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‘Lift US sanctions temporarily to snatch Zanu PF scapegoat’

Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti seen here in Washington
Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti seen here in Washington

Appearing before the US Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on Africa, Godwin suggested that Congress could suspend sanctions on Zimbabwe until elections, to take away the scapegoat that has seen government go in overdrive blaming every other ill bedevilling the nation to sanctions — a narrative that is being swallowed hook-line-and-sinker by the solidarity mob.

Western countries imposed sanctions in 2001 on government over allegations of ballot fraud and crushing civil liberties, while lenders such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) froze financial aid since Harare defaulted in 1999.

This comes as former Finance minister Tendai Biti — who has led a high-powered MDC delegation to Washington DC — delivered moving testimony before the subcommittee where he described the military intervention that enthroned Emmerson Mnangagwa as president as an illegal and illegitimate transfer of power from one faction of the ruling party to another.

With former autocrat Robert Mugabe’s departure, Biti said Zimbabwe now faces an uncertain future, but one which presents real opportunities for reconstructing, rebuilding and re-fabricating a new Zimbabwean story, and a new Zimbabwean society.

Biti, who is accompanied by top MDC alliance leaders Welshman Ncube, Nelson Chamisa and Jacob Ngarivhume, were invited by the State Department to testify before the great centre of American democracy.

Major General Sibusiso Moyo, who appeared on State television on the morning of November 15 to announce the military intervention with the memorable words “the situation in our country has moved to a new level,” and is the new Foreign and International Trade minister, reacted angrily to the “sanctions trip.”

“Zimbabwe’s new government has been in office for shorter than two weeks. It is staggering that these gentlemen should have expected the deeds of 37 years to be corrected and livelihoods improved in such a short time,” he said in a statement.

“As if that myopia was not enough, the trio and others requested their American hosts for more of the same policies which have inflicted suffering on our people.

“How could any serious putative future leader of our country ask that Zidera remains in place?”

Yet, the MDC Alliance never called for maintenance of sanctions but outlined a proposed roadmap to elections as the fundamental precondition to the establishment of a sustainable, just, and free Zimbabwe.

The roadmap Biti envisaged was anchored on clear benchmarks such as restoration of constitutionalism, the rule of law, and legitimate civilian rule, electoral and economic reforms and restoring the social contract.

Reacting from Washington yesterday to the brouhaha over sanctions “lies”, Chamisa said: “What we are here for is more about the re-positioning of the opposition than the positioning of the ruling party.

It’s more about the next government, not this outgoing one, the future government not this present one. We are the next government in seven months’ time.”

MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said as a patriotic and homegrown political party, “the MDC doesn’t call for the imposition of sanctions against the Republic of Zimbabwe.”

“We would like to participate in the socio-economic regeneration of our beloved motherland and as such, sanctions remain an anathema in our political discourse.

“The government of Zimbabwe should allow all its citizens to enjoy their fundamental rights and liberties as fully provided for by the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

“Political parties should be given the leeway and latitude to lawfully go about their day to day activities without any undue interference and or hindrance by any organ of the State,” he said.

The MDC is frequently denounced by Zanu PF as a pawn of white western interests, despite its largely black urban base.

The ruling Zanu PF party claims some whites have never accepted black majority rule and are desperate to get “black puppets” into power to protect their business interests.

Zimbabwe’s hardliner generals have long been regarded as wielding a de facto veto over the country’s troubled transformation process and as likely to block transfer of power to the winners of elections that Mnangagwa insist should take place mid next year should the victors not be the Zanu PF candidate and his Zanu PF party.

Zimbabwe’s generals were behind the 2008 violence that forced opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai to withdraw from a blood-soaked second round vote he had been tipped to win after beating Mugabe in the first round ballot.

Successive elections have been blighted by violence and charges of vote rigging, which saw the European Union and US maintaining sanctions on top Zanu PF members and army generals.

Godwin told the Senate committee: “One is tempted to indulge in a period of blue sky thinking to say we have had these sanctions, these individualised sanctions in place for however long and they have had no effect whatsoever.

“In fact, what they have done, to some extent, critics will say is provided Zanu PF with a very convenient excuse for every time the economy is bad, they say it’s sanctions, it’s sanctions, it’s not us, blame America, blame the EU.”

Godwin said sanctions shield government from the consequences of their own mismanagement.

“Bear in mind, that Zimbabwe as far as I understand has the fastest shrinking economies in the history of peacetime economies….It’s pure incompetence, corruption and patronage.

“…I am almost hesitant to mention this. You flip the sanctions that you have got now… a reverse sunset clause where you say I will tell you what we will do.

You have got this new government, we will give you the benefit of the doubt for six months or say until the next elections, we are going to drop all sanctions, but they will automatically go back on if you don’t meet these benchmarks, the benchmarks we have all been talking about.

The ones where there is pretty wide agreement on in civic society. That way you take away the excuse of sanctions and whatever.

“… That will be a way to prioritise the carrot over the stick to see if it mixes up and if it works. Personally, I don’t think it will work, but sometimes that can be unlocked,” Godwin told the committee.

The US has said it was prepared to discuss lifting multiple US sanctions on Zimbabwe if it began enacting political and economic reforms.

In a message for Zimbabwe’s political leaders, acting assistant secretary of State for African Affairs Donald Yamamoto said: “Our position has always been that if they engage in the constitutional reforms, economic and political reforms, and move forward to protecting political space and the human rights, then we can start the dialogue on lifting sanctions.”

The US has not given aid to Zimbabwe’s government for many years, but provides development aid to nongovernmental groups, particularly for healthcare.

Meanwhile, in Harare on Tuesday, the Cairo-based African Export and Import Bank (Afrexim) pledged up to $1,5 billion in loans and financial guarantees to Zimbabwe in a major shot in the arm for Mnangagwa’s bankrupt government.

The bank’s president and chairperson Okey Oramah told reporters after a meeting with Mnangagwa and senior government officials that “we support the stabilisation of the economy, that means providing liquidity to make sure that the situation where people are rushing every time to look for cash is dealt with.” DailyNews

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  • It makes a lot of sense than wat chamisa dehwa mavhubga and biti says

  • Sanctions are causing the cash crunch ? Like really? ?? When Biti was finance minister sanctions were there but there was no shortage of cash.taurai zvimwe imi

    • Iwe mjaya chimbosiya politics hama dzedu dziri kufa muzvipatara umo,, sanctions must go now

    • Do u even knoe wat caused the cash crisis?

    • Im ready to listen

    • Regai ndikubatsirei baba. Sanctions serve 3 purposes
      1. They kill investor confidence. So basically American businesses are not interested in doing business in a country which under sanctions from it’s own government.
      2. They block debt relief efforts. Meaning kuti hatiregererwe zvikwereti averaged a tiinazvo with the imf and world bank and causes 3 problems
      A) those debts continue to accrue interest and chikwereti chinowedzera. That’s something like 500mil – 1 bln per year.
      B) we still need to service the debt as part of our annual budget. Imwe 500 mita iri kuenda ichichema
      C) LASTLY and most importantly, we cannot get access to more finance across the world. Saka pese panotsvaga mari to recapitalise the country zvinongozi takamirira kuti mubhadhare chikwereti chenyu chipere and for US to lift sanctions against your country. Hope pajeka

    • Maita baba

    • That was unity Government they loosened the sanctions

    • Alexander true is this what Chamisa and BITI want

    • Remove Sanctions Donald Trump we beg

    • maSacntions akaiswa zvadii, gadzirai ipapo

    • Alexander diamond revenue was enough to kick start the country sanctions or no sanctions. If you still believe kuti sanctions are Zimbabwes downfall then u are still one of the few gullible left.

    • You don’t understand the problem vakuru. The biggest problem of sanctions is the indirect cost. For as long as western gvts have a bad story to tell about Zimbabwe kuti don’t invest there and borrow them money, we’ll never get investment and never get access to credit. Investments work like this: say you have 1000 gold mines producing 10kg of gold a month . Collectively then the country is producing 10000 kg of gold which translates to $400 mil in forex earnings. If investors invest in equipping the mines the production can easily triple to 30 kg per mine per month which triples the monthly forex earnings to $1.2 billion. Investors can revive Zisco (steel exports), Sable chemicals (fertilizer exports) , David whitehead (clothes blankets exports) , Olivine, unilever, Mazda, mutate BOARD and paper, ppc. The net result is higher production, and more forex earnings and more disposable cash for infrastructure dvpt. This issue of 15 bln yema diamonds for me is just urban legend. If that money was stolen , yakabiwa nani and iripi because the money should be at least somewhere with someone

    • Maxwell Zvavanjanja sit down I command you kkkkk

    • You have put it so well Alexander Mudiwakure. This affects every Zimbabwean, not the Zanu pf politician, but you, me, businesses, agriculture, mining, manufacturing etc. In short, it cripples Zimbabwe.

    • At one time I wanted to sell a commodity on an online platform. In Zimbabwe it is bought for $20 per unit. When I enquired they said they buy at $165 per unit. But they said they could not buy from me because Zimbabwe is under sanctions.

    • Nxa wl not even vote for dem.

    • Alexander Mudiwakure you jus stopped an argument with facts kkk

    • Chii chinoita USA iise ma travel bans nhai

    • Hapana ma facts apo

    • Iwe ungati government minister anoonekwa ane 10million dollars mumba tiringataure mari ine ma ministers isina kuonekwa wo blamer ma sanctions kkkkk pfungwa dzevamwe vanhu soo

    • If sanctions are not crippling the lifes of the ordinary people why Mdc doesnt want them to be lifted so that Zanupf cant have it as a scapegoat for there failings coz as long as sanctions are there Zanu will still use it as a campaign tool that Mdc is punishing you for not voting you and people would believe that. Remove sanctions so that we see they are failing

    • Sanctions are targeted, they don’t want them to be lifted because those who have access to cash will heavily externalize it while ordinary people suffer. Yes we claim that sanctions are crippling the economy. If you closely look what does the government do to counteract them. Look at what Ian Douglas Smith do when he was placed under sanctions, he worked very hard and all the industries you are talking about like Sable chemicals, were started as counter to the sanctions. What we need is to think of ways that will make our economy grow.

    • Innocent its the USA who don’t want to lift the sanctions .MDC doesnt have any power over Americas foreign policy

    • Hapana zvataurwa apa, nderipi dofo ringaramba richipa mari munhu asingabhadhari zvikwereti. When we started land reform and other nonesense policies, we became arrogant and even pulled out of commonwealth for no apperent reason. Is it sanctions which caused us to neglect strategic and very important companies like zisco steel? If Mdc can influence US to keep sanctions it means ndivo vane yose. There is no economy which can flourish when th refree is also th player. A sitting president as a th biggest business person is obviously suicidal sequencially coz such person will obviously come up with biased policies and as well exacerbate corruption and greedness. All these and other factors contributed to th demise of our economy rather than th unfounded notion of sanctions.

    • For those who follow Strive Masiyiwa’s page, you will realise and understand that he got investors to inject huge sums of money into econet project from th same Americans that we belive are our enemies. This happened when some misguided and mischief people were still parroting th country was under sanctions. As th current leadership, what are they doing to counteract those sanctions? Another cancer that is killing us that we are not honest with ourselves and we don’t accept failure. Th 15b was externalised by companies and individuals who directly involved in the mining of diamonds. These people were very afraid that th opposition was going to win 2013 elections hence th idea of externalising their loot for better life out of gvt. Remember Biti yelled through out his term as finance minister that the gvt was not realising any benefit from diamond mining yet there was so much activity then. However besides that, he was able to pay civil servants on time including paying bonuses. Barely a year after his departure everything drifted south.

  • Zanu Pf and its military juntas must hold free and fair elections only . The army are inthe streets for what reasons ? Don’t blame MDC and USA its Zanu Pf propaganda only

    • Mukosho wako iwe masoja wambomaona achiita nezvema elections

    • Pavakaenda mu street macho ndiwe wakavaendesa zvaunoda vabve

    • Max you are 100 % right…. but see the comments of this other brainless zanu pf supporter with a smart phone!

    • When army was with you on the march it was good, they haven’t finished their business, once done they will go back to the barracks. Havangobve zvekumhanya!!

    • Which army are you talking about ? Zanu pf army . Remember those idiots are the ones who denied us Zimbabweans independence in 2008 again after Mugabe was defeated by Tsvangirai shut up your asshole

    • Max thumbs up yu know what yu saying these people always want to hide behind sunctions that r not there n they been looting n miss managing the country. They know zimbos will always believe their propaganda

    • Kubva zvavakapinda muroad wakambonyorerwa ticket?

  • What ‘genius’ came up with that ‘brilliant’ idea? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zanu pf under Mnangagwa is trying to make things better but some sellouts are begging bribing for more sunction bite.Its not ED who will suffer but people in general.MDC will fail again as long they are controled from Washington DC.

  • uuumm masangisheni acho anyanyisa kubva aba fut 15 bhiriyoni iya

  • Biti naChamisa mastupid ndovarikuda kusafisa vanhu vanoona sekt ndovangasimudza nyika ino

  • Kkk vakomana vanga vaenda kunoita makuhwa vavatodzoka here kana kut vachiko…ha zvomakisa….uchipedza kunyeya munhu….obva asvika….otambirwa

    • But America ine Embassy muzimbabwe,haingaite zvekuudzirwa situation yemuzimbahwe nanavabiti. World is a global village now. Chaitika muno within some seconds chinenge chatosvika America technology baba

  • MDC can betray Zimbabwe …America can pose sinctions ….in Zimbabwe truth is ..God loves Zimbabwe left right and centre….no wars no hunger …so let MDc betray .they will go hang themselves one by one. Like Judas

    • Waakutaura zvipi iwe sanctions were made for people who were squandering the country’s money and violating people ‘s rights

    • But the most affected are the masses those so called targeted people are living large,vana vavo are goin to expensive schools vana vavo eating ma cereals for breakfast everyday and the masses are struggling to send vana kuchikoro,sanction ririkukuvadza ordinary munhu ivo mapoliticians Mdc neZanu Pf living large

    • Brighton good tell them

    • Marl vine that’s a point dear

    • Revenge listen brother sanctions don’t affect them at all look at MUGABE REACHES THE SONY aaaaaa

    • MDC yadiiko imi, msazungaire

    • Kkkkk Zimbabwe ine vanhu vakazungaira ndabvuma.ndosaka muchibirwa ma usd muma banks muchisiwa nema bond notes.kuzungaira chaiko apa wo blamer opposition for that kkk dofo

    • Betray how? Dumb Ndebele dzviti

    • Betray how? Dumb Ndebele dzviti

  • Yah those like sanctions vanhu vanogara kunze kwe Zimbabwe vanogara muno my Zimbabwe vanenge vanemari Havana basa nevanhu .

  • Why cant they work on electoral reforms its not like killing pple,whats so difficult in the first place

  • succuba

    I agree, these targeted sanctions are useless but give Zanu-PF a propaganda angle to blame them instead of incompetence and theft for the demise of a once prosperous country.

    • Muchati Bhuu

      Sanctions are designed to do exactly what you mention above.They give the ruling class a scapegoat . They remove government accountability and encourage corruption.The government ultimately breaks down and the population rise and kicks out the undesirable government(it did not happen in Zim because more than 4 million young people left the country)The targeted people rarely suffer during the sanctions period…the poor bear the brunt..
      Godwin makes sense…remove the sanctions and see what Zanupf will blame for their failure.

      • Hey Joe

        Guky party must address a number of issues then opposition parties will have nothing to blame for their failures.

        • Muchati Bhuu

          Very true.Right now we do not have a viable opposition.Mostly due to Tsvangirai’s refusal to leave office despite obvious poor health…supported by Chamisa….the nation has lost confidence in them.

  • Don’t just copy and paste stuff admin

  • I thought as much. How difficult is it to reinstate them if there’s continued harassment of people and violations on the rule of law? Zanu must stop finding scapegoats, they said they are looking east, and I’ve not heard China speak about sanctioning Zim.

  • It’s that simple , if the government want sanctions to go they have to embark on political reforms that assures it’s people and the world of free and fair elections. The ball is in their court. They either choose to be selfish and ignore this as Mugabe was doing or choose to stop people’s suffering by doing what’s right.

  • How come countries like Russia and China are under sanctions but their economies are thriving. We are where we are because of corruption looting mismanagement of state resources to name a few

    • China is under sanctions from who? Noone can do that. Everyone wants to trade with China, iyo ndoingatopa vamwe ma sanctions

    • Uridofo ungafananedze zim ,nema super power countries. Kwana mhani

    • Ohhh no, Russia’s economy is not thriving at all. They are struggling. Their money is next to nothing. Russia was strong during the Soviet time. They still have some few reserves here and there but are struggling. Even if they are to go to war, they may struggle to balance up as their economy cannot sustain wars. Who told you China is under sanctions? The US currently gives China most business that balances it’s economy as to speak. Don’t be fooled. Sanctions have a lot of repercussions. You might pretend to resist but they destroy you. Not Korea has it’s people suffering because of economy as a result of sanctions. They try to turn to China but China is also still putting itself together. Zimbabwe drowned as a result as well. US intends to impose sanctions to China if China keeps supporting North Korea. Your source of information is a propaganda one and not legitimate.

    • Market ye China before looking at outside China is over 1billion no one can ignore that


    • Shepherd I’m assumimg you’re referring to chinese demographics. If that is the case Africa as a continent should be at par with china as a country no? But not the case. Task 😂😂😂, i engage people in a diplomatic way, how that translates to me being dofo and unstable🤣🤣🤣. Learn to argue your position without namecalling. My next question to you would be why are those countries superpowers and we’re not? The Zimbabwean dollar was stronger than the US dollar 2decades ago.That being said… Asante Sana😂

    • Makasi Ropa, Russia is struggling as we speak and China is doing business with the west more than ever before. China is one country, one policy, Africa is many countries with many policies coupled with lots of interference. There is not even enough of inter Africa trade to begin with.

    • Makasi Ropa do you know Zambian kwacha is stronger than the South African rand? No further question…

      Iwe neni tine basa

    • U are talking sense
      Vanhu vanoreva here kuti zanu haikwanise ku prover ku USA kuti mdc inoreva nhema if the cry is we all need america nhai zvinonetsa here kuvadana voona maitiro atinoita muno if they are this important to us

    • Elvis Kandawasvika for you own info Russia is military and financially strong. Their currency might look weak but if u do the maths they are just below China if not at par

    • Exactly Bris, Russia is also considered a superpower and in terms of economic development they are thriving but under they are under sanctions. In laymans terms i regard Russia as a first world country; metrics to prove this include urbanization, education( quantity and quality), size of economy, gender balance, infant mortality etc….

    • Elvis money alone is a flawed indicator of economic growth and development. The US has imposed restrictions in trade between China and North Korean cos…china was North Korea’s biggest trading patner. Is that restriction not qualifiable to be sanctioning

    • You know why I say your source is not right? America out sources any of it’s heavy industry production to avoid burning fumes. You know where such factories are? China. Companies like Apple are US owned. Where do they do their production? China. All those productions are done in China due to less restrictions and poor labor then brought to the US for marketing. US is the leader of services and distribution. China is the manufacturer. So how does US avoid cash flow in form of sanctions when their products are being manufactured in China. During Trump campaign, he was saying he wanted to stop manufacturing of goods in China and bring jobs back to US. If he did it, China would really go down because US strengthens it. US holds many countries’ economy. You have no idea how Cuba was crippled by US. They used to be stubborn. Russia used to threaten US with nuclear just like North Korea does. Russia were allay of Cuba. Cuba is next to the US. Cuba was accommodating Russia while Russia made threats. The next thing Cuba attacked US Embassy in Havana and closed it. They believed with help from Russia, they didn’t need the US. Sanctions from US hit them hard. The US recently reopened Embassy in Havana but Cuba had not seen new technology in more than 50 years. The newest cars they have is what is considered in US as vintage

    • Elvis Kandawasvika Russia has been under American sanctions since the days of USSR… Imbotsvaga kuti chinonzi Gazprom chii. Russia owns and control Gas flow in Europe of which in Europe gas is the oil in the Arab nations.Russia is in the security council up there with America, China, Brazil to name a few… now they are also in the G7.

    • Makasi Ropa wagona kunyatso onesa Elvis

  • Vaakutotanga kukonya manje ma Zanu

  • Vaudze Ropa Makasi vanotya kutaura chokwadi corruption and money londaring is a problem in Zimbabwe

  • Being a Zimbabwean citizenry who never moved away from her for the past 37years,says as many a people want to talk about sanctions they seem to be misguided. Her can prosper with it’s abundant resources and hard working people we pool through but some of these brains are making other nations proud. They themselves are sanctions to us. Would people externalise cash, sell so called blood diamonds, tobacco and other minerals to the west. Let alone missing $15 billion are sanctions responsible. Cuba was under heavy sanctions but it prospered.

  • T Moyo

    Crazy analysis and poor journalism. If the sanctions are as useless as you want us to believe why did those sellouts took all the trouble to go and lobby for their continuity?

  • Ndopaunonzwa a Zimbabwean by birth achiti there are no sanctions on Zimbabwe. Unobva vatadza kuziva kuti muZimba zvesure here kana kuti kwete… ndovamwe vaya vaya!!!

    • Iwe usada kunyebera kuziva. Hautozivi kuti chii chinonzi sanction iwe. Dai uine pfungwa dzino shanda ungadai urikutotaura kuti ma sanction haasiwo arikuita kuti vanhu vatambure bcoz ma sanction haana kutemerwa Zimbabwe but only those who are abusing people of zim. Tiudzewo kuti ma sanction arikukonzera kutambura kwevanhu sei.?

    • Yah thnks Ray, havatozivi zvavo, kungomirira kunyeberwa

  • We want reforms like yesterday ,free and fair elections ,freedom of expression,not only ZANU ,,members being independent say what ever they want to say,sanctioning other parties,intimidating others,killing others and loot from the poor in the name of ZANU of,now you busy warbling hee Biti. Hee Chamisa put your house in order first,don’t cry for sanction to be lifted by America while you sanctioning others in your very country

    • Yep..free and fair elections..tben sanctions will be removed. What if MDC t lose elections? They go back to America and claim elections where rigged…so a continuation of sanctions? Kkkķkkkkk. The ball game is changing. As long American interests in Zim are implimented by ZanuPf..in a snap of a thumb …sanctions will go.

  • Let ED not hide under sanctions like his former boss just do wat is required last time u raise 15 billion hiding behind sanctions n it disappear.

  • Thumps up to Professor Ncube.he refused to be part of these two sellouts.chamisa n biti we ar not happy.

  • To lift them temoorarily meaning vachamadzorera fut ka .Sanctions must be removed permanently we have suffered alot enough z enough

  • Typing error *temporarily*

  • MDC may never rule kkkk

  • Brad

    I just read your first paragraph and realized that you are not different from Tendai Biti and that mad Mavhinga guy. These so called sanctions that you love to invoke have never hurt the intended targets but its the ordinary man in the street who suffers.

  • Look at those 2 black stooges Tendai Biti and Nelson Chamisa. Shameful! Hypocrites

  • But hatizoite ekukumbira masanctions kubhaiza ikoko .masanction hambofe akavhiringa leadership anovhiringa povo iwe neni.tisu tinongotambura mamiminister vachitochinja mota sehembe.so kuenda kuamerica knokumbira kurewa kuti ruzhinji rutambure kuti tizovavhotere manje vote haidi kuiswa maconditions akadai unozviruza

  • Hey Joe

    It must be a joint venture. If sanctions are removed, then Zanu will be popular and get the vote. How about ED and his administration rush to correct the commissions and omissions that brought about the sanctions. Align all laws especially electoral laws with the constitution. Respect the rule of law. Allow an even plating political field. All soldiers back in the barracks. Let all countries that want to observe the elections freedom to come.

  • Peter Goodwin good statement

  • Chamisa and BITI we are suffering go back and tell them to remove the sanctions.. We know you are not affected by all this fill pity for the people of Zimbabwe for how long are we going to suffer.. God is watching you guys you should know that we are not talking about MDC or ZANU here or blablablabla

    • But Chamisa is even a pastor, I don’t know what a kind of a pastor he is. He wants to see us suffering.

    • Yaaaa pastor Chamisa preach forgiveness Pray for the souls suffering because of your move go back to Donald Trump and reverse the so called Sanctions Moses never asked for punishment for the people of Israel

    • Aaaagh the ten plagues

    • Ko ma reforms acho ngatiite so that sanctions are scrapped off.

    • What reforms sanctions don’t affect them they affect the ordinary people not political leaders even Mugabe was not harmed by the sanctions

  • But did the sanctions affect Mugabe

  • Ndakakuudzayi kare kuti MDC its a part of satanists. Stupid and idiots leaders.

  • With US $15 billion we can safely tell America to fuck off.

  • These guys are not worried about peoples’ welfare, all they need is to be in power.According to them,even if things get better,as long as they are not in power things are not any better

  • I agree

  • James Bond

    This article betrays the writer’s shallowness and incomprehension of how international law and relations work. Those sanctions are real and bite not those ‘targetted” but the economically weak. ZIDERA explicitly enjoins US companies to disinvest from Zimbabwe! The writer could have helped himself by perusing ZIDERA which is available online!!

    • Mashoko Makukutu

      Spot on! ZIDERA is hard-core legislation. By even suggesting a “temporary” lifting, the author (…and what does he really write…) is showing total ignorance of how US statutes work. To repeal any element of an enacted law, Congress (the House) must pass a new law containing repeal language and the codified statute’s location in the U.S. Code. Then it has to go through Senate. Then it has to be signed by the President – Yes – THAT PRESIDENT. Frankly, right now US has other fish to fry. If you notice, most of the US politicians who gave an ear or even spoke are very JUNIOR. So Please MDC, Analysts, Authors etc. Let’s understand these issues before barking.

  • Haiwa zvicha varusisa kunge mbudzi yakwsungirirwa pamuti kudaro they must give ED Mnangagwa to play his for 8 month before election kwete kurotomoka uko

  • Military should arrest chamisa and biti.

  • Musavhotere MDC .why they want to fix new government.

  • Vanhu VeZanu muri mboko chaidzo

  • Number one enemy in Zim is corruption..but if Zim want to trade freely with investors around the world….economic sanctions must be completely removed. Sanctions are there…thus why the Mdc alliance with their misconception that they hold the keys to unlock sanctions went to America….but unfortunately if ZanuPf implement policies which puts American interests first…..sanctions can be removed to pave a way for free trade between the rest of the world. Mdct where decoys used by former Rhodies to bring sanctions after the Mugabe administration fell off with Britain on the fast trek land redistribution program. I feel embarrassed by most comments applauding Biti and Chamisa on their trip…but reality…MDC alliance will be left with rotten eggs on their faces.

  • Funny how Zimbabweans are sooo mad at Biti n MDC for the sanctions…but will defend the gvt that could end all this suffering by simply implementing reforms smh

  • Mdc yaunza sanction papi isu tichizvibirira tega 15 billion dololo mari iyoyo nyika yaitonaka vanhu kungovukura

  • Mdc yaunza sanction papi isu tichizvibirira tega 15 billion dololo mari iyoyo nyika yaitonaka vanhu kungovukura

  • Stop dithering Peter Godwin. Lift sanctions permanently and the sooner the better.😏

  • Peter Godwin I respect you Mbiti and others I understand you “the opposition has nothing else to promise cz ED has promised all so u jus playing politics now but we not fools we also reason we won’t be treated like fools. #2018

  • Peter Godwin I respect you Mbiti and others I understand you “the opposition has nothing else to promise cz ED has promised all so u jus playing politics now but we not fools we also reason we won’t be treated like fools. #2018

  • Peter Godwin I respect you Mbiti and others I understand you “the opposition has nothing else to promise cz ED has promised all so u jus playing politics now but we not fools we also reason we won’t be treated like fools. #2018

  • If they can’t remove sanctions, we must continue by our own means. I believe our new leadership will not make unnecessary noises about sanctions. But the opposition has lost the support of the electorate.