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Mugabe visits Singapore hospital

By Fathin Ungku | Reuters |

Former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe visited a hospital in Singapore this week apparently for medical checks, his first trip outside his country since he was ousted from office last month, sources in Singapore said on Thursday.

File Picture of President Mugabe and his wife Grace (REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo (ZIMBABWE)
File Picture of President Mugabe and his wife Grace (REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo (ZIMBABWE)

The 93-year-old former leader who ruled the southern African nation for 37 years, resigned after the army and his ruling ZANU-PF party turned against him when it became clear that his 52-year-old wife, Grace, was being groomed as his successor.

Mugabe left Harare with his wife and aides on Monday evening, a Zimbabwe state security official said this week. He was expected to also visit Malaysia where his daughter is expecting a child.

An Air Zimbabwe flight arrived in Singapore on Tuesday.

Mugabe visited a private hospital in central Singapore on Wednesday with an entourage that included his security guards, the sources who were familiar with the visit told Reuters.

They spoke on the condition they were not identified as they are not authorised to speak to the media.

A spokesman at the hospital said he would not be able to confirm whether Mugabe had visited its clinics.

Mugabe has a reputation for extensive international travel, including regular medical trips to Singapore – a source of public anger among his impoverished citizens.

  • Aaaah why ngavaende paHarare Hospital

  • I think now we can let him have his privacy. Is this still a matter of public interest?

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  • Harare Höspital should be named RGM Hospital.

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  • Parirenyatwa and Impilo hospital are available isn’t

  • Parirenyatwa and Impilo hospital are available isn’t

  • Parirenyatwa and Impilo hospital are available isn’t

  • danzo

    Robert just give up and die, you caused enough suffering !

  • HRH Perfect Pat waMADMAX

    He’s too scared to die. Lol

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    I suspect Mugabe has fear of death, its actually a condition on its own called Thanatophobia, with this condition you may frequently visit the doctor for no reason.

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