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Injiva kills for ‘satanism necklace’

By Whinsley Masara

A Bulawayo man died on the spot after he was axed by an injiva over a “missing Satanism necklace” in Emakhandeni suburb on New Year’s Day.

Mourners at the funeral wake for the late Moyo in Emakhandeni, Bulawayo, yesterday

Bhekimpilo Moyo (34) was axed on the neck and head by an unidentified injiva who fled after committing the crime at around 1AM on New Year’s Day at the now deceased’s home.

Events leading to Moyo’s death were triggered by an argument between his 16-year-old nephew and the juvenile’s friend. While the juvenile was with his friend he threatened to produce a “satanism necklace” which he claimed would give him powers to revenge.

When the injiva who was drinking beer at a shebeen across the road overhead him, he came demanding the necklace, but after no-one produced it, the injiva attacked Moyo with an axe, accusing people at the house of having hidden the ornament.

The suspect who was driving a South African registered vehicle, 369 GP, is said to be a familiar figure in that suburb.

Bulawayo Metropolitan police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said the suspect was on the run and investigations were underway.

“I can confirm a man was axed by an unidentified man who was in the company of three other unknown suspects. They immediately fled from the scene soon after committing the crime and the victim died on the spot.

“We continue to warn members of the public to desist from violence as it only results in unnecessary loss of lives,” she said.

A niece to the deceased, Miss Monalisa Nkomo narrated the heart-breaking incident that befell their family just an hour into the New Year.

“We are still in shock over my uncle’s sudden death. What is more saddening is that my uncle died over such a petty issue and false claims by our cousin. We have never seen him with a necklace. We are still not sure why he decided to scare people with those Satanism claims,” she said.

“This injiva was drinking beer at a shebeen opposite our house when he decided to just barge into our yard after he heard the 16-year-old and his friend arguing about the necklace. As the two argued, our cousin shocked us by stating that he owned a ‘Satanism necklace’ which could give him powers to fight back.”

Miss Nkomo said when the injiva overheard the claim about the magical chain, he walked into the yard and demanded to see it.

“He searched him for the necklace and when he couldn’t find it, he accused us of having taken it away. Staring at us with evil eyes, he grabbed us one by one, forcing us to produce the necklace.

“The injiva stormed out of the gate and went back to his car warning that we would see his true colours. In a few minutes he returned with three men holding knives, bricks and axes,” she said.

Miss Nkomo said the armed men demanded to see the owner of the house.

“My uncle, Bhekimpilo came out of the toilet to find the injiva wielding an axe. My uncle told the injiva to leave as this was a family affair and he had no right being there.

“The quartet attacked him, and before we could intervene the injiva axed him and he fell onto the ground, and they fled. He died instantly. We still don’t understand why this injiva had to kill someone over an issue which didn’t involve him in any way,” she said. The Chronicle

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  • Painful May the culprits be caught and face justice. May God strengthen and comfort the family through this painful , hard time of mourning their beloved.

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