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Defiant Zhuwao shooting from the hip: The Zhuwao Brief Reloaded – #2018Resistance

By Patrick Zhuwao

Welcome to 2018. Welcome to the year of the #2018Resistance. The #2018Resistance is under foot. #Kuiitiswa kwakasara muna2017. I am supporting the #2018Resistance. Consequently, I am reintroducing the Zhuwao Brief as the Zhuwao Brief Reloaded (ZBR) to demonstrate my support for the #2018Resistance.

Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Patrick Zhuwao
Patrick Zhuwao

There is a ground swell of the #2018Resistance. The #2018Resistance is growing by the minute. The #2018Resistance is sprouting throughout Zimbabwe; like mushroom. The #2018Resistance is permeating across all sectors. The #2018Resistance is pervasive throughout the generations.

The #2018Resistance is in all villages. The #2018Resistance is in all streets and alleyways. The #2018Resistance is ubiquitous. The #2018Resistance is in all political formations including, most notably, ZANU PF. All of Zimbabwe is resisting the coup conspirators and terrorist junta. All Zimbabweans are resisting kuitiswa.

This first article of the Zhuwao Brief Reloaded describes the emergence of #2018resistance to the coup conspirators and junta. It outlines how Zimbabwe’s political, economic and socio-cultural environment is ripe for the #2018Resistance.

The article will focus on the #2018Resistance movement that is occurring amongst people who have traditionally been members, supporters and sympathisers of ZANU PF. The #2018Resistance is so strong that, under conditions of free and fair elections, ZANU PF will be thoroughly walloped and thumbed at the 2018 elections.

On 13th November 2017, a gang of coup conspirators and terrorist junta members initiated the rape and massacre of the Zimbabwe Constitution which the people of Zimbabwe had painstakingly crafted and approved overwhelmingly. These robber pirates threatened and have actually unleashed a reign of terror, extreme violence and disinformation for the purposes of self-serving and parochial individual interests totally devoid of the national interest.

These losers had been defeated in a political contestation within ZANU PF that had seen the coalescing of young people, women, traditional leaders, workers (most notably public servants including youth officers), micro and small entrepreneurs, farmers, artisanal miners, academics and students.

These various groups had been brought together by an agenda for sustainable socio-economic transformation that was founded on an ethos of nationalistic empowerment and generational renewal premised on the unassailable fact that 77% of Zimbabwe’s population is under the age of 35 years.

Through the use of extreme violence, terror and disinformation, coupled with the capturing of state institutions, these pirates and robbers usurped the Constitution of Zimbabwe and stole the mandate that the people of Zimbabwe had reposed in President Robert Gabriel Mugabe by an electoral margin of 62% in the 2013 election. Mbavha nemhondi idzi dzakabira mhuri yeZimbabwe.

The coup conspirators and terrorist junta found willing accomplices amongst the agents of regime change in the opposition. Mbavha nemhondi idzi dzakatengesa vaMugabe sekutengeswa kwakaitwa Mambo Jesu naJudas Iscariot. Self-styled advocates of democracy and constitutionalism were ready to sacrifice the principle of adherence to the Constitution at the altar of expediently by dispensing with Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Vakachekeresa vaMugabe. They were used in a rather superficial way to sanitize a coup. Vakaitiswa.

Unfortunately, the subterfuge of the coup conspirators and the terrorising junta is unravelling at an astonishingly fast pace. Dhende rembavha nemhondi idzi ririkurudunuka. It has become so bad that parts of the command element and military that had been sold the dummy that the Presidential Youth Interface rallies were funded by external forces are realising that they were made to commit treason on the basis of falsehoods. Magunners vakaitiswa are becoming part of the #2018Resistance movement.

The military personnel that engaged in the illegal, unconstitutional and treasonous Operation Restore Legacy were authorised to keep, as spoils of robbery and piracy, whatever money, gold and diamonds that they came across. There were no such spoils of robbery and piracy.

What is in effect happening is that cash resources are being commandeered from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe ostensibly for “operations” but in reality to appease restless elements who did not get the expected but non-existant spoils of robbery and piracy.

This is made worse by the fact that disbursements of these commandeered resources is being done on a kinsmanship basis. Those that are not part of the inner circle and clique are also becoming part of the #2018Resistance movement. Vakaitiswa.

Some opportunistic leaders of opposition formations who were promised ministerial posts in a proposed post-coup coalition government have discovered that they were used to mobilise their supporters to sanitise an exclusionary project referred to as Chinhu Chedu (our thing).

Whilst fully aware that a coup had been committed, they chose to refuse to acknowledge it publicly hoping that they would be among the five cabinet ministers clandestinely earmarked for the opposition. Ava ndivo vakaitiswa last number.

The Rhodesian element that have been having meetings with the coup conspirators and terrorist junta, as well as the regime change agenda diplomatic community led by the irrepressibly naïve Catriolina Lang were sold the dummy of reforms to various flagship policies. They forgot the provision of the Zimbabwe Constitution in Section 328 sub-section 6 which require that amendments to Chapter 4 on Human Rights and Chapter 16 on Agricultural Land cannot be effected without a referendum. Again, they are also becoming part of the #2018Resistance.

Traditional leaders who had been accorded respect could be seen sitting on the ground at Mnangagwa’s inauguration to demonstrate what little regard the coup conspirators and terrorist junta has for them. Over and above being tossed around at the inauguration, Mnangagwa prioritised going to South Africa over seeing them. Mnangagwa’s budget took away the cars President Mugabe had allocated to them. They are becoming part of the #2018Resistance.

Traditional leaders whose natural resources have been plundered are left to deal with environmental degradation and impoverished communities as indigenisation is being abandoned and discarded. The youth officers that are meant to facilitate youth development and economic empowerment are being fired wholesale and thus derailing the economic empowerment agenda. They are becoming part of the #2018Resistance movement.

The largest component of the #2018Resisitance is from within ZANU PF. These are the people that elected Robert Gabriel Mugabe to be the President and First Secretary of ZANU PF.  These are the voters who delivered 62% of the electoral vote to Robert Gabriel Mugabe in 2013.

These are the people who jealously guard their vote. They are upset that the coup conspirators and terrorising junta stole the mandate that they gave to Robert Gabriel Mugabe. They will express their displeasure in the ballot box in 2018. I am one of them. We are the silent majority that refused kuitiswa.

There is massive disgruntlement by members of ZANU PF to the manner in which President Robert Gabriel Mugabe continues to be humiliated and ill-treated by the coup conspirators and terrorist junta. The coup conspirators and terrorist junta does not have the support of most of the ZANU PF members and the generality of the Zimbabwean population.

We do not welcome the illegal, unconstitutional and treasonous regime of the coup conspirators and terrorist junta. We have no intention of legitimising that regime, let alone work with nor unite with it. We are actually astounded by elements that have moved to congratulate people that have been appointed to positions on the basis of the commission of a litany of illegal, unconstitutional and treasonable acts by the coup conspirators and terrorist junta regime. The members of ZANU PF are becoming the vanguard of the #2018Resistance.

The Zimbabwean political environment is increasingly becoming ripe for straight thinking and progressive Zimbabweans to come together in forming movements that advocate for the values enshrined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe, most notably the Preamble and Founding Provisions set out in Chapter One with specific reference to Section 2 on the Supremacy of the Constitution and Section 3 on Founding Values and Principles.

It is also becoming apparent that the coup conspirators and terrorist junta have been shaken and are frightened by their rejection by the majority of ZANU PF members and the Zimbabwean population to such an extent that they are frantically attempting to scuttle the natural birth of #2018Resistance movements through nefarious shenanigans which include intimidation, infiltration, division, violence and assassinations. Such efforts will be met with an even more determined resolve for #2018Resistance.

Consequently, I am ready to support efforts that seek to restores Zimbabweans’ infringed civil rights, liberties and democracy that has been stolen and plundered by the coup conspirators and terrorising junta. My support includes and is not limited to providing intellectual capital towards the formation of movements that will cater for the genuine concerns of disenfranchised ZANU PF members who have seen the constitution, organs and structures of ZANU PF being systematically raped and violated by the coup conspirators and terrorising junta.

Asante Sana. Mina lawe silom’sebenzi. Iwe neni tine basa

Patrick Zhuwao is the former Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare under the government led by former President Robert Mugabe. He is also Mugabe’s nephew.

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    Save me from your garbage. When you plundered with these people who turned enemies overnight, you did not have time to resist did u. Fuck off please.

  • tarch

    This is nonsense…Zhuwao you are so selfish. The majority of Zimbos never wanted your old sekuru coz you always forced him on us by stealing the election result. Stay there and never come back. Actually, we are going to legalize ED’s presidency again come election time.

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    • Everfaithful

      True ,we might not be ardent supporters of ED ,but zhuao ‘s rantings or hallucinations are off the mark!He always thought they own Zimbabwe ,that it was their private company. Unfortunately ,or rather fortunately depending on which perspective you are looking from ,the truth has finally dawned on him that Zimbabwe is not a private company. He should just rot in the dustbins of agony .Millions of zimbos have suffered under his uncle’ s misrule.The resistance he is hallucinating about is non existant .The faster he wakes up from his sweet dreams ,the better for him.

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    People such as Zhuwao always miss the point. If someone refuses military rule, condemned the Nov 14 coup, argues that an constitutional violation happened on Nov 14 – it does not mean that the person supports Mugabe or G40. In actual fact Mugabe is just as evil as ZANUpf, G40, Lacoste etc. There are many people resisting military rule who are neither Zanupf nor MDC. This is about democracy. And in a democratic society, Zhuwao deserves to be in jail

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    this selfish skunk ngaatibvire. Zimbavha noone will support you. You do not have people at heart. If you did you would have advised your beloved sekuru to step down. People suffered under your family leadership zvekuti get away. May God avenge on people’s behalf. I am surprised you think you have support? Haibo!!!!Delusioned.Wake up wena! Takakuvengai rough. Mazimbavha

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    I always knew though not proven that this dreadlocked guy smokes something potent and when he smokes he should not be listened to, of course I am also smoking the same thing? What a lot of hogwash in 2018 from a Rastafarian? Why do you not ask the Mengistu guy to advise you properly?

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    • Muzepete

      … in its usual fashion….

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    Iam neither a ZANU PF supporter nor ED supporter but its for us to suffer under him than under the monster, murderous Mugabe. Instead of trying to incite us tell us where Itai Dzamara is. Mugabe does not deserve anyone’s sympathy except from cahoots in crime like you and Jonso.

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    Zhuwao uri mboko yemunhu. U think ma vanhu ve Zanu ndo voga muzimbabwe. Bob was never but u were forcing him on the pple. If u wanted it be fair why were u forcing a 93 yr old man on the pple. A man who is supposed to be in an old people’s home atopera basa zvake. Mugabe in power was for your benefit not ours. This Mugabe of yours never walked on the street to meet the people – look at the roads, water. He never cared about us that’s the truth. Iwe Zhuwao,Jonso,Kasukuwere,Giresi ndimi maiitisa vaMugabe. The man wanted to rest. Taking advantage of that old demented man haunyari. Nxa. Mbwa yomunhu.

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    This ex-minister is indeed an idiot. So Chief sitting on the ground and not getting cars is an issue,what about hospitals without drugs under your watch. What about your uncle owning 14 farms!!!

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    One thing, Zhuwawo, you are an alien according to sekuru vako. Hakuna muzimba anonzi Zhuwawo, izita rema moscan iro. You were not supposed to vote let alone hold public office in Zimbabwe. In the same vain you cannot organise resistance for sekuru vako to get back into power.