor sando dzavo).