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Zimbabwe army leaves streets a month after Mugabe’s ouster

By Emelia Sithole-Matarise | Reuters |

Zimbabwe’s army declared an end on Monday to the military intervention that ousted Robert Mugabe, promising to shut down their last roadblocks in the capital and hand over to police.

Commander Phillip Sibanda
Commander Phillip Sibanda

The armed soldiers who took to the streets during last month’s de facto coup had largely disappeared from the city centre by Monday afternoon. Just a handful could be seen standing around with civilian police.

“Normalcy has now returned to our country. It is for this reason that … we announce the end of Operation Restore Legacy today,” Commander Phillip Sibanda said, referring to the name of the intervention which the army said targeted criminals in the entourage of the 93-year-old leader and his wife, Grace.

Civic groups have been urging the soldiers to leave the streets since Mugabe’s former deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa, was sworn in to replace him as president of the southern African country on Nov. 24.

Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Chiwenga, who spearheaded the de facto coup, was initially billed to address reporters, but he did not turn up and no explanation was given for his absence.

He is widely seen as a contender to become vice president – a post that Mnangagwa has promised to fill in the next few days.

Mnangagwa made three generals members of the ruling ZANU-PF party’s executive Politburo on Friday. 

  • Monitoring police army

  • Can l ask Mr General how many did you arrested since your take over. I mean how many are in jail. Otherwise l m missing something. It comes in my mind nothing changed how did you come and you acknowledge the people of Zimbabwe that you are targeting people around Mugabe but you arrest only 2 were are the rest of thieves who have been robbing Zim. You know them by names only idiots will say new Government is good
    Nonsense with your operation

  • You mean you caught only 3 criminals with all that military hardware you displayed?

  • Now Who will control greedy cops

  • Only 2 criminals ……but y

  • It might be a gud news fr army to withdraw into their previous duties bt its nw a very risk fr traffic police, l dnt think e game will be e same. I cn fr see police calling army to restore legacy again coz civilians will be violent fr sure

  • dai mangosiya military ichishanda ne police paroaf coz umm

  • Mosiirazve maporisa otishungurudzazve maroad blocks ngaaperere mumatollgates chete

  • Zvakutanga futi 3hrs from Marondera to Hre tichingomiswa 7 roadblocks haa ngonjo rinokara mari veduwee ..

  • Motidzorera mukanwa mamupere

  • Can it be a police and army on roadblocks

  • yaaa neholiday iyi vashanyi vangatye kushanya muno.

  • OH we will definately miss you officers . Anyway,thank you for the sterling job and we need you to ensure peaceful elections as well!

  • But lets have few roadblocks especiall on the Harare Beitbridge road. Example the ones which where jointly operated during this operation must be the number of roadblocks needed.

  • thank you

  • Makaita basa baba nemhuri yenyu ,tinokutendai chose asi tinokumbira paroad mapurisa aya nani vasangotibira mari nekubata malicence vachidemanda mari pasina mhosva. Tapota vaChiwenga ,president vedu please mapuri vane mazidzimba idzo mota tutsviriyo tuzvinji ndetwavo vakaiwanepi mari batsirai imari dzevanhu dzavaigovana paroad aiwa tanga tanzwa nani aaaaasss

  • Thanks comrades

  • Umm zvinhu zviye zvatanga futi