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Why use military force on civilians?

Emmerson Mnangagwa’s last act of 2017 was a bad decision to deploy soldiers on young protestors in Bulawayo at a church service ironically convened to celebrate the peaceful and bloodless nature of the coup of 14 November 2017.

Mthwakazi youths protesting against President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Bulawayo
Mthwakazi youths protesting against President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Bulawayo

The People’s Democratic Party restates the supremacy of the constitution which in section 59 provides for the right to petition and protest peacefully.

Demonstration is therefore a constitutional right which neither the President nor those who pretend to protect him or represent him cannot take away without a declaration of a state of emergency.

As has become the new norm the spin has come in a more stubborn way to justify the use of military around this issue.

ZANUPF claims that the church service was not the right place to protest yet we know that Hunzvi and his people protested before the former Chief Justice and the former President, yet Mugabe in his ruthless ways did not send the army to abduct them.

As much as we are concerned by the violation of the rights of those who were protesting, we are equally concerned with the abuse of our security forces by the elites.

We have always complained about the use of the uniformed forces to settle political scores, in 2008 just like during Gukurahundi a whole army was deployed against unarmed civilians who were said to be supporters of the MDC.

A decade later the army was also at the centre of settling ZANUPF factional battles albeit with no criticism because of the result everyone wanted, the ridding of Mugabe and the former first lady from hell.

Criticism was also minimal when the same style used in Bulawayo was used on Chombo and his henchmen; the temptation has always been to say the Chipangas are criminals who deserved it.

This pattern is however not ending in fact it is being compounded and magnified by the new President’s rhetoric, here is a man who speaks differently but acts quite the same as Mugabe.

In the midst of shrills around giving the lacoste frontman a chance, we have always expressed our reservations and suspicion around the President’s velvet glove and iron fist approach.

In an article summarising political events of 2017, President Biti warned that the new challenge the democratic contingent faced is how to deal with the state/party/military conflation.

The shift of power from the Shake-Shake Building to KG6 now called Tongogara Barracks.
This is a point he also made in his speech at the gathering of the Daily Maverick on 22 November 2017 in Sandton.

“You and I know from the studies of countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Uganda, Equatorial Guinea, once tanks are on the street or a television program has been interrupted by men in uniform it is just a matter of time before it happens again.”

This is the challenge we face today but it is not a challenge that only the opposition in Zimbabwe must be concerned about but everyone else must be concerned.

The appointment of General Chiwenga as the Minister of Defence against the demands of the constitution expresses fear of self-replication of the coup.

We respectfully submit that micro managing the army is not a solution to military tanks rolling back into the streets someday.

The solution lays in the will to deal with roots of the coup, this includes solving the underlying problems and the mechanisms around the use of military infrastructure.

The authorities must deal with the political economy of the coup through embracing the principles and rules set out in section 211 to section 217 of the constitution. There is no substitute to this.

What happened in Bulawayo two days ago is counter progressive because it is a continuation of the older order which centred around military coercion of dissenting views.

What is needed is to transform the security sector, ensure they concentrate on their professional duties with a clear demarcation from civilian politics. Again there is no substitute to this.

A democratic election is also another ingredient away from the politics of a coup, again micro managing the military cannot substitute this process.

With specific attention to the Bulawayo protest, the bygones statements by President Mnangagwa have been exposed it is an old narrative pursued by President Mugabe the only difference is that of semantics, Bob preferred the “moment of madness” diction.

The effect of both is that the authorities want the issue to be swept under the carpet hence the demonstrations of the 31st of December 2017.

Our position has always been that an enquiry must be opened something which must be very easy to do considering that the current President claims he was not involved in the massacres.

The long and short of the story is that the underlying democratic issues must be addressed, if that happens there will be no need to use military force on civilians neither will there be a temptation by others to use a military coup as a means of redress.

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  • Civilians wearing separatist propaganda ! We know you are reporting this so you can to your Western h… https://t.co/JDiAI09pJA

  • Crash these separatist promoting hatred

  • Were those soldiers not ndebeles

  • Vambochimbodei kunonamatwa vana ava? Dont use our youths fr yr benefit plz. Teach them instead! Mthwakazi Republic in Zim Republic? Sounds ….

  • Are u the one who choose security detail for th president thoz lunatics showed an act of war hence put th life of th president in danger automatically in situations like tht minimum force will b induced

  • Mugabe system hayiperi pavanhu vezanu

  • Soldiers were not deployed for the mrp guys instead those guys came to where soldiers were deployed,i’m a Zimbabwe ndebele by descent but some people are abusing the gukurahundi issue and airing it in wrong plaforms thats why you find even new political parties find joy in war cry not out of genuine cause but mileage

    • True mandla it’s what all Ndebeles in Shona pockets say. Look at mphoko he sang for his supper saying gukura was a creation of the West not ZANU. Where is he today? Remember nkala enos that guy from Filabhusi who formed ZANU with Shona people? Did we not bury him as a pauper after saying if he knew a river with waters that would cleanse him of ubundebele he would bath there? Did ZANU the very party he formed he struggled for nearly died for did they not kick him out at the end?

    • Nxaa

    • Mandla u applause u. i wish every Zimbabwean despite race or tribe could hear wat u stated!!!!

    • haaaa vhele mandla ndakukupa zita rechishona

    • Well said mandla!!

    • Well said Mandla I wish all of us could see things that way

    • Spot on these guys seem to just want confrontation and when they get it they complain….. they ought to look for a more formal setting to address issues and get direct responses to make any sort of movement with regards to this issued

    • u r a fake ndebele

    • U are right…

      its time for Jobs & a stable economy ….deal with Mnangagwa via th ballot box or courts or after duty ..mozvezveredza frm court to court

    • thank u bro

    • Well said Mandla

    • A fake Ndebele

    • Stupidity and bootlicking

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    • What does a real Ndebele do

    • MandlaMkhwananzi I beg to differ broe, Gukurahundi issue has to be addressed by a sitting president. You cant just butcher people and silence them nooo. Most young people in Matabeleland lost their parents, have no birth certificates, never went to school because the gvt can’t control the wrongs of Gukurahundi. We lost our relatives we need closure and be given the right to peacefully bury them. People have kept quite for long nothing happened.

    • So real ndelebele is identified by supporting lies hey? Thnk u Mandla

    • Why was nkomo quiet? Ths was solved

    • You are still going on with the Gukurahundi issue. I don’t think HE have time with racist issues. We can’t draw our attention on things which will not bring positive results to our fellow citizens. At the end of the day what will you achieve except hatrage.!

    • Suka la those people had a right to gather and protest as it is enshrined in the constitution of Zimbabwe, what are you on about really, are you one of them new generation zanu pf bootlickers try to rise up the corruption ladder.

    • Suka la those people had a right to gather and protest as it is enshrined in the constitution of Zimbabwe, what are you on about really, are you one of them new generation zanu pf bootlickers try to rise up the corruption ladder.

    • Suka la those people had a right to gather and protest as it is enshrined in the constitution of Zimbabwe, what are you on about really, are you one of them new generation zanu pf bootlickers try to rise up the corruption ladder.

  • Vakufarisa

  • Obed mpofu is the home affairs minister and not the president. ZRP falls under home affairs

  • Obed mpofu is the home affairs minister and not the president. ZRP falls under home affairs .

  • Thank you Mandla

  • Because they can!

  • Even Jesus akarova vanhu vakaita zvisizvo panzvimbo yekunamatira,

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  • Looks like most of these media houses who post on social media have slightest ideas of how things work in Government, surely how can u say the President deployed soldier at a church service, Nehanda newz be professional

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  • People will be beaten in Harare for one reason or the other mark my words. I await your responses to that, will u say what u are saying about the Mthwakazi youth? Violation of anybody’s rights is a crime and against the constitution, the actions of the army are against the constitution in this case condemn that, defend the constitution not the regime.

    • your rights mustnt violate someone’s rights too

    • Cleopas Mahlatini the government is the custodian of the constitution, if u do wrong no one must punish u before u are declared guilty. So before those guys were put before a judge u declare them guilty. Get rid of the zanu mentality and embrace constututionalism


    • Chii chinonzi Mthwakazi for starters??

    • Paulina Jecha inkinga angikuzwa uthini bengizophendula

  • bad decision to deploy soldiers on young protestors in Bulawayo at a church service .
    Mr Editor you said it was a Church Service not a rally neh . Ok

    • You are confused Mr how can one demonstrator at church thats no manners let them be beate thoroughly

    • I think you didnt get me clearly hama . My point is i just quote only few words from the editor . So i was just trying to say it was not good for the young protesters to come by the church to protest against ED but it was better if it was by the rally .

    • Ndezvako izvo chero wako mwana akabhaiza unorova wani

    • Ok mr walter sorry for that. I thought you are also promoting madness in our land and these youngster have no manners at aĺl soldiers will teach them manners these tribelist

    • Its fine hama

  • Please dont stir strife….peace..peace..people have bad things to each other ….world war 1…2….lets not dig the past…deep past….deep deep past!

  • Chinofa chinoingira mufunge ,those youths deserve more than that coz they don’t have respect even if they wanted to be heard it was the wrong platform they used whoever is behind them should have thought before misleading them ,patience pays sometimes vaizoendazve harare kunopa petition pane kuda kunyadzisa mukuru zvaida kuzama manje vakaibopa nekusiko mombe

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    • Viva cde Lacoste, u can go to hell if u hate him

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  • Soldiers kkkk Mthwakazi kkkk bva tadii paya Asante Sana iwe neni tebasa good 9t

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  • They are idiots, the world has had many, many wars but I have never had a situation like in matebeleland where you always want to bring back the past….If the whole world was like that then we should be having worldwide demos uncontrollably. To you the so called Mtwakazi I think you are inviting big trouble to innocent youths as they will be crushed in the mouth of the CROCODILE

  • Mandebele i wish u could die in ur numbers again coz u thick harded. Bygones be bygones. Stop provokin this new era

  • IF you are A ZIMBABWEAN living in Zimbabwe and reasonable you will understand that what these people are doing is to paint a dark pic on Zimbabwe thereby affecting negatively the Economy. , Taneta nemaopposition erudzi urwu

  • maCivilians anokanganisa freedom of worship should be dealt with

  • First of all was that demo cleared by police.If it had a police clearance then the army was wrong but if there was no police clearance the MRP rights don’t exist because their march was illegal so they deserve incarceration

    • Whether cleared or not, is it the duty of the army to crush demos by unarmed protesters?

    • Maybe they threatened the life of the President by demonstrating so near him

  • Ukasatambira mumvura,haurumwe negarwe,Asi ukafarisa wopinda mumvura mune Garwe, vafana munomedzwa,you are too young for this issue,vakuru venyu vakaitadza nyaya iyi,itai stead vafana.

  • Mugabe &mnangagwa same same

  • ndebeles must shut their mouth if they want to enjoy zim otherwise they will regret

  • this Mthwakazi nonsense is gonna invite another gukurahundi. munomamiswa futi ahiwee

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  • A sober minded person can see that these activists are being sponsored by people who are just power hungry. The sponsors are aware that Gukurahundi propaganda is the best tool to influence people hence are quiet about economy. Because of power hungry these people hate economy recovery programs and peace, hence they pray for sanctions and tribal conflicts. They don’t even listen to President ED’s appeal for peace and forgiveness. These people hate peace and development an enemy to their political mileage. The truth is they just want ED to say something about Gukurahundi and then cook a story again. But i think if these people continue like this, we are heading for a civil war and these youngsters think Civil War its cheap to survive.

    • Very correct

    • Very true

    • ED is very strong and he will just keep quiet. He can not be easily provoked

    • Very very true civil war is not good for our country

    • Well said mi bratha thank you

    • Can u support your statement broe. Mnangagwa need address Gukurahundi even without compensation but at least acknowledge it and condemn it.

    • Why were all ndebele vice presidents quiet all ths while dnt start

    • Davis Jaha i don’t think you give time to think. Mqondisi Moyo knows very well that if he can use people like you, he gains political mileage. You don’t have time to research the other side of the coin. You just want to be biased. Gukurahundi is a two sided story the CAUSATION and EFFECT. You cant address effect alone. Apologising for what. I dont think its logic to apologise just for the case of pleasing people who don’t want to accept that they also provoked the other party. Ask Dabengwa first he knows the CAUSATION. Not wena you are just brain washed by politicians

    • Alec you ain’t got no clue how some people were affected by Gukurahundi right I suggest you keep your silly comments to yourself

  • Peace, love , unity and forgiveness is our language

  • ivo vana mthwakazi havazive proper channels tu follow kana vachida kusvitsa zvichemo here ,vana gukurahndi yavari kuswera kutaura ndoo ichaita kuti economy yedu inake here muchafa muchishandiswa bcos makapusa to much

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  • Officially off this page.

  • Bhora Resimbi

    Zimbabwe is now a military state!

  • Ndebele,Shona we are one people, let’s help built our new Zimbabwe, ,,,pls forgive Mnangagwa we are all sinners

  • A Church celebrating a bloodless Coup, kikikik!! Seems to me there were two wrong things happening there!!!! Which Church is this one???

  • The issue needed to be addressed at some stage but at the moment we have crucial situations that needs our attention

  • Ko hanti military ndoyakabatsira kuti zvite bho saka chashamisa chii ipapa. Military was bravery to remove bob kuzoti katsi wo zvadzo. Vakatotadza dai vakazviendesa kumbudzi chaiko

  • So they must come where the president is officiating, make noise and be left alone, seriously

  • so you can call it a civil war or what.

  • So you want these ndebele thugs to ride roughshod over the constitution just like their murdering ancestors

  • ED Mnangagwa is the right man at right time

  • If u want a rematch jus say so..otherwise musangovukura

  • One thing you guys must know is if you provoke a soldier ,he will not wait for police to arrest you ,he will deal with you ipapo ipapo . musadenge tsvagai mabasa

  • Guns at Church. Pliz respect the house of the lord. We know you hungry for power so you need to win people’s trust by campaigning through visiting Churches although you not church type but this won’t change the way you are. We have seen leaders who are influence, leaders who are loved by people, leaders like Nkomo,Mandela,Malema to mention a few. They are natural loved because they love people , not by fost

  • Vote mdc

  • Those young guys shud know their boundaries next time guys wen u are high on marijuana like Mandi Chimene u shud b vry careful wth yor stanzie

  • Quiet a sizeable number of shonaz were killed by dissidents especially in silobela where I grew up. My question is where do families of brothers,mothers, sisters and fathers killed by dissidents complain to, where do they present their case ?

  • Mugabe system still runs that Party.You only removed Mugabe the Person.Someone rightfully put it.This regime maybe more brutal than the last.

  • Just for those who don’t know. Mthwakazi is an identity. Its a name derived from Khoi khoi and Khoisan because they whe the original inhabitants of that land. They are called “AbaThwa” hence the place is called Mthwakazi and anybody who hails from that part of the country is called Mthwakazian. Now please separate the two. I might be Mthwakazian proudly Mthwakazi but not supporting MRP ideologies. Ngiyabonga. Thank You

  • Tibvirei apa

  • Vote those motherfuckers out of power. Mobilise and encourage thousands to register and fuck them this year.

  • shonas stop making this about tribalism because it were ndebeles protezting but make it about rights and the constitution mangwana ndimi mirai ma elections atange ndopamuchaziva kuti zanu chiororo inoorora its a matter of time we will be waiting kundzwa kuti muchati chii

  • It shows these youngsters lack proper ideology they must fear God how can they came to church to sow despondency as if it’s a rally vakadisciplinwa they lack. discipline

  • Homo Sapien

    cry my beloved coup ntry.

  • A symptom of weakness and fear

  • Hatidi vanhu vano tarisira pasi mutungamiri wedu never ever batayi vanhu zim is not SA

  • Our leaders have no clue on how to handle dissent. Brute force is always the easiest method as it instils fear in the populace and cower them from any future repeats

  • sarah Mahoka

    AAaa yawn. When did N gwena do that? Fact of the matter is the protestors were a public nuisance and there were some soldiers nearby.