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Mnangagwa’s ministers need to have their heads examined

By Kennedy Kaitano

After reading the new Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Retired Major-General Dr. Sibusiso Moyo’s remarks in The Herald of 14 December 2017, and Terence Mukupe, Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, I was left wondering what exactly Tendai Biti had said which had angered the two many.

Terrence Mukupe (Picture by NewsDay)
Terrence Mukupe (Picture by NewsDay)

I had earlier seen the full text of Tendai Biti’s presentation to the USA Senate, which I had fully admired. I then had to google around for video footage of Tendai Biti’s presentation, and I came across two presentations, the first which was the paper that he read, which was identical to the written text that I had seen, and then one video tape in which Tendai must have been responding to questions, a video which had been posted on an internet platform by Terence Mukupe.

So I listened to the clip posted by Mukupe several times to establish what Tendai may have got wrong, but I did not find anything amiss. Tendai was impressing upon us as Zimbabweans to walk the talk as a country, in line with the flowery promises made by President Mnangagwa, and that the 2018 was a major test on whether we can move away from the past 37 years of corruption, capture and cohesion into a new order, into a new Zimbabwe.

A lot will depend on the next elections, if we were able to deliver as a country a free and fair legitimate election in respect of which everyone accepts the results thereof, then there is an obligation for the international community to assist us in resolving particularly the debt question where we have to engage the World Bank, IMF, the ADB and the Paris Club of lenders.

Surely, these are things Mnangagwa’s ministers must be proud of, given that the President himself has said that is what we should aim for as a country. Tendai never said anything negative, he spoke about us as a country.

It was the United States authorities who said they are not lifting sanctions on Mnangagwa yet, and if Minister Moyo who confirms he has had a meeting with the United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe wants to know the position of the United States on sanctions, he should simply ask the United States Ambassador. We must walk the talk as Zimbabwe, implement electoral reforms.

Minister Moyo also wants us to believe that only Government has the prerogative to speak on behalf of the people. Firstly, he has the privilege to invite the United States of America and talk through government’s position, like he has already had a brief meeting with the Ambassador. He can call for as many meetings as he want with the Ambassador.

The good point Minister Moyo brings up is that its too early for anyone to judge them. He makes us want to believe that they are no longer the brutal Gukurahundists, or diamond looters who have been named in United Nations reports, so the ball is in their court to prove that they have changed.

The way the Mnangagwa regime handles the elections will determine whether the country extricates itself out of the mud which Zanu PF got it into.

Zimbabweans must be aware that there cannot be a new start with a party which has been in power and mismanaging for the past 37 years.

  • T Moyo

    Let’s examine yours first. Rubbish article. Urikumbotiiko. Why don’t you leave this issue to real Zimbabweans KAITANO

    • Samanyika

      Iwe ndiwe unotoda kubvunzwa kuti sei uchibvunza kuti urikumbotiiko.
      Your head needs proper scanning

  • Tired of a. Useless opposition

  • Kkkkk

  • even what ? no opposition will rule Zimbabwe
    cause they are showing people their true colours .by doing so we people we vote never ever opposition to vote for opposition .they must pray for sanctions whatever , since 1980 people are still suffering
    1.no food
    2.no transport
    3.no clean water etc
    but someone is sleeping in hotel expecting my vote never ever happen
    people this is politics
    in south Africa there is DA .EFF they talk and talk but they won’t take over from ANC

    • Never

    • Carry on voting for your zanu pf and remain an idiot. Its your right to do that. Anyone who still supports zanu pf is only fir for a mental institution like Ingutsheni. You cant be normal if you still think these people who ruined our lives for 37 years will change your life for the better. All they have done is steal and kill people who opposed them in their thousands. Zanu pf is a party for satanists and the devil!

    • Nhamo ndoichakusvuvura

    • Nhamo ndoichakusvuvura

    • Nhamo ndoichakusvuvura

    • Josiah kkkkk

    • Pple what tangible gurantees do you have that an MDC govt will make milk nd honey flow on y streets of Harare , Bulawayo or Mutare ,no country in Africa has changed govt nd succeeded the milk nd honey will flow into thier pockets again

    • people are biased they think MDC gvt will make honey & milk they failed already

    • Innocent are u an allien? You do not know Zim politics. MDC has done enough for u in the unity Gvnt. What more do u want kkkkkkk wakadhakwa

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    • Asi wakakurira pa Athens mine that’s why

  • Desperate power hungry opposition members, what they don’t realise is that people are losing interest in them every minute of every hour,

    • Unonyeba.

    • When you say ”people are losing interest” which people are you refering to? Speak for yourself and dont include us in your delusions. You also speak as if Mnangagwa and his gang are not power hungry themselves. Why do you think they ousted Mugabe if they were not power hungry? Am still for Morgan!

    • Viva Morgan 2018 tohwinha chete

    • I have lost confidenz in MDC ,

    • Speak for yourself. We are busy recruiting n here you daydreaming that people are losing interest. You are easily brainwashed that’s why.

    • Muchie Chinyanganya Its actually true people are losing interest. Who in their right minds calls for perpetuation of Zidera on the people of Zimbabwe? What has zidera achieved so far except the suffering of Zimbabweans? Did zidera affect Mugabe or grace? Did it affect Mnangagwa? I will never support those power hungry puppets that you support. Why cant they engage in dialogue at home first before running to the states? That absolute nonsense. Go to hell

    • Chaka Netsa lol. What’s Zidera? Dai Zim yakarohwa nema sanctions amunongotaura musingazivi kuti imhuka rudzii mese mungadai makatiza kare.

    • Muchie Chinyanganya Inga urimurima mupfanha. have you ever read the document? Have you ever spoken to any director or CEO whose company was affected by Zidera causing it to shut down? Ko mari dzema diamond sale from Dubai and Saudi arabia which they still hold up to today soon after we were cleared by the KPC process? Usapengereke nekuda kwako MDC that you become blind to their short comings. Wakangofanana nemaZanu pf youthies vanosupporter zvese as long as its Zanu pf. Nonsense.

    • Wakambodzidza kusvika papiko iwe ungotoda kundipa a lecture?

    • Innocent Lungane im not speaking for you coz i don’t know you do don’t bluff, if you still want Morgan then obviously count yourself out, Sir Norman we are talking facts not kungohumana

    • Mdc ndozvo

    • I will continue vote for MDC . Mnangagwa and his government is illegal every Zimbabwean knows that but its only that people wanted to remove the main culprit first Mugabe

    • I respect you Chaka Netsa, you have real facts which can make an angry someone to say, “don’t worry”, “Ndichakubata”.

    • Felix uri kuhukura nyarara

    • Each man should speak for himself. Which people are tired of Mdc? My vote goes to mdc.

    • Don’t say people just say me…

    • Who are these people???

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    • Morgan Tsvangirai will never be President to Zimbabwe.Rather have sanctions than Morgan.

    • You are spot on Munya kwete madzetse vanongohumana

    • kkkkk Munya a few months ago maiti 2018 Gushongo mu office nhasi zviripo . Hee hee MUGABE achatonga kusvika afa nhasi aripi , ndezva Mwari izvi mangwana Morgan anomuka ari panyanga wodiiii . Wofa

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  • Jonathan u are day dreaming. Save will rule this country uchingovukura. If these opposition guys are able to influence America, then they have the power to rule kkkkkkk

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    • tan tan a jaira zvemahara kunge honye

    • U a correct if opposition hve got power to tell U.S. What to do so thy hve power to rule .baba

    • Nxaa US ndiyo inovhota here? Before 2008 havana kuenda kuUS here? Vakatonga here?

    • Jonathan u very young in politics. Ita steady. Hantie waona kuti vanhu vaakubviswa kumapurazi. ZANU chiororo kkkkkkk muchamama

    • Chris wakadhakwa hupenyu ndehwamwari. Ko asiri kurwara ndiani? Kkkkkkk wamwa musombodia. Rega ndinyarare zvangu coz ndikutakura nepwere papolitics

    • Zanu is busy hitting the ground running MDC busy flying in planes vachindohukura ku America kuma bosses avo but voters ur in Zimbabwe not Washington,Chicago or New York they want to create another Venezuela

    • Jonathan I’m an independent someone who has worked for Zim gvnt for 20 years almost your age. Nyarara hauna chaunoziva kkkkkkk uri pwere papolitics kkkkk

    • Chris ZANU PF chiororo uchamama chete. Vamwe vaakubviswa kumapurazi kkkkkkk hanzi illegal settlers but they voted kumapurazi ikoko kune mapolling stations. Maiti muri kuvhotera Ani. ZANU chiororo

    • Innocent u don’t know politics nyarara. Where do u find Brendon woods institutions? That is if this is not foreign language to u kkkkkkkk

    • Peter kana isiyo inovhota munovukurei?

    • Tan Tan wakanyanya. People need to gather facts first before engaging in arguments. This sanctions issue is only being magnetised. Nyika payakafira tinopaziva hedu.

  • Let one of the politicians go and use the toilet at Kudzanayi bus rank in Gweru, buy food from the vendors and eat it next to that shithouse,spend the day with the money changers and windis at the rank. Maybe and i repeat Maybe they might get my vote.

  • I will definitely vote zanu-pf

    • its your right to remain an idiot by voting for zanu pf. Keep on voting for a party that has ruined people’s lives and also killed thousands for simple being in opposition to them. Zim is a free country. Meanwhile those in crucial positions in zanu pf are rich from stealing while you who say pamberi ne zanu pf has got nothing at all but but busy posting bullshit on facebook. Am sure you dont even know when you will next eat meat you cant afford.

    • An idiot is you who thinks everyone has to be an ignoramus sinjonjo easily drawn by stupid minority mentality…you are a certified idiot

    • An idiot is you who thinks everyone has to be an ignoramus sinjonjo easily drawn by stupid minority mentality…you are a certified idiot

    • An idiot is you who thinks everyone has to be an ignoramus sinjonjo easily drawn by stupid minority mentality…you are a certified idiot

    • Innocent Lungani if Zim is a democratic country why do you label someone an idiot for supporting a party of their choice? Dont show the world your mental retardation

    • Innocent Lungani i dont think its fair to label someone an idiot for supporting a party of choice… lets embrace diversity

  • Seiko kusabviswa kwema sanctions kuchifadza vamwe? What’s the secret behind that?

  • Have pinned the full video of the US Senate presentation by the MDC Alliance representative, Tendai Bit

    I watched it all, twice, but I don’t see where Biti said sanctions should remain e.t.c

    Biti did not even use the word sanctions

    If we criticise someone based on a lie, then we lose the moral high ground

    Truth, facts & justice matter

  • Mukupe ..what happened to fuel that turned into water at Zambian border case

  • bobsled

    Well said! You have more patriotic blood in your small finger than Mnangagwa and this Moyo guy have in their whole bodies

    • sarah Mahoka

      the opposition are allergic to patriotism you included

      • bobsled

        Depends on what you call patriotism….. Gukurahundi is not, Murambatsvina ain’t, 2008 certainly is not, systemic corruption is not (think about the 15bn that vanished into thin air while social services crumbled), a military junta is not…..

  • ko isu tinotyeiko kuitasarudzo dzedu dzakachena ngatingo implement zve

  • Come 2018 will vote Zanu pf in solidarity with what these idiots have done

  • Thank God ndakakunda kuregister kuvoter together with my wife.

  • Felix uchadyiwa kunge mutakura sezita rako come 2018

  • Kennedy Kaitano can you explsin the meaning the of the paragrah — A lot will depend on the next elections, if we were able to deliver as a country a free and fair legitimate election in respect of which everyone accepts the results thereof, then there is an obligation for the international community to assist us in resolving particularly the debt question where we have to engage the World Bank, IMF, the ADB and the Paris Club of lenders.

  • Are sanctions advocated by thoz not governing? If so which party is in power? Cn the US listen 2 2 ppl Chamisa & Biti?

  • I think I am no longer interested in Zimbabwean opposition politics with this rubbish

  • ngavagare mhani nemari dzavo tombofanoshandisa 15 billion yedu iya yekuchiyadzwa kuti vakaure.😎

  • These idiots wanted to pretend as if the coup had tacit approval from the western world. They are now exposed, vakuhwumana.

  • Biti never advocated for the perpetuation of sanctions!He simply talked about the need for reforms!

  • Dr JAM

    This is just rubbish! Kaitano enda kwenyu…takakupayi hupenyu nepekugara makutaura shit!! Biti simply begged the Americans to keep ZIDERA intact and they duly did that. Iye Biti nedzimwe mbwa dzake who are they to speak on behalf of the nation. That exposes them as desperate puppets singing for their supper. Why should an honest and patriotic party report to a foreign authority and clamour for their own people’s suffering?? What they did is tantamount to treasonous conspiracy with a hostile foreign power and they should face criminal charges!