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‘Kalawa employee’ dodges wedding

A family from Bulawayo’s Mzilikazi suburb was humiliated in front of the world as the groom failed to pitch up after failing to pay for the venue and faking illness.

Jackie Moyo

Phathisani Hlabangana, a Kalawa Jazmee production employee left his bride Jacky Moyo embarrassed and in tears when he did not make it to the wedding venue.

The wedding was scheduled for 24 December 2017.

Despite pretending to be on his deathbed on the wedding day, he was on the following day spotted up and about at the Kalawa Homecoming gig.

According to a family source, all arrangements had been made and it had been arranged that the two families of the bride and groom share the wedding expenses.

Moyo promised to pay for all expenses such as catering, cakes and all, while Hlabangana was left with only paying for the venue.

According to the family insider who asked for anonymity they suspected that the bride was the one who wanted the wedding as Hlabangana had dragged his feet from the onset.

“We suspect that Moyo is the one who forced Hlabangana to marry her because she volunteered to pay all the expenses except for the venue that was supposed to be paid by Hlabangana,” she said.

The source also revealed that Hlabangana fooled Moyo as he showed her money which was meant to cover Kalawa the Homecoming gig expenses claiming to be his.

“MaMo was shocked when the wedding venue people phoned her asking about their money because Hlabangana had showed him a bag full of money saying everything was under control.

“On the wedding day he never turned up and was not answering his phone,” said the source.

When contacted for comment, Moyo told B-Metro that she was not in a position to comment and she did not want the story to be published.

“At the moment I am not in a good state of mind to talk about this whole drama,” said Moyo.

B-Metro also talked to the mother of the bride who confirmed the cancellation of the wedding.

“I know people were not happy that my daughter was getting married, anyway it’s life, bad things happen unexpectedly,” said the visibly stressed woman.

She even showed the reporters the five-tier wedding cake which was on the dining table.

Hlabangana denied the allegations saying that the wedding was cancelled after he fell ill and not that he failed to pay for the venue.

“The rumours are not true. What happened is I fell sick on the wedding day and we were forced to cancel the wedding,” said Hlabangana. B-Metro

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