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Mnangagwa rules out forming coalition government after visiting Tsvangirai

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa ruled out forming a coalition government after visiting opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Friday.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa ruled out forming a coalition government after visiting opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Friday.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa ruled out forming a coalition government after visiting opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Friday.

Mnangagwa was accompanied by Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga (Rtd). Addressing the media soon after the visit, the President said Mr Tsvangirai was recovering.

“He is fine and recuperating very well and he says he will soon be going back for further medical check-ups in South Africa,” President Mnangagwa said.

Elizabeth and Morgan Tsvangirai seen here with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga
Elizabeth and Morgan Tsvangirai seen here with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga

Mnangagwa came to power in November last year following a de facto military coup after which veteran leader Robert Mugabe stepped down after 37 years in power. 

Asked on the possibility of forming a Government of National Unity (GNU), the President brushed aside the idea saying there was no need for that.

“What’s the cause (to form a GNU)?” he said. “You are allowed to lobby, it’s a democratic country. People are allowed to lobby for anything. Currently, there is no need (to form a GNU),” he added.

Meanwhile MDC-T deputy president, Mr Nelson Chamisa welcomed Mnangagwa’s visit.

“It’s a welcome thing, it’s African to care for one another; it’s very Zimbabwean. This is the new politics we want to see, the politics of peace, the politics of working together, the politics of feeling for one another.

“This is the direction and we hope it is the kind of talk that will be walked and talk that will be sustained. Going forward we want to see a peaceful election in Zimbabwe and we are very appreciative,” Mr Chamisa said.

  • Nxaaa unopenga hauzive zvaanotaura , u a trying to say the visit was abt forming a gnu but he changed… https://t.co/DoQ3nsEfck

  • Get well soon morgan and u did a good job our beloved president cde Emmerson Mnangagwa

  • ve makuhwa,chinorwara ka icho chekuda pamutundo

  • Get well son Save

  • Hove ne Ngwena

  • uri murevi wenhema coalition kudii kwacho

  • I think they were there to apologize for stealing the Presindence from him, and assuring him to step down the government will look after him

    • I think he just wanted to show the public that Save is really ill so that people will not vote for an unfit candidate. Remember the reporters were saying Save is getting better and ED wants to prove them wrong I presume.

    • Yaah you won’t never, politics its a game full of dirty players

    • He know Tsvangirai got the keys .

    • Will never stop supporting Tsvangirai bcz of his condition takabva kure naye.

    • Gibson Sam Mudanho..yes keys to open his door to HELL!!

    • ummm Mafungiro enyu are always negative.Garwe knows kuti Save is sick and decided to see him full stop

  • Thanks president raramai nokusingaperi zvido zvavanhu kunyanya .imi murimberi hamuna madyo munodavanhu .viva. Mr ed

  • Save get well soon. Stay positive. You will beat this thing called cancer.

  • Thts maturity in politics..love u save get well soon

  • HRH Perfect Pat waMADMAX

    Get well soon Morgan Tsvangirai we wish you a speedy recovery

  • But Zimbos tipeiwo ma serious Tsvangirai shld relax he is not ok

  • Get well soon Save

  • Cancer is killing him. Politics needs fit pple Tsvangirai needs a package and then battle the cancer… https://t.co/dKLKiXxLCh

  • Frank Talk

    Just go mani Tsvangirai. Give the reigns to someone else

  • Watotanga kunyepaaaa nxaaaa tsvakai mabasa

  • Time for Chamisa to take over. This man suffered a lot under Zanu abuse

    • What about Khuphe?

    • She’s good..but at this crucial time we need a man to hold the ruthless crocodile by its jaws .

    • I see.

    • Khupe can’t fight the battle V-one with Zanu Pf she needs a person like Chamisa who has that charismatic and famous in most parts of the country.

    • True

  • ndohutungamirii hwatinoda thnks so mch mr president nd mr chiwenga,kuna save get well soon mwari vanemi

  • Oh my …is that Tsvangirai looking so frail and older than Mugabe? Lord have mercy…give Tsvangirai wisdom so that he retire from politics.

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  • Why people musingafungi munhu anonzi Nehanda uyu idofo …..azviwana kupi zvaari kutaura

  • Aripa ma1

  • They are there for political milage not care

  • l salute yu Mr Presdent Garwe nemwoyo wechirume Kunoona OUR reall Presden Morgan Tsvangirai

  • Fuck cancer!!!!!!!

  • Munhu akabvakuvanhu anoonekwa nehunhu zvatwa naMnangagwa izvo kwete hon’on’o yanga iripo iyo

  • i believe its prophetic…his name means save….he wont rule for long but will take Zim into ryt hands…mafungiro angu

    • What ever u are smoking is very strong

    • kkkkkkk strong material bt watch the space n see what will happen

    • Usadaro

    • but these things done jus happen jus like tht.. tht guy to be opposition from 1999 for nothing????save thus conversation for records

    • You them type of people who wants to be ruled from the coffin l guess mgabe did a lot of damage to some of our brothers brains

  • Get well soon cde tsvangirai

  • Vanoziva kuti chikara che zanu ndi tsvangirai

  • I believe Lance Guma will have something negetive to say about this visit….

  • What is the coalition for at this stage?we are only months away from elections. So coalition for what instead of strengthening the party?

  • Save vakambonomuonawo mazuva eIce cream arimuchipatara paya

  • Kana iye abvunzawo President nezve coalition ane mhepo the guy Tsvangirai is sick and the best he should do is to step down Get well soon Mr Tsvangirai

  • Get well soon Sir we love you.

  • Bob would have never visited Tsvangirai.

    • But he was gave him money for treatment

    • He visited him when he was in hospital after the accident wani.

    • The current was under no obligation to visit him.

    • And I feel like we all need to move away from being contrary just, because. Let’s criticize the bad and commend when one does something good. That is for anyone we interact with.

      This was a nice gesture and I think shows at the end of the day we may have different views, but we can still be civil with one another. We don’t always have to find fault in everything.

      One could turn around and criticize Nelson Chamisa’s comments and say he didn’t say enough he should have said this or that. They all showed political maturity which we all need to start practicing.

    • True Dadi. Mature and not selective politics is required. Selective is saying Mugabe would never have visited Tsvangirai. Mature is acknowledging that he also visited him just like the current president. Both are nice gestures from the ruling party leaders.

  • Thank u Mr President,,, that is very African of him , ndidzo politics dzatinoda .

  • I wonder..why do people think that they will be another GNU? This is Ed adiministration not Bob’s adimin.

  • Save get well soon.ndinotenda vamngagwa nezvaita ndozvinoita munhu akabva kuvanhu

  • Pasina mdc zim haiwane mari coz top brass yezanu they are billionaires and millionares hakuna nyika inovapa mari Zimbabwe yakadonha economically but some ppl vane maassets emabillions but nobody is paid $1m per anum mdc kana isipo inzara nenhamo only zvirinani kungopa mdc yotonga ka1

  • Get well soon Morgan Tsvangirai may God give you good health

  • Get well soon Save

  • get well sóon mr T


  • from the day 1 i heard he is now our presdent i ve not yet find anything to stop me to give him time for a change ED M will do it thou its never at all easy

  • razor blade

    Get well soon Mr Tsvangirai. All things having been said and done, the fact remains the great Tsvangirai is the only man who stood toe to toe against the reknown shameless election thief/citizen abuser/ murderer, the evil goblin Robert Matibili in his prime!!

  • MDC must elect a new president, time is running out,

  • He must retire due to health, moyo unoda asi nyama yaneta

  • Save your bravery and sacrifice against Bob is unparalleled in Zim politics. Even ED n Co. owe their success to what you started. I salute you.Mr President you’re on track thank you ED

  • Coalition Govt?

  • Wait till Lacoste loses the Elections hapana result to be announced plus “The Generals” will put their uniform back [email protected]@@

  • Shame pic yandirwadzisa iyi shame mr Tswangirai only God knows

  • Dai mapora SAVE nekukasika

  • We want that…

  • I knew it, it was a political gimmick we are used to this cheap politics of geriatrics like Mnangagwa and cronies

  • I feel like we all need to move away from being contrary just because this was a nice gesture and I think shows at the end of the day we may have different views but we can still be civil with one another. We don’t always have to find fault in everything.

  • He says not as for now get your facts right

  • But what coalition govt?? Elections are there this year

  • If Tsvangirai was truly not another Mugabe, he could had already stepped down. Surely look at him. It’s so painful to see him struggle like this yet he still wants to be President of Zimbabwe. That shows he is power hungry. Chamisa could do better and he is still young. If he becomes the party President, he has high possibilities of winning Presidential Elections. I know someone is gonna say futseki since we got lots of ignorant Zimbabweans but that’s just my opinion on current situations.

  • if there wás a white hand behind that could have never happen he has seen the light now Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans and Africa for Africans

  • MDC mas change leadership zim can’t come from a old detector to a sick leader.He has show people that he wants to rule forever.

  • This is a good example of hunhu. I support this gesture. Well done E. D.


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  • Tsvangirayi’s term was supposed to end this year from 2008…nd these wolves in sheep clothes denied him that….”Wooow thats politics nhayi “….Save ndimi ngwena yakadonhedza Zanu 2008 hapana mumwe ndimi…get well soon, #SonOfTheZimboz

  • Allaz

    Thank you so much Honourable Prime Minister for your years service and sacrifice. It’s time to step aside now and hand over to CHAMISA basa racho richipera. You will be the hero that finally gave the youth their rightful place – kwete kushandiswa nekunyrberwa kwatinogara tichiitwa.

  • Thank you my president Mr ED that’s correct , ,,no matter vanhu vachatii rambai makadaro ndorudo uye hutungamiri chaihwo ndinovimba nemi baba

  • wilbert

    President Mnangagwa knows that his regime is illegitimate born, as it is, out of a coup. He has to hold free and fair elections to restore his legitimacy but cannot afford to do so. His solution is to rig the elections as before and get MDC to contest the flawed process to give it credibility. He knows that Tsvangirai will go along with the plan as long as his his palm is greased!