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‘I will unlock you on my terms’. . . ditched woman clings on to hubby

By Vuyelwa Sibindi

A BULAWAYO woman gave her ex-lover a shocking ultimatum to either take her back or face erectile dysfunction for the rest of his life.

Alerta Shatayi is alleged to be using a padlock and muthi to lock Morris Nyathi’s manhood every time he attempts to leave her.
Alerta Shatayi is alleged to be using a padlock and muthi to lock Morris Nyathi’s manhood every time he attempts to leave her.

Alerta Shatayi is alleged to be using a padlock and muthi to lock Morris Nyathi’s manhood every time he attempts to leave her.

“Every time I try to leave her she threatens to lock me and embarrass me till I die. But it is her continued jealousy that has always forced me to leave her.

“She has issues with clients from work and has always assumed that I sleep with every woman I talk to. But this other day I told her I will end up dating them,” said Nyathi.

Little did he know this idle threat would make Shatayi use muthi on him.

“In July she took me to court over maintenance and I assumed that our relationship was over and this led me to move on but I was shocked when I realised that my manhood was now dysfunctional when I tried to sleep with my new girlfriend.

“I sought help from various prophets including Colson Ndlovu who advised me that it was Shatayi only who could give me a permanent solution as she had the ability to lock me even if another healer cleansed me,” he said.

Shatayi did not dispute the claims.

“I locked him because he is always talking to women and I wanted him to be faithful to me. I advised him to bring his family so that we would discuss the issue and I have never refused to unlock him. But I have conditions for me to free him,” said Shatayi.

B-Metro gathered that Nyathi was fully operational when he was with Shatayi but was not operational with other women and has been begging her to unlock him.

Shatayi, however, gave him an ultimatum to either come back to her or face the embarrassment for the rest of his life.

“I am not giving him the cure because I know he wants to leave me for his girlfriend after he fully recovers. He should come back home and fully commit to me,” she said. B Metro

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