MDC Alliance sanitised ‘coup’

Contemporary political debates — both within Zimbabwe and around the world — revolve either around support for the army or condemnation for its role in the ouster of Mugabe.

Some back the actions of the military arguing that citizens craved for the exit of a brutal dictator “by any means necessary” but were powerless to get rid of him because of the same military junta that callously quashed any signs of rebellion or anyone contemplating change of Mugabe regime,  whereas those who criticise and oppose military involvement remind the public that if a government can be removed the way we did it, then there is a snowball’s chance in hell that we can expect any form of foreign direct investment.

Judge President George Chiweshe claims the military intervention was legal.

The MDC Alliance that deposed testimony before the US Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Africa policy last week described the military intervention as an illegal and illegitimate transfer of power from one faction of the ruling party to another.

But how does Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa become illegitimate especially after the impeachment process, Mugabe’s resignation and the kicking in of schedule 6 of the Constitution?

The MDC Alliance was a cheerleader during Operation Restore Legacy which sought to overthrow Mugabe; it also participated in the sanitisation of the military intervention.

In essence, by going into a temporary alliance with Zanu PF to impeach Mugabe, the MDC Alliance sought expediency and at the same time unintentionally sanitised the “coup.”

The moment Mugabe resigned; it rendered everything before a mere academic debate and shifted the levers of transition 100 percent in Zanu PF’s domain. This is where Schedule 6 kicked in and legitimised Mnangagwa.

In any case, what was Morgan Tsvangirai, the head of MDC Alliance, doing — in Blue Lights for that matter — at the inauguration of an illegitimate leader? So, to close this debate, Mnangagwa is legitimate by operation of the law and Constitution.

He can’t be illegitimate because the MDC Alliance no longer like him after he refused to infuse opposition faces into his government as well as the tried and tested leadership of Tsvangirai which brought about massive economic turnaround for the period 2009 to 2013 after several years of misrule.

Legitimacy is not based on what we like but by the spirit of the sovereign will. Zimbabwean citizens overwhelmingly supported the military-engineered ouster of Mugabe, concomitantly with Grace Mugabe.

Zimbabweans overwhelmingly voted “Yes” in the 2013 referendum for the current constitutional set up that brought in Mnangagwa.

Let us drop this illegitimacy record and compose other songs.

However, my problem with ED is that he is hostage to the military establishment, the very same men who “gave” him power.

None of the fundamental promises made by Zanu PF to Zimbabweans during Operation Restore Legacy were fulfilled.

The promises were broken when the party took over the presidential office; similarly, they also promised the Zimbabwean people that they would form an inclusive transitional Cabinet but this also turned out to be an empty promise.

The very faces and leadership of the “coup” have promoted themselves into echelons of State power as Cabinet ministers.

How will the same untouchable thieving old guard aided by partisan securocrats cause genuine reforms that will lead to free and fair elections given their entrenched interests and power privileges?

Already, the war veterans and chiefs have pledged to bolster Zanu PF’s 2018 re-election bid. Look at the rights record of the new Zanu PF political commissar!

In the meantime, the economy is screaming, with prices of basics skyrocketing. Cash shortages continue.

The three weeks this regime has been in office has shown us it is not there to complete Mugabe’s term of office but to consolidate power. DailyNews

  • Ndezvavo garwe aripo

  • Its too late Tsvangirai himself akato deedzwa akatoshandiswawo kupa speech achifarira kubva kwa Mugabe not knowing naiye aitorovera zvipikiri pa coffin rake It was going to be easy for MDC to go for elections against Mugabe than ED apa haicha luma apa MDC

    • As if elections mean anything in Zimbabwe! Do you really think anyone would want to vote for Mnangagwa after the sharp rise in prices and the severe cash shortages which his deputy minister of finance says will only go away when sanctions are lifted? Zimbabweans will be so disillusioned that the very mention of his name will make people angry.

    • Ndoo politics dzacho baba

    • u nailed it mdc yakashandiswa

  • If you say ‘Democratically Elected Leader’ are you then saying 2013 elections were credible, free and fair without vote rigging?
    Oh that’s good then!

    • There is no proof of vote rigging though we know elections were rigged

    • Shingie Zvomuya I’m pointing this out because the opposition for the past years were always saying the elections were rigged meaning Mugabe wouldn’t have been a ‘democratically elected leader’

    • MDC kurongeka havana. They tok too much. So far muZim hamuna opposition Party

    • MDC has become confused…qhen they want to move a motion thwy twist things. Bfo they went to America 2013 elections were rigged but bcoz they want to fight the current gvt overnight Mugabe was democratically elected????? The constitution clearly makes Mnangagwa legitimate in any way….i thought most MDC leaders were lawyers how cld they err in that they shld have noted that clause bfo hand. Again the leader goes and graces the inauguration of an undemocratic leader…i dnt see the sense in this at all….

      MDC are a confused lot now. They shld regroup first and start commenting when they are organised!

    • You can ask that again it’s good question which need answers

    • Tinashe Bondera we all know e army did a coup on Mugabe to remove G40 enemies so that they protect and consolidate eir personal interests.

      We all participated in this because we were tired of Mugabe and everyone just wanted him gone by any means necessary.

      During those days zvainzi “ZIMBABWE YADZOKA” due to e spirit of togetherness that was prevailing at e time.

      Fast forward 4 weeks later, e ordinary person who participated is no longer involved n e military have taken over government.

      So clearly evrything on e ground points to things being e same n maybe gtn worse despite e flowery speeches by e President. We cnnot continue supporting an act i.e e coup when it is no longer serving national interests bt only a select group of people.

      Zimbabwe needs inclusivity n cooperation. Why were u quiet wn Chinamasa said this is a Zanu Pf fight after e march n we dont need e MDC? So u expect the MDC to sing praise songs n fold eir hands? The MDC has realised that therr is work to be done to get the ZIMBABWE we want and we a very happy with their work so far.

      Instead kf criticising and calling them confused ivai nemwono unoona zviri kusi kwemeso mbizo kkkk

    • Rigging starts when there are fewer bvr machines in towns and cities than rural areas
      Rigging continues when the village head collect serial numbers of registration slips of his subjects
      Its also rigging when a sitting mp tells his rural folks than ikozvino taakuona ballot by ballot kuti wavhotera ani becoz mafingerprints ako taanawo. Tichatora paballot paper raunenge wakabata.
      Rigging doesnt end if the commissioners running electoral body are related to the sitting presidents and are known to be sympathetic to the ruling party and no independent individuals are selected.

      I could go on and on

    • Chasara Moyochete not sure we’re on the same page

  • MDC jst tryng to seek relevance…we hv heard of wat constitutes a coup…SADC and AU definitions…so whats yo point..

  • Water under the bridge. Rotai zvenyu because zviroto zviroto isu tikutohudzvanya hwahwa tichinzwa kutonga kwaro. Ende richitotonga…Garwe

  • Was Mugabe Democratically elected or he rigged the elections in 2008.

    • very good question to answered before we say anything

  • You guys know nothing about legitimacy your name says it there is nothing Nehanda about this page .There is need for every reader to visit the semantics behind your name.I’m sure you have an agenda to make sure that chaos and arnachy prevails in Zim at the highest level.Your malice ,malevolence and lack of sanctity is evident in all your posts though you attempt to whitewash it with the abuse and misuse of the name Nehanda.Remember Grace Mugabe also used the same name to create a smoke screen for his deeds during her era but her frail smoke screen became a smoke signal that Zimbabwe needs to be returned to normalcy

  • they waz nthing lke op


  • Even though the people of Zim were suffering? What democracy is that

  • Coup laundering

  • Matakadya Kare haanyaradzi mwana. Kana army yacho irikuita restore order, Pamberi nayo. ZveDemocracy izvo hazviunze mabasa, uye hazviunze chikafu patafura.

    • Rumbi teacher wako we grade 1 ainzi ani ? Mutengerewo Christmas box kana achiri mupenyu.Akazarura pfungwa dzako zvakanyanyisa

  • Democratically seghate

  • Thats a clever move and surprisingly took all this time………Who declares a coup to be a coup or not a coup?So whats a coup ?If not what happened in Zim ? The army personell be acting like angels themselves

  • ‘Democratically Elected Leader’, rega zvinzi wafa wanaka xuwa. When the guy was still around maigara muchitaura zve the illegitimacy of his rule

  • Ndazozviwona hatisisina Opposition party Muno….

    ku Robert Mugabe square vaidei? Chamisa akatopa speech after th March..

  • shame on you really messed up indeed that you inharited such a poor exit like a povo???..they kicked you out like a taut..


  • These writers are representing a Constituency that does not exist. Still talking about the legitimacy of the new government as if Mugabe will be restored.

  • Guranyanga

    In case you have not heard this ,then i repeat this you in capital letters Gift!
    PERMANENT INTERESTS. “got it Gift.” Please spread the word.

  • Putseki

  • Its sound like you have confused brain sometimes you said the elections were rigged nw you are saying another story

  • Confused bongaz

  • At one time you were applauding the removal of Mugabe. Now you are demonizing those who did it. There is nothing Nehanda about you guys. You save interests that are at variance with the true Nehanda spirit

  • Mave kutiizve? Mugabe, a legitimate leader?Hey, confused cocraches.

  • MDC never cease to amaze me. 2013 ZANU PF has rigged elections therefore Mugabe is an illegitimate head of state. ED takes Mugabe out MDC says it’s a coup.! Do your analysis on your own MDC supporters!

    • If he can be rigged by 90 year old tben haabatairi

    • For how many years mdc vachitadza kubvisa mugabe we don’t want baba vasina simba

  • The democratically elected president was not overthrown….he resigned…and his resignation was read aloud

  • Fuck you uncle robert mugabe eat a humble pie and get ova it you were thinking those you taught well to be ruthless will keep you in power till hell freezes ova ? All along you were barking up the wrong tree remember a teacher remains a teacher but the students will do wonders ever imagined thats what happened to you old bag of bones . What else do you want ? Tell me maybe just maybe l can help you . Zimbabwe will better off without a tyrant like yourself

  • No coup there.If it was,It was born and bred y him.He did it on all the elections,real elected presidents lost through the barrel of the gun.If everybody had a gun we could have had defended those lost votes.

  • Democracy is a mirage

  • Nehanda Radio don’t be this stupid calling Mugabe a democratically elected president. How dare you? Why on earth do you endorse that there was democracy in Zimbabwe under Mugabe when he was always stealing elections time and time again. You are so inconsistent with your reporting.

  • Whether a coup or whatever chisingaperi chinoshura madam stop it was stopped

  • Nehanda for reporting for MDC…. Kuedza kuponjesa mabhasikoro…to me same same MDC neZANU…

  • Wakadhakwa here iwe

  • It shows u don’t know the meaning of democracy coz people where beaten n forced to vote for ZANU PF,that’s what u call democracy

  • Was a vote rigger that one let him go u pro mugabe u think the west will help u noways forget n smile

  • Democratically elected president serious please go back to school coz as far as iam concerned since 1980 Mugabe had never been elected democratically

  • Now MDC agreed that Mugabe was elected kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk mboko idzi

  • Mugabe was not and never democratically elected since 2000

  • Maimboti zanu yaRiga maelections ikozvino democratically elected kkkk

  • Maimboti zanu yaRiga maelections ikozvino democratically elected kkkk

  • MDC vanopenga vanhu,ava

  • MDC vanopenga vanhu,ava

  • When u say MDC alliance sanitised coup u a being dishonest. Its the oppressed masses who sanitised the coup..The military only initiated the process and the ppl finished the job.U don’t seem to get the point.By the way who are a u and who do u represent uye makatumwa nani?

  • N/R munenge musingazive zvamunotaura.You don’t have constructive criticism. You oppose for the sake of opposing. Tibvirei apo

  • You trying to seek relevance, makadhakwa .Makanyimwa zvigaro , muchinyepa kuti democracy. Now we know you hamulume

  • Mugabe aripo hee he must go. He stole elections wat wat. Nw he z gone hee aenda zvisiri pamutemo. To hell u pipo. Wat do u realy want? Honestly munodei? U wantd chaos, u wantd war ryt? Manje makamama . Itogamuchirai zviripo muri diaspora ikoko muchingovukura

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