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Police Chief Augustine Chihuri fired, Sibanda promoted, Chiwenga retired… set to be VP

Police Chief Augustine Chihuri has finally been relieved of his duties after weeks of speculation. A statement issued by the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda said Chihuri started his leave on 15 December 2017, pending his retirement from the service. Deputy Commissioner General Godwin Matanga takes over as Acting Commissioner General.

Police chief Augustine Chihuri
Police chief Augustine Chihuri

Constantino Chiwenga, who led the de facto coup that ended Robert Mugabe’s 37-year rule last month, is set to retire, paving the way towards his widely anticipated appointment as vice president.

Chiwenga is the top contender to become new President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s deputy, one of two posts Mnangagwa has promised to fill in the next few days. Army Commander Phillip Sibanda will succeed Chiwenga as defence forces chief, the statement said.

  • It has been long overdue

  • Mbava dzemu Zim mauraya nyika

  • One hopes corruption and brutality has also retired wth him.

  • He was promised a post in the new government, i guess. Such guys dont retire easily!! Anongoti “good night” kana kuti “asante sana”

    • Uummm i doubt he seems to belong to the other camp might be out for good

    • Lets just wait and see

    • Zvapachena kuti chiwenga pa vice president chihuri mu g 40 haakwane mu new government

    • why would they reward chihuri aida kusunga general pa airport achibva ku china. if I’m not mistaken that’s the day yaari kunzi atanga leave

    • Really generals are retired and given post in government zve police hazvina diri kuenda kumusha

    • Kkkkkkk

  • musatikanganwewo kumabanks nepama price hiking

  • After what you have put us thru I don’t think zimbabweans will ever miss you Mr chihuri.

  • Hazvina kunzi he was fired but he retired..Infact he is on leave pending retirement

  • Who are you 😯

  • ngaende chihuri


  • Vote MDC 2018.

  • love the part about chihuri fired not so much chiwengwas redeployment to VP obviously

  • War Vets never get fired. Instead he is going to be promoted.

  • CHIWENGA clean up. Kkkkkk

  • That’s true

  • Minus one problem

  • Makwikwi

  • Ngaabaye

  • Good job Mr President

  • Ma 5 dollas eparoad will miss them

  • chíhurí σn lєαvє pєndíng rєtírєmєnt αnd dcg mαtαngα αppσíntєd αctíng cgp

  • Let the new police commissoner deal effectivily with lawlesness in CBD where the municipal police have been overwhelmed by vendors amd mshikashika. With the outbreak of typhoid surely extreme measures are needed. U cannot attract investment in a health hazard atmosiphere. Harare has become a big vending city….depriving formal traders naximum profits…abuse pedestrain rights and motorists move freely due to pushcarts blocking roads. Plz lets not justfiy lawlessness because of economic hardships brought by Mugabe. Let what was for Mugabe go down with him.

    • Makavharisa mafactory nchiti zviirirei imi musina kugadzira pokuzviitira pacho nhasi mavakutaura nezveutsanana etc makanga musingazvizivi here zvamunomboti makafunda.Makafunda chii Nyika ichiparara imi nadigree muinawo.kudzidza kunyepera vanhu Kkkk Vana nzizi tinochera

    • Before you talk about chasing away vendors you should come up with a plan of how those people are going to feed their families. Some of those people are graduates and they don’t even want to be in streets but they are forced by situation. Sort out economy and streets will automatically get sorted.

  • Chihuri was the worst animal ever to walk on two feet

  • Godwin Matanga my former boss

  • A loyal cadre

  • Handisati ndasaina

  • Rwendo

    And this is Mugabe’s legacy. This is what his dictatorship, his stubbornness and refusal to hand over power all these years looks set to bestow on us: a quasi military junta. Good luck voting that out.

  • masoja unokuvara

  • Just relieved and not arrested?

  • he will be reinstated in another govt post

  • Chihuri ngaaende nemapurisa ake

  • They forgetting Charity Charamba

  • Karma is when you’re no longer entitled to ZanuPF priviledge and perks then your disease starts poving costly

  • Karma is when you’re no longer entitled to ZanuPF priviledge and perks then your disease starts poving costly

  • Musakanganwa Charity Charamba I team rimwechete

  • I we neni tine basa.but hey guys zvisati

  • But guys zvakwanaka nhai.65years adzina kusvika here?